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After our homosexual experiences Bob, Frank, and I brainstormed what we had done and decided we weren't homosexuals. Our rational was mostly based on the fact we had been drinking and blindsided by the gay porn film. Then school work and trying to keep up our grades kept us all busy and apart for the next six months. If I wasn't studying I was either working out or going to a movie for R and R.

One Thursday I decided to see some foreign film at the local art movie theatre. I had never been there before and was surprised by the crowds. The place was about three quarters full and some guy sat right next to me with the comment he liked to sit right smack dab in the center of the theater and the seat he took was the only one left near the center. We talked small during the commercials and coming attractions but quieted when the feature started.

I don't even remember what was showing but I remember how the calf of his left leg bumped into my right calf two or three times and finally pressed against mine and sort of rubbed up and down. Not being exactly dense I figured he was trying to make out. Not knowing what to do I held my ground. Then his hand was on my knee. I reached over to remove it from my knee and he took it and put it on his inner thigh which had a large, long, hard lump.

Not to be outdone I got my own long hard lump which he found as I squeezed his. Not a word was exchanged as we worked our cocks free of our pants and we spent the rest of the movie holding, squeezing, and caressing each other's cocks. Luckily he had a light windbreaker that he used to cover our action. It wasn't exactly jacking off but close enough that I felt the buildup of feelings from my cock to my head and let loose with a nice hot messy load under Hal's coat. As the movie ended we hurried to get our parts back into our pants and headed for the lobby.

Hal said to me that I owed him one and I could go downstairs to the rest room or stop by his place. I wasn't too hot about the rest room and said so. Hal told me to come home with him and he'd clue me in on a few things about the Esquire Theatre. It was a short bus ride to Hal's second floor apartment and he fixed some iced tea and told me about the Esquire. They weren't actually involved in any sex business but over the last few years local lesbians went there on Tuesday, heteros on Wednesday, and gay guys on Thursday, and all other so called normal people the rest of the time. The movie people's only action in this was warning all those who might be there doing something intimate that there were cops on the prowl. They had a giant mural in the lobby with an old fashioned stop and go light rigged up with it. A green light for "fun" a yellow for "be careful" and the red for "be good." They also would have a sound problem for a few seconds if there were an unexpected danger arise in the middle of a movie. He said they were very good at kicking out anyone who was obnoxious or who appeared to be hooking.

By the time he was finished with all of this he had dropped his drawers to show me a cock bigger than mine, which wasn't exactly a weenie weenie. He asked if I want to suck it or be fucked, he didn't care as long as he got off. I chose sucking and went after it like a pro.

I dropped to my knees and kissed it from tip to base then ran my tongue up and down its full length. He sat on the edge of the sofa and slouched down thrusting his meat out toward me and I took his balls in my mouth and sucked on them as I rubbed the head of his dick between my thumb and forefinger. Soon I was swallowing the whole thing and it felt as if I would choke, but it felt good. I was working the head in my mouth when he started to cum and I really sucked it all in and worked my head back and forth as he moaned and filled me with his hot sweet juices.

After we cleaned up he said we'd see each other next Thursday at the Esquire and I made ready to leave. Just as I was going out the door a lovely young woman came up and he introduced me to her. She was his wife and asked me if I had had fun this afternoon. Sheepishly I said that I did and she said that I should visit again when we all could have some fun together.
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