Morning Border Crossing
"Oh yeah, this feels good", I thought to myself, as I got comfortable in a rocking chair on the back porch. The cool and comfort of the beautiful partly cloudy spring morning afforded a moment of refuge - a change to the usually spritely pace of racing to client's offices. After a bit sunshine broke through the clouds and poured onto my unshirted body -- it felt good. With freedom comes responsibility, so my mind drifted back to: "I should probably make a list of things to do or else I'll just progressively piss the day away".

From my comfortable chair, and through the densely landscaped border that bounds my back yard, I could see across the fence line to a door opening and a pretty blond woman in a short robe and bare feet, slip quietly out the back door of her own place holding a hot cup of coffee in two hands. She found a spot on a wicker love seat located on her deck. Luckily it was still within my line of sight because the view became most pleasing when she slid both legs up across the love seat with her toes propped up on the other end. Doing this made her short robe ride up revealing the right side of her nicely rounded butt. Hoping not to disturb the wonderful view, I remained still and tried not to stare. Momentarily, as she relaxed, I saw her looking around and enjoying the morning the same as I. She apparently noticed me sitting across her backyard view but judged me safe and went back to her reverie. I don't know them well, and had only spoken to him once by phone when their dog was outside one cold morning urgently encouraging them to get up and let him inside while annoying the surrounding light sleepers.

The next time I glanced over, she was looking straight at me. I waived a neighborly wave which was kindly returned with a smile and a shake of her head meant to better adjust her hair. I smiled back broadly and motioned about the pretty day to which she nodded back and smiled. Then I saw her pull the phone from her robe pocket and began fiddling with it. I went back to my own mental 'to-do' list when my phone prodded me back to reality by a text message. BBB-Brrrr! Picking up the phone, I see the numbers only indicating an unknown sender. The text message read: "Your number was in Jeff's phone. Added it after the noisey dog call just in case I ever needed it -- Today is one of those days!"

I texted back, "Great to hear from you, I'm Gabe and you?"

The reply took a moment. She had changed position slightly, putting one leg down thereby spreading her robe a good bit more. The curve of her right leg shone in the morning sun, her calf was pulled back putting a sharp bend in her toes. It made for a very nice figure as I watched her working her phone.

BBB-Bbrrrrr! The phone vibrated again as I saw her look up at me from the busy-work on the phone. The message read: "Dee-Dee is my nickname, but call me Dee. I'm really enjoying my coffee, the view from here is great but would be better with my glasses on".

I looked up from reading the message and she was smiling again, then got up and walked back through the open-hanging door french doors into the house. Her rear view was just as motivational as my earlier view. That is a short robe.

I texted back: "Dee, I'm very much enjoying my view too but I think perhaps a little more sunlight will help. What do you think?"

After a few moments she came back wearing some cute name brand sunglasses, maybe CostaDelMar. They did nothing but enhance the contrast on her face and the sassyness of uncombed wavy blonde hair that fell over her white robe in a splash. Then the fireworks started; she had applied a light shade of lip gloss and the smile this time popped like a forth of July sky-burst. She picked up her phone and read my hopeful response.

She smiled back, and went to working on her phone again. This time the Brrr came back with the words, "Lemme see if I can help -- how's this?" Her back was against a pillow at one end of the love seat, her long left leg was propped up on the other arm -- her toes playfully wiggling on top. Her right leg was down and tucked back as before and the robe was apart revealing most of that side of her body and a very nice pair of full breasts. The right breast was completely exposed in the sun, the other partially concealed under the white terry-cloth robe.

Grateful for the excellent view, I smiled broadly across the way, and signaled a thumbs up then an A-OK. She smiled another fireworks smile and went back to working her phone. While my rapt attention could not be torn from the view, it dawned on me as I gawked (couldn't help myself), that she had a very nice tan on those legs which joined at a very slight tan-line at what would have been her bikini line had she any on. There was just a slight shadow of a well-tended landing strip of hair below her bikini line as i strained my eyes for details. She is a DNA blond at that, I thought to myself. The golden tan flowed upward over a very trim mid 40-ish body over her breasts and shoulders up to her face. It was not a dark brown tan, a light tan with no tan-line across her breasts. Apparently, those girls do enjoy some sunshine and that was another hint at a frame of mind that had little reservation about opening the kimono for my view.

Bbbb-Brrrrr! "How's that for some more sunlight", said the one-liner. That text was rapidly followed by another Bbb-brrrr: "Your turn!" Looking up with a smile, she returned my thumbs up. I texted back: "I think I know the origin of your nickname".

I had slipped on some old cargo shorts that morning before stepping out onto the deck and, by now, after the effect of some sunshine they were becoming a bit too confining, and besides I rationalized, it would be a party-buster to just sit there like a lump with a log. Knowing I only had one play here, I decided to take my time.

Starring at directly at her, I stood slowly opening the button at my trim waistline. I watched her tongue lightly wet her lips, obviously urging me on. I turned giving her a nice three sixty, then slowly lowered the zipper turning as I did to present a rear view and delaying too. I slipped my pants slowly over my butt then droped them to the deck as I looked past my shoulder to see what effect I might be having. During my inattention she had since let the robe fall from the other side and was now sitting in her corner perch with the morning sunlight falling over her shoulders, her breasts casting a nice shadow over her taught belly. It was a beautiful image of a beautiful confident and playful woman.

Turning fully to face her, my manly features standing out unmistakably, I approached the deck rail standing and smiled back. She blew me a kiss and offered an A-OK and a thumbs up. Then there was the BBB-Bbrrrr! "I'm feeling a little hungry, how would you like some breakfast?"

I texted back a smiley and added, "Can I bring anything?" BB-Brrrrr! "Yes, your smile and that camera I've seen you using, if you're willing.

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