More Lessons for Carmen
My cell vibrated, and looking at the ID, it was Carmen. It had been about two weeks since I gave her lessons to please Paul. I figured she had done it and wanted to tell me all about it.

"Hello, Carmen. What's up?"

"Aunt Carol, I did it. I did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I must have been good because he proposed to me three times. I had to remind him, he already had."

"Any problems taking it all in your mouth?"

"Aunt Carol, I did just like you said, he got very noisy in our rec room. I could not keep all of it in my mouth when he came, because it was just too much. A lot of it dropped on my boobs."

"Oh honey, you did him, nude. Isn't that kind of risky if your mother or father comes waltzing in the house."

"Just my top. Paul loves to see my boobs, and I like it when he sucks my nipples."

"Did he do that to you? What other things did he do to pleasure you?"

"He fingered me while we were kissing, but it wasn't as good as you did, Aunt Carol."

I remembered fingering her pussy when I wiped off her pussy with a napkin. The softness of it was overwhelming for me. I shouldn't have, but I pushed her on the couch and bent down, I lifted her skirt and kissed that wet softness. She even smelled just right. When I stayed there, she let her legs drift open, and I had my way with her pussy, teasing her clit until she came. I would have liked to stripped her, but I was concerned her parents would walk in the house. I didn't need that trouble.

"Carmen, I enjoyed our little session so much. Would you like some more lessons? They would be more of what the two of us can do to each other. I know I would love to make out with you before we get down to the fun part."

"Aunt Carol, I would love to have more lessons with you."

"Just let me know when you can come over alone, and I will make sure Sandy is not here."

Telling Sandy about it all, she immediately wanted to share, but it was way too soon for that. I knew what I was going to wear to help get Carmen in the mood for our lovemaking. I had told her on the phone to wear something she used to tempt Paul. I knew he didn't need tempting, the young studs are always ready to fuck. And Carmen was so fuckable.

Getting ready for her was like going on a first date. I decided on my halter dress that had a deep cut bodice and my back down to almost the start of my ass crack. Heels and jewelry made me feel ready and sexy. I had to decide to either wear a thong or no panties at all. I thought what would make Carmen excited the most. I put them all back in the drawer. I was ready.

The doorbell rang, and I looked at my watch. Carmen was early. I opened the door, and there stood my new next-door neighbor. He always spent a lot of time looking at me, especially when I was sunning myself. I guess the bikini drew the most attention, but I thought let him watch and enjoy himself. His wife was a classy number, I would not mind getting to know better. Me standing there with a lot of breast showing, made him stammer. Giving me a tray of cookies his wife made. It took him a long time. He just kept looking, and I didn't mind. He spent most of the time staring at my chest, but finally figured out I was going out and he made his way back home.

I was glad Carmen was late because his seeing two dressed up chicks would give him ideas about what was going on in my house. He was right, of course, but it is always nice to keep them guessing. Carmen finally did arrive, and the little snout was gorgeous. He had a jacket over her dress and immediately took it off.

"I had to wear this with this dress to dance because daddy thought my dress overexposed."

And it sure did, The tops of her breasts were totally exposed because this dress started covering her at the nipple line. A mid-thigh dress that made her look 10 years older.

"Carmen, you look so lovely I could kiss you."

"Aunt Carol, I would like it if you did."

I went to her and wrapped my arms around her. She did the same to me. I kissed her, and she kissed me back. I pushed my tongue toward the separation of her lips. She opened them, and my tongue pressed against her tongue. This young lady could kiss like a dream. I could not wait to get my face between her legs, but this time I wanted her nude. We spent a long time kissing and unhooking snaps and hooks. We got to the point were all we had was heels on. Our breasts nuzzled each other. I was so worked up. I just had to ask.

"Carmen, your aunt, would like to go down on you. May I?"

"Aunt Carol, I thought about that all night, but I want to go down on you too. I want you to show me, how to do it to make you feel dreamy and feminine. I want to make you cum as you did me, the last time we were together."

This sexy young thing had my head spinning. I wanted to taste her so bad, I was drooling from my mouth and pussy. The heat of my cunt was making my thighs so fucking warm.

"Carmen, I am going to show you how to eat a pussy that will make any woman come back to you anytime. You can't rush it. You can not put a lot of pressure on her clit, but it can't be that soft either."

"God, that is hot, Aunt Carol."

"It is almost like giving a blow job, but that clit is protected by your pussy lips that need attention at first. If you finger a pussy, one finger until your lover gets used to it. Sometimes a woman will ask for more. You want to lick her cunt, over and over. I like to put my finger on her asshole, which is a more significant indicator your lover is about to cum. If she wants you to put your finger in there, she will tell you. The critical thing to make her come back for more spending time with her clit.?

"Aunt Carol, would you do that all to me right now?"

"Honey, you got such a cute ass, I just might put my tongue up your ass too."

"Oh my god, you are so fucking sexy."

I started on Carmen. I found out that she likes her pussy lips manipulated with a tongue. I got in between them and played windshield wiper with them, When I kissed her ass, I just knew she wanted to feel my tongue up her ass. When my tongue got into her ass, I wiggled it, and she made a sound I will never forget. I replaced my tongue with a finger up her ass and settled my face on her cunt. Her clit was so easy to find. The rest of the time was my tongue on her clit with my free hand massaging those beautiful nipples of hers. When she came, she was so loud the dog next door started barking. She clamped on my finger as her ass contracted with each surge. We lay there for a while, kissing and caressing each other.

"Aunt Carol, it is my turn to show you what I can do."

She was terrific for a first-timer, which made me wonder if I was being misled about being the first. She was all over my body, dragging her tits across my face. There was no hesitancy about fingering my ass or tonguing me. I knew she had a long tongue from kissing her, and she made sure all of it was up my ass. When she settled down in between my legs, she ate me like an old whore. She licked between my cunt and ass, and I never knew I was that sensitive there. My asshole gave me away as the contractions started before the surges, and it was out of this world. What an orgasm this young woman gave me. I then made a decision. I straddled her in a scissor grip and rubbed my cunt on hers. It didn't take long for both of us to fire, not together but close enough. I then smoother-ed her in kisses.

I sat on the edge of the bed while she lay there looking lovely. It was time to send her home, I asked, "Carmen, I hope you are coming back."

"Aunt Carol, wild horses would never keep me from coming back to you. You are so sexy and I love the way you touch me. In fact, I will share Paul with you if you want."

I hesitated, and then said, "Let me think about that, sweetie, and I want you to think about having a threesome with my wife and me. Sandy would love you."

"Aunt Carol, I told my best friend in my class about what you did to me, and she would like you to do the same to her. She is afraid to come by herself. Do you think the three of us could have some fun together?"

Weighing all the options, I said, "If you would like." I felt my self starting to wet up at the thought of two young pussies pleasuring me.

"I will tell her. She will be so excited."

If Carmen only knew how excited I was at the prospect.

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