More about my friend and his friends
If you read my other story "We Were Friends..." this one is about other experiences I had with that guy and his other friends.

Brief recap:
I was just 18 and this guy I grew up with as neighbors was about 20 I think. I had a man's body but I'd had limited experience with girls...Lots of heavy making out, and feeling each other up, and maybe getting her top off and my hand down the front of her pants.

But it was my friend who introduced me to real sex.

He lived in an apartment but would often come back to his house which was across the street from mine. There was no one home during the day so he had this whole 5 bedroom house to himself.

Sometimes he would bring a few friends from his apartment complex--guys and girls in their early 20's. The girls said I was cute and loved the fact that I was only 18. They all mainly came to sit around and drink beer and smoke pot, but a lot of sex went on too. They were really free and open about it.

It wasn't a large group, usually 2 or 3 guys and 2 or 3 girls.

After a few beers, the girls would kiss me and feel my hard cock through my pants and lift their top up and show me their breasts. Mostly teasing me the same way they did the other guys.

But to show you how really "free" they were, one day a guy named David kept complimenting this one girl, telling her how nice she looked and how he liked her hair that way, etc. She finally said something like, "Oh David you just want me to suck your cock, and I'm not gonna do it." Another girl said, "I will, David, come on," and started walking down the hall toward the bedrooms. He got up and followed her, and they were gone quite a while.

Not much sex went on in front of the wasn't like an orgy or anything.
But sometimes in the room with everyone else a girl would suck a guy's cock or a couple would start making out and the guy would pull the girl's top off.
Everyone else pretty much ignored them.

There was this one girl, can't remember her name, but when she got high she loved to walk around naked in front of everyone. She'd go from guy to guy giving them these deep open-mouth sexual kisses and whisper in their ears, biting their ears and stuff.

One of the guys told me she was whispering really dirty sexual stuff to each of them.
Getting high obviously got her totally horny.

Usually she would grab one guy--or a girl--by the hands and pull them up off the couch and lead them down the hall to a bedroom.
Sometimes they'd forget to shut the door and we could hear them fucking away and especially hear her cum. She was pretty loud.

The other girls teased me and kept telling me to go look till finally one of them pulled me down the hall and we peeked in the room and saw them fucking.

Like I said, a lot of sex went on, and any bedroom might have a girl and a guy, or two girls, or even two guys naked and sucking and fucking and all kinds of shit.

Once I walked past an open door and the couple was doing a serious 69. THAT about blew me away.

Remember this was in the '70', drugs, and rock and roll pretty much defined a lot of young people's lives.

All the girls were on the pill, and nobody had even heard of anything called AIDS, so if you were honest with your partner about having herpes or anything--if you were both "clean," nobody even bothered to use a condom.

I know that's shocking to a lot of people these days, but it was a totally different world back then.

Suzanne was a cute little brunette with shoulder-length hair and a very nicely proportioned body. She almost always wore really tight blue jean short-shorts, and she had an ass to die for...small, tight, and round.

I was always looking at her and she smiled at me a lot, kissed me a lot, and would grab my cock through my pants while her tongue was in my mouth. And she was very free about letting me feel her tits while we were kissing. One time we sat over in a corner behind everybody--she was in my lap--and we made out for a long time.

One day she took my hand, whispered to me "Come on" and walked me down the hall, up the stairs, into a bedroom, and locked the door.

She pulled my shirt off and told me to take my pants off. She pulled her top off (no bra) and wiggled out of her tight jean short-shorts, so she wasn't wearing anything but pale blue bikini panties.

At 16 I had a man's cock--not quite 8" but more than 7" 3/4" and pretty thick. And me standing there naked with her wearing just those little panties made my cock stick out long and totally hard.

I could see her looking at it just like I was looking at her whole body.

She put her arms around me and pressed her chest against mine and we started really hot and sloppy french kissing.

My hands were all over her, squeezing her ass, sliding all over her naked back, and feeling her perfect young woman's tits. My cock was standing up hard between us and she was pressing her body into mine so she could really feel the length of the shaft against her stomach. It was the hottest thing I had ever experienced.

Don't get me wrong, I had never fucked or been naked with a girl but I could kiss them forever, feel their tits and ass and leave them gasping.

Suzanne pulled me over to the bed, kissing the whole way, and we climbed up on it on our knees and kind of collapsed on the bed together.

Still kissing a lot, she got her hand around my cock and started pulling it. I got one hand in her panties and slid it down into her very wet pussy and she actually moaned.

With her help I pulled her panties off and she laid on her back and spread her legs open. I got between them and started sucking and licking her nipples.

It was all moving pretty fast.
I thought we were about to fuck, but she took hold of my cock and pulled me closer to her.
Then she started rubbing the head of my cock all around on her wet pussy and holy shit it was so sensitive I thought I would die.

She used me on herself like that for a long time, and I loved every second of it, kissing her mouth, licking and sucking her nipples and feeling her tits, sliding my hands under her naked ass.
Then she started rubbing my cock on her clit really fast.
And in probably less than a minute her body tensed up and she was groaning real hard with her mouth open, arching her back and lifting her ass up off the bed, and rubbing her clit like crazy with my cock.

That was the first time I was with a girl who was having an orgasm and holy fuck I thought for sure I was going to cum too.

When she finished she was breathing real hard and she smiled at me. She put her hand on my chest and said "Raise up" in a quiet voice.

I watched her turn over, get up on her knees, and put her arms and head down on the bed.
That perfect, tight, round little ass was up in the air right in front of me.

Believe it or not, at 16 I had never even heard the term "doggie," much less know what it referred to.

She reached under herself between her legs and got hold of my cock, then put it up to her wet lips and worked the head into her pussy.

"Push baby".....and I did what she said.

Holy fucking shit I was all the way in her and it felt INCREDIBLE.

"Fuck me baby" her voice was quiet and kind and very matter-of-fact.

I grabbed her ass and started slowly driving in and pulling out, then getting faster and faster, having my first ever fuck.
And what a perfect girl to have it with.

She loved it, I could tell by watching her and listening to her. Pretty soon our skin was slapping together and we were both grunting and breathing hard.

I don't know how long I lasted. Long enough though. It seemed like forever to me as I started experimenting with the speed and force that I was using.

She groaned a lot, said "Fuck" and "Yeah babe" a few times, and she moaned long and loud when I was slamming into her really fast and hard.

God when I came it was the greatest thing I had ever experienced in my life. Fucking and gasping and groaning really loud. She was reaching under herself and rubbing her clit I think.

She was perfect for me. And I don't think I disappointed her....all that moaning and groaning was for real.

This is the first time I've ever told anyone about that experience with her.
Believe it......don't believe it....

Changed my life from that day on.

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