More Anticipation
Going home and the day in and day out of things with only the thoughts of Bob and how he played my body like a perfect instrument.
Sleep is hard to come by as when I get there I wake to find myself reaching for him or moaning his name. This man etched himself on my heart and soul and it won't let go.
I know I am not the only woman in his life, how could I be with him being so damn hot and exciting,sexy and perfect in every way. I tried I really did to find a flaw with this man and the only one I found is we are not together when we could be like when I wake up to when I sleep. However Bob is in every dream and is so busy in those dreams I wonder if he is tired when he truly wakes.
I turn on the computer and find an email to me, asking how Friday is? Friday that is three days away! Trust me anticipation can be a painful thing when waiting to see that sexy man! Already I am planning what to wear. What will we do? I hope it is more of the same like we did last time. I can not get enough of those sweet soft sensual kisses that turn so passionate and deep and make me cum when he thrust his tongue into me and sucks in my lip.
I want him to nuzzle my neck and rub his light razor stubble against the soft neck and kiss me and slightly nibble my ears. I love his light razor stubble rubbed against me on my neck breast and clit too, What a turn on!!! I am growing moist with the thoughts of what I want. I want to wrap each other in our arms and hold him and hope he feels how much I love him. I want my hand down his pants and unbuttoning his zipper to find that sweet pre cum oozing out and his cock springing ready for me.
Hmmm now what to wear.... I decided on a green sweater with a lace tank under it and white lace panties to match because I know at some point he will undress me and see the tiny sexy outfit I smartly add just for him. I wear my Victoria's secret sexy bra that let my large breast show the creamy white globes and have such a beautiful cleavage even I am impressed.
Friday finally here, the snow is hard going and I am tempted to speed to be in his arms and hope his bed soon. I am good I take it easy as I know if anything happens to my car I will never get to him. I want my car to stay with me as long as possible after all it is a cougar! This time however I am the young one being possessed.

I get out of the car knees already weak as I walk up to his door and knock he is there waiting for me and as I step in he already takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply then shuts the door and says "Hi Baby how was your day!" I absolutely love the timber of his voice and kick my wet boots off and tell him it was okay and I look into that beautifully chiseled sexy face, the straight long nose that beautiful chin and high cheekbones and his deep set eyes that make him stare intently at me...he comes back over and as he kisses me I close my eyes and feel as if I am HOME.
Removing my coat he hangs it up and asks me if I want a drink and gets me a glass of water. He says "go on into the bedroom and I will meet you there to give you a massage." Oh the man knows me indeed, and waiting for him for three days has built up some tension! But not in my back. My pussy is already embarrassingly wet and wanting him to touch me and make me his own. I love our time together what started as a blind date of sorts, well it has turned into a routine that I would die if it changed. There is a tight feeling in my stomach as I wait naked on his bed laying down on my stomach and ass in the air wanting his touch, and then it is upon me his oiled hands rubbing all outward tension away that I didn't know I had. I feel my nipples tighten up and he is now on my legs and I fear he will see the wetness between my thighs as he is rubbing my legs and feet he suddenly tells me to roll over and he licks me on my pussy licking up the wetness I was so worried about. MMMM he moans. He sets the oil aside and I am on my back watching his every move. HE undresses slowly to tease me and I see his manhood growing and I want to reach for it but I am paralyzed with awe at his beautiful body. He climbs next to me in that bed of his and leans over and kisses me and it is beautiful. I feel completely his. Oh but I know he will make me really feel completely his before I leave.
I hear him say get on all fours...hmm this is new. I do it, he first licks my pussy the entire length of my slit and takes his hands and with his thumbs pulls it apart I am wet but he goes right for my clit. Zoned right in on it. I hear him rub his cock harder and he is getting me close to squirting and it has been days since I saw him so I know I will, just as I am about to, he slips his hard cock in from behind hitting erogonous zones I didn't know I had, I moan and I moan LOUD. He is pounding me holding my hips and I feel my pussy tighten even harder on his beautiful cock, I am ready to explode...I feel it it is coming he thrust harder and harder and then he grabs my hair pulls it firm but gentle and says tell me your mine, yes tell me! I scream "OH god Bob I can't be anyone else' I am totally yours!"
"That's my girl" Oh here it comes babe and at that I squirt all over his cock as he shoots his load in me lets go of my hair and grabs my hips for support and we both have moans of ecstasy!
We co-laps him on top of me and brushing my hair out of my face telling me I am beautiful and he loves me and he wants me to stay the entire night. I am shocked, and call the sitter to make sure it is okay. He is great with me, loves me like I need, and I fell for him since day one. I take him up on it. He is so thoughtful he goes and gets water to make sure I am hydrated and such and he is always thinking of others, this man is perfect for ME. I love him but somewhere behind his eyes I see he had been hurt badly and may not let a woman in again for fear of that very thing happening to him twice in a life time. I know that for a fact it would never be me.

Time passes and we had fallen asleep together and seem to stir at the same time, he is still in semi sleep and I love to watch his features so relaxed no worries no hiding behind any mask and protecting himself.
He wakes looks at me and I touch that face I have come to love and can't wait to see. He has a twinkle in his eye and he moves to me kisses me first then goes to my breast and lightly nibbles and bites each nipple making me writhe and start to moan. He gives each one due attention as if his life depended on it then he goes to my belly button trailing his soft wet tongue down to it and makes little circles around it and kisses it. He puts a hand between my thighs and tells me I am beautiful and hot and I have no words...he continues to run a hand over my belly and then he gets between my thighs and find my clit and up and down go his tongue and then he finds that nub that button of bliss and he gives that attention like never before soft flicks of the tongue as his fingers slip in my wet pussy one at a time. His thumb is pressed on my ass and lightly rubbing in a circle. Continuing to lick my button he goes and varies pressure. He goes from slow to fast and then he feels me tighten and slips another finger in and pushes his thumb deeper in my ass hole, I am so fucking turned on I moan like I never have, I am shaking with the pleasure and I want him to never stop...he shifts after I orgasm again and he is ready with his big hard beautiful cock to enter me.
I want him. NO I WANT him in every way possible. He is in me it seemed so fast but I am so very wet and tight, it feels amazing, like I am being taken to another place it is so good, He pounds me hard he has a need of his own and he is pounding me holding my hips looking in my eyes. HE tightens and falls upon me as I am starting to cum and wrap my legs tight about him. As he cums I find his nipple and lick it and then slightly I bite it not too hard but enough to make him have a shiver of pleasure... Oh Bob...I love our time together I want it to last and last...he said just wait till you see how I plan to wake you up.
To be continued!
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