More than Friends
Tori slammed the door hard, her hands shaking with fury. She went to the bathroom to comb out the tangles in her hair, muttering to herself. "Who does he think he is? He's meant to be my friend yet he treats me like a child. No wonder he never gets laid."

She looked critically at her refection. Her hair was a flame of red, her eyes perfectly contrasting in green. Her voluptuous curves were encased in tight blue jeans and an off the shoulder white top. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, giving the mirror one last look before going back to the front room to flop down on the sofa.

She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, and she wriggled it out to look at the screen.
I'm sorry. Can I come round so we can talk? xx
She sighed, and chucked her phone on to the chair next to her, without bothering to reply. She rolled her eyes. "Men are such pigs." Tori flicked through the TV, finally landing on a music channel. Cranking up the volume, she pushed the sofa's back, and began to dance out her frustration. She was in the middle of whipping her hair back and forth, when the noise of front door closing, made her turn round and blush as bright as her hair.

He was stood there, watching her with eyes glazed over with lust.

She felt for the remote and muted the TV. "How'd you get in here?" She crossed her arms, aware that she was panting slightly.

He looked nervous and uneasy. "I knocked and you didn't answer." He held up his keys. "You gave me a spare, remember? For emergencies."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Did this constitute an emergency?"

He had the decency to look embarrassed and shifted his gaze away from hers.

Tori tapped her foot impatiently. "Adam, just tell me why you're here?" She was in no mood for poor excuses and mumbling.

His brown eyes met with hers again, and she felt her stomach do a somersault. He had an amazing ability to take her breathe away at the most inconvenient moments.
Adam ran his hand through his dark brown hair, before snapping. "Why do you make it so damn hard?"

She blinked. He had never raised his voice at her
He took a step towards her, cupping her chin, forcing her to look at him. "I've been in love with you from the moment we first met, but you've just ignored me - And it kills me."
She felt tears well in the corners of her eyes, and his thumbs gently brushed them away. He kissed her temple and made to walk out the door.

"Adam, wait!"
He turned to look at her. Tori stood still
for a moment, before walking up to him and kissing him firmly on the lips, wrapping her arms around his neck.

She sensed his surprise, but mere seconds later she felt his hands holding her hips, caressing the exposed skin, where her top had ridden up.
Tori leaned into him, gently kissing him. Her mouth opened in a sigh and she felt his tongue tentatively dance against hers. She moaned more deeply, pressing her body against his.

She felt his sigh, felt his hand move up from her waist to fist in her hair, tilting her head to the side. She shuddered as Adam trailed kisses down her neck, nipping lightly at her exposed flesh. Her hands stroked lightly around his neck, encouraging him to move back to kissing her mouth.
Their lips met again in a passionate tangle of tongues. Adam started walking forward, pushing her back onto the sofa.

Tori felt the sofa against the back of her knees and sat down. Adam knelt between her legs, still kissing her hard. His hands wondered over her sides, down to her waist and continued south to caress her legs. He broke the kiss to smile at her, his hands moving to unbutton her jeans. She leant back to raise her hips, helping him ease her jeans down. Adam's hands circled her ankles pulling them to encircle his waist. She sat back up and kissed him again, her hands moving to unbutton his shirt and push it off his muscular shoulders.

His hands pushed at the bottom of her top. Taking the hint, she pulled it off leaving her just in her white cotton panties and white bra. Tori blushed slightly.
"If we had planned this better, I would have worn my purple set."

Adam laughed, his hand gently cupping her cheek. "Whatever you wear, you will always look sexy and stunning to me.

Tori blushed more deeply, and kissed him, feeling the heat of his body against hers. She began to grind against him. He moaned deeply. He stood suddenly, leaving her sprawled on the sofa. He swiftly undid his jeans and took his boxers off.

Tori was stunned. Adam's erection was impressive, long and thick and soft and hard. She leant forward and held it firmly. Adam thrust forward slightly in her hand. Tori smiled and licked the head with a flick of her tongue, hearing him moan, feeling his hands fisting in her hair. She positioned herself so she was kneeling, taking more of his beautiful cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue over his sensitive head, feeling him thrusting gently into her mouth. She tried to relax as he thrust his cock deeper into her throat. Tori gagged slightly.

Adam pulled out and looked down at her, a concerned look on his face. She just looked up and smiled before continuing to suck him.
She felt one of his hands begin to stroke down her body, lightly tapping her ass as a sign of encouragement. Adam pulled out of her grasp, pushing her back so she was again lying on the sofa. He leaned over her and kissed her again, his hands moving over her breasts stroking them through her bra. He bent down and licked her nipple through the material causing it to harden. He bite it gently, making her whole shiver with desire.

Adam pulled her forward, unclipping her bra with deft fingers. He let it drop to the floor before covering her nipple with his mouth, sucking at it, letting his teeth graze over it.
Tori moaned delirious with pleasure. Adam's hands were softly stroking her generous breasts, giving them some much needed attention.

He switched to kiss the other breast, his tongue teasing the nipple to a harden peak. Her hands ran through his hair, tugging him up to kiss him hard before letting him continue.
His kisses trailed down her belly down to her thighs. The teasing graze of his teeth made her groan impatiently. She heard his chuckled and growled low I her throat. Adam nipped a little harder at her thigh and she fell silent, awaiting his next move.

Adam's hands danced over her thighs, caressing her skin. She felt his hot breath through her panties. Tori stiffened in anticipation as he gently pulled her panties to the side. She felt his kiss her, and sighed as he stroked his tongue along her clit. Her hands clenched in his hair as he moved his tongue against her, tasting her arousal. Her legs quivered and her body shook as he pushed a finger into her tight hole.

She moaned "Oh Adam." He pushed a second finger in, stretching her, making her ready for him. He continued to lick her clit with long flicks of his tongues. She moaned and wriggled, only kept still as one of his arms restrained her. She felt the edge coming closer. She wiggled against his tongue, pulling his head closer to her pussy.

Adam moved his fingers and began stroking her clit, rubbing her juices over it. She cried out. He began to rub in small but firm circles. "Come for me baby."

Tori looked at him, eyes half closed as she fell over the edge, her whole body shaking because of the pleasure raining down upon her clit. She pulled him up, kissing him hard on the lips, tasting her arousal on him.

He snaked a hand between them, guiding his erection into her as her legs wrapped around his waist. They both groaned loudly as he entered her, her tight pussy clenching around his cock. He kissed her deeply, just resting in her. Tori ground her hips slightly against his as he began to slowly thrust into her.

Her eyes were shut tight as she gave herself over the pleasure, his cock thrusting in and out of her. He kneeled up slightly, hands holding her hips to keep her place as he thrust harder. Her nails raked down over his front, leaving light red trails.

Adam hissed out in pleasure as she did it again. Her hands came to rest on top of his.

Their bodies glistened with perspiration. Tori sat up pressing herself tightly against him, their lips meeting, teeth bumping slightly at their clumsy kissing. Still he thrust into her. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers dug into her hips.
"I'm close."
She kissed him hard, a silent ok for him to come inside of her. He stilled. A grunt escaped his lips as they fell back onto the sofa, a tangle of sweaty satisfied limbs. He smiled as he kissed her, his hands stroking her hair.

Tori knew she had a soppy grin on her face, but she didn't mind. She looked up at him. "Feel free to use that key anytime you want."

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