More Precious Than Gold
In case you are wondering if I have switched to poetry instead of stories, that's not the case. I'm currently working on my next story and poems keep interrupting, needing to get out LOL. Look for a new story from me soon!

Hearts and bodies entwined
images flash in my mind

Love's first kiss
filled with bliss

Hands lovingly caress
touch and tease with such finesse

Hard flesh fills that empty space
setting up a wondrous pace

Pleasure feeding, body needing
that which only you can provide

Mutual pleasure taking
from our lovemaking

Moans and groans the only sound
as our moment of bliss starts coming around

It takes us to Heaven, then we drift back to earth
Love, too priceless to even measure it's worth

Snuggling in the afterglow
letting our emotions truly show

What our hearts and minds and bodies feel
our actions at last, making it real

I thought my belief in dreams coming true
were silly and stupid, and then there came you

And here you are, man of my dreams
somehow you heard my heart's lonely screams

Well here I stand, maybe a little worse for the wear
but you need to know I'm not going nowhere

My heart, soul and body, even dirty mind too
are treasures being kept, especially for you

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed
except that I know I'll keep feeling this need

For your heart and your body pressed against mine
that need will always be here, until the end of time

It's you and I, through thick and through thin
I keep the light glowing steadily, lit from within

Please don't be hesitant, make a move and be bold
Because love given freely is a gift more precious than gold
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