More than friends!
Sitting together on the couch watching a movie not really paying it no mind, however something else has caught more of my attention then the movie.

She's watching the movie as I'm watching her and she looks over at me and catches me staring at her and says whats the long stare for? I tried to play it off like I was spacing out due to a long day at work but she knows me better than that. I said to her I'm sorry,as she replys for what? I said I'm sorry for never noticing just how beautiful you truly are. She blushes red and says I need to get my eyes checked.

So I start to watch the movie as i notice that she starts to get comfortable and decides to lay across the couch with her head landing in my lap. Instantly I start to get hard as i hear her make a slight escape of laughter.

She said dude watch the movie not me, i replied have you ever thought about it just for a second. She ignores my question and i go back to watching the movie. about half hour into it i fall asleep and when i wake up there she is sucking my cock as she's rubbing her clit.

So captured in the moment I picked her up and brought her down to her room and started to kiss her inner thighs, she trys to get away but i pull her right back to me wrapping my arms around her so she cant get away.

I gently roll my tongue over her clit as a moan softly slips out, captured with the moan i put my tongue on her clit as another moan breaks past her lips.

She finally breaks free from my hold on her and says I want your throbbing hard cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I slowly make my way to getting inside of her to not rush the moment.

Lying there she is dripping wet as i slowly slide in she moans louder than before. Starting to tease her she moans just fuck me already. Picking up the pace I do just that as she moans louder and louder. Now every thrust turns from moans to soft screams.

Jumping off me mid thrust she said bend me over so i can feel you deep inside me. Picking up the pace again I'm thrusting deep into her what were soft screams before now are loud riviting screams as my hard cock hits her g-spot. So entangled in the moment I slip out of her as she squirts all over and begs for me for more.

Sliding back in she starts to shake within such pleasure, she starts to match me thrust for thrust as i feel her tighten up around my cock as she says i'm about to cum again, I told her to wait because i was about to as well. Screaming and shaking she starts to cum and so do I.

We get cleaned up and go back out to watch the rest of the movie and she says to me thanks I've wanted that from you for a very long time unfortunately we cant be anything "More than friends!"
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