More Than She Hoped For Pt. 1
Our relationship starting with meeting on the internet,then the IM'ing, the phone sex and that first encounter in the movie theater and not even making it out of the parking lot too where they we are now continued to increase in its erotic intensity. The drive to the Chicago JW Marriott couldn't go fast enough. A weekend away with the kids and home taken care of for what was a "girls weekend" with old friends. You felt a tiny tinge of guilt but that was overcome as you thought about the experiences we shared. "What did he have in store for me this time" you thought to yourself. It was enough to keep your little pussy wett all the way to Chicago.

I told you what to wear and you did. You discovered you liked doing what I told you to do. The rewards were so delicious. You had never cum so many times in your entire life when we found time to steal away. And the way you continually made me hard, made you smirk thinking "He may think he is 'telling' me what to do but the fact is I own that luscious cock of his." The weather was just right for the sun dress I chose, your satin and lacy black bra with the front clasp, flip flops and no panties. Knowing if you moved just right, your nipples would slide above the smooth satin material into the lacy material and slowly tease you ..... all the way to Chicago, as if you needed additional teasing. The way we build our anticipation before we meet, the flirty IMs, e-mails, and texts, the phone sex and then.....the cumming for 2 days before we met but all the talk continued.

As you arrived at the Marriott, it was as if the valet was expecting you. As you reached in your purse, the valet stopped you, "No thank you, the gratuity has been taken care of." "The little things he thinks of" you thought as you walked with a smile. The mix of excitement and anxiety coursing through your body as you walked through the lobby was electrifying. Every time we met, each experience topped the last. The way we physically clicked was mind blowing. "Geezus" you thought to yourself. A whole weekend, with the exceptions of checking in on the home front, you are free. "Gawd" you thought as the possibilities crossed your mind moving from slow and intimate to passionate to incredible hot fucking. "I wonder if we will remember to eat" you thought to yourself. Filled with anticipation, you rode the elevator up. The elevator stopped at our floor and the bell "dinged" as the door opened. Your pulse quickened as you walked towards our suite at the end of the hall. The door was slightly ajar. You walked in as I texted you to do and set your bag down on your left. Letting the door close, it was almost pitch dark as you felt me in front of you.

"Hello, I have missed you" You felt my hands cup your cheeks as we kissed tenderly at first.

"Our last month of phone sex and stories and chats have been rather naughty Linda. You have been driving me crazy."

As I kissed your lips, our tongues tentatively exploring each other, my hands cupping your behind. This sensual, tender kissing we started with was heating us up. Moving behind you, I flipped your hair behind your ear, giving my lips access to your soft neck. Kissing your neck and running my hands over your sun dress, your hardened nipples pushing against your bra. My left hand cupping your breast and my right hand running along your thigh slowly moving towards your wett. Suddenly, you felt hands on your wrists, not my hands, feminine hands, soft, long nails.

"Linda, sharing your fantasies with me, wondering 'is the fantasy better then the reality?' Well you are about to find out lover"

You felt her lips hovering near yours.

"He shared a little information about you. Showed me your pics on that website. I hope you don't mind but when I sent my husband off to work and kids to school, I have been spending some alone time with your pics thinking about having a weekend like this."

As you felt her soft lips meet yours, your mind was spinning. You didn't even have time to think as you came in the dark room, kissed by me and then all of a sudden, kissing another woman. Your body was on fire as I tenderly kissed your neck, having had pulled your sundress up, my hard cock was pressed into the crack of your behind but now your body was having to deal with another, overloading your senses with something so erotic and so new. The way she was kissing you as I kissed you, her large breasts pushed into yours, her hands on your hips with mine, you could feel your wett starting to run down your inner thigh. I took my lips off your neck as she pulled her lips away as you turned a little, watching us kiss over your shoulder. Our hands not leaving your body. Her and I broke our kiss

"Gawd, he kisses almost as good as a woman does."

She leaned in to kiss you and this time you kissed her back passionately, your hands draped over her shoulders. You both moaning as your kiss continued. Your bodies tight, your curves moving together. For a moment, forgetting I was there. You were on fire, a man who you have been having incredible sex with, muscular, strong, who knew how to read your body and now an obviously gorgeous woman who seems to already know how to drive you wild, both of us wanting you so badly. You broke your kiss. Your foreheads pressed together as you caught your breath.

"Almost as good but not quite, fuck, you just made me so wett Linda."

I starting kissing your neck again as she disappeared for a moment, coming back with a small candle. Walking towards you, her dark hair pulled up, her curves apparent. Her large breasts swaying as she walked towards you. Her long nipples pronounced as they caught your eye,the little patch of hair above her otherwise shaven pussy. She started kissing you. The contrast of my scruff on your neck with my warm and tender kisses had you grinding your ass against my cock as her soft, full lips began kissing you again. You were taken aback by how much you were enjoying kissing her as my strong hands guided your hips as you ground against me. "Geezus, these two are going to have me cumming before we leave the entry" you thought to yourself.

"What do you think Linda?"

"OMG" was all you could muster

"Oh, where are my manners. This is Kristen."

"Hi, Linda....I can't wait to explore body and gawd you can kiss!" Kristen responded with her "I am going to fuck you" look.

"Youu tttwo ttttake me to bedddd and fuckkk me" you stuttered.

We each took a hand and walked you to the king size bed. As I went and pulled the sheets down, Kristen pulled your sundress over your head as you slid off your flip flops off. You looked at me as she unclasped your bra. You crawled up the bed from the bottom towards me. Arriving at my lap and straddling me, my cock resting against your wett folds.

"I was wondering what you were going to do this time, especially since we had a whole weekend." you said as you smiled

" like?"

"Oh gawd yes!"

By this time, Kristen was sitting up beside us. You turned and kissed her and then turn and kissed me.

"Yes, this is going to be a very hot weekend."

As we kissed, finding a rhythm between the 3 of us, I had never felt your folds this wet. I pushed my hips down into the mattress, aligning the head of my cock with your opening, feeling the heat emanating from your sweet little pussy. My cock slide into, your eyes opening as you weren't expecting but you were oh so ready. The length of your nipples, longer than I had seen as you cried out. Kristen straddled my legs behind you as she pushed her body into yours. Her engorged breasts pushing into your back, the warmth of her pussy felt on your behind., her hands caressing your breasts and lightly pinching and twisting your nipples as you felt her lips on your neck. You couldn't take anymore....all the sensations at once overloaded cock filling your little pussy, my hands guiding your hips, our eyes locked as her hands and lips roamed your her finger began to explore one area you had not been touched yet, the little circles she starting making on your ridged sent you over the edge. As you came, I lifted my hips, bringing your knees off the bed, fucking you through your orgasm as Kristen growled in your ear "Oh yes....fuck him.....heat that little pussy up for are driving me wild...."

As Kristen got off of me, I whirled you in what seemed like one motion, flipping you on your back. A wild "fuck me" look in your eyes as I pushed your legs up, my thrusting slowly increasing. Our eyes locked on each other as our bodies started to glisten with sweat. My cock filling you. A switch having been flipped in you as any filter you had when you walked into the room was now gone as you dug your nails into my shoulders. Out off the corner of your eye, you saw Kristen propped up beside us, one finger on her button, her other hand cupping her breast as she watched us. I leaned to the side, continuing to fuck you as you aggressively pulled her lips to yours. Your hand cupping her breast. Kristen moved up bringing her breast towards your lips. Your tongue hungrily taking her elongated nipple. The sensations as sounds were too much again. The sounds coming from Kristen, the feeling of your sweet walls collapsing around me as you could feel my shaft begin to swell in you, the frenzied kisses and touching as we lost ourselves in each other. Our orgasms erupting, my cock exploding on you as your walls twitched pulling me in even deeper as Kristen's body quivered.......

You awake as the dawn begins to peak over the horizon, all 3 of us entangled and intertwined, a smile on your face wondering what the morning holds............
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