More Than She Hoped For Part II
The morning light coming through the tiny cracks in the blinds as we start to stir and stretch together. The eroticism still thick throughout the room. You awoke in a sleepy haze, your mind recalling events from the night before as the three of us slept. Sometimes two would be half awake and sometimes all of us would be half awake as we seemed to move and sleep together in an amazing rhythm as kisses and touches lived on through the night. You smiled as you recalled being snuggled into my firm body with my arm wrapped around you one moment and your body being entangled into and intertwined with Kristen's softness the next moment. The contrast of sensations was driving you wild.

As you lay on your back and stretched between Kristen and I, she and I sat up and leaned over you, her breast spilling onto yours. I cupped her cheek as I kissed her over you as she gently fondled your breast. Breaking our kiss, I leaned into you, as our lips gently touched, my right hand cupping your right breast, Kristen kissing around your nipple on your other breast then taking you into her mouth.

"Good morning everyone" I say with a smile "I'll go start coffee and water for tea."

Kristen slid her body on yours, kissing you good morning, her left leg between yours and yours between hers, instinctively, slightly moving your hips together, grindng. Kristen's passion increasing as you felt her hands grab your wrists, her becoming a little more assertive with you, stretching her body along yours, as you felt your bodies reacting to each other. You both feeling the heat emanating from your warm pussies. Finally, breaking the kiss, she said, slightly blushing,

"I've done this a few times now and it is very erotic and exciting but I have to say I have quite a fire burning for you.......actually a raging lust."

You kissed her not quite knowing what to say. You've experienced flirtatious moments in life with women a couple of times but having a gorgeous, naked woman laying on top of you basically telling you she wants to fuck you silly was quite different. Part of you didn't know what to do with that, another part of you was so turned on. You broke your kiss as you both turned and saw me standing in the doorway. She whispered mischievously "At some point, he will need a break, but I won't."

"Are you going to stand there or join us" said Kristen. As I walk over towards the bed, my hard cock swaying, Kristen crawled towards the end of the bed. Taking my hard cock, she slowly licked along the underside of my shaft as you maneuvered to watch. Your finger circling your lil' button as you cupped your breasts, gently pulling on your nipple. You and I lean in and kiss as Kristen takes my cock fully in her mouth. Our moans filling the room. As we broke our kiss, Kristen broke hers with my cock, looking up smiling "OMG, I can still taste her on you!"

Kristen commenced sucking my cock as you leaned back and slowly explored yourself, watching. As Kristen tasted more of me, she knew it was time. She turned away from me with a smile, crawling up towards the pillows as I crawled onto the bed. You watched as I rubbed my cock along her folds, teasing her, her dew increasing as she stayed on her hands and knees. You smiled, knowing what that feels like. Kristen finally blurting "Gawd, just put it in!" I slowly slide in, feeling each fold slide past the ridge of my cock and along my shaft. Feeling so good for the both of us but I couldn't help but think of how your lil' pussy hugged my cock just a lil' sweeter. Kristen laid her torso on the bed as I grabbed her hips, placing one of my feet flat on the bed as my thrusting increased. You could feel your wett as you watched us sink into a rhythm. Kristen looked at you with a seductive smile as I plunged into her. Moving towards her, she lifted her torso off the bed as you smiled at her. Moving up to the pillows, you slid underneath her as I fucked her. The eroticism of the entire setting taking you to the edge. Hearing my cock thrust into her and our bodies slapping. Her eyes closed, the "oh gawd" look on her face, her hard, long nipples grazing your breasts as we moved above you. You scooted down in the bed a little further, your right hand exploring your button and folds, your left hand reaching up to hers. I slowed my thrusting as I felt your hand. Your fingers on her folds, separated as your could feel my cock move between your fingers. The sensation taking us all to the edge as you felt her folds on the pads of your fingers and my cock in between your fingers, the wett, out of control. As you took her nipple in your mouth, her orgasm gripped my cock, causing me to hold deep and explode. You could feel the waves coming from your center, over taking your body as we came together, collapsing on each other.

After a few moments of gasping and sweaty silence, "Holy fuck, I have never experienced that before" Kristen said as she laughed. "His cock and your fingers.....and then you take my nipple....geeeezus!" I fell to the bed speechless as Kristen fell on the bed beside you smiling, catching her breath, "If my church group could see me now, they wouldn't approve but I love being fucked by him and I love fucking you! I think it is shower time! He may need to rest a moment......join me?".........................

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