Morning Odyssey
Morning Odyssey
By: Rockin Rachel

Masturbation is the erotic self-stimulation of one's own genitalia commonly resulting in orgasm and is achieved through manual or other bodily contact that is exclusive of sexual intercourse. Often time masturbation is assisted by using various methods of instrumental manipulation of one's sexual genitalia, aided occasionally by sexual fantasies, or graphic sexual images or writings with the ultimate goal of orgasmic pleasure by various combinations of these agencies. Masturbation is something that I enjoy and perform on a regular basis and on an almost daily basis.

I began stirring early today and languidly lolled under the sheet, stretching, yawning, and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. My sheer, black, negligée is pulling tight against my rounded breasts with the delicate lace biting softly into my nipples. The black satin is folding into my crotch cutting between my labia and pushing my translucent panties between the folds of moist flesh as I move. I feel strange this morning, my body is tingling and feels like my body is composed of carbonated bubbles and they are popping. My arms above my head, my legs extended as far as I can get them. I run my hand down over my breasts, feeling the black lace that is caressing my nipples. My rosy pink nipples is set in the center of a corpulent, circular, dark brown areola, and my nipples not yet aroused and yet not fully flush to the curve of my breasts.

I have a strong urge to pee that is the first act of my body regenerating itself for a new day. I can feel the pressure upon my bladder which I chose to ignore in favor of a more pleasurable urge. My hand is now between my legs, locked in place by my crossed thighs pressing my hand to my sheer panty covered mound. I can feel the ache that amplifies my needs; I need to provide relief to my bladder but currently I just want to caress my pulsating sex.

My bladder wins for the moment. I sit up and swing my legs over the edge of the bed. My hand is now free from my thighs and I push off the bed and my feet land on the carpet. I hurry and then my feet on the cool tile floor of the bathroom make my need to pee that more imperative. I hike my negligée up, wiggle my sheer panties down, and then rest my naked butt cheeks on the cool white seat of the commode. Leaning my head back, I relax and a strong stream of amber liquid streams from between my legs, breaking the tranquil water that lays in the bowl. All is serene, and then I drop the tissue paper into the golden water, then I slam the handle down and clear water replaces the tainted water however, it has done nothing to relieve the yearning that remains. Dancing across the cool tile, trotting back across the carpet, with a trail of flowing black satin and lace flowing behind me and now I am back under the warmth of my sheets and blankets.

My body is warm to the touch; I caress the soft curves of my breasts, following the lines to my mound with black satin resting on swollen hills of black satin. With one hand I run my fingers across the silky surface, feeling a small damp patch and I linger. My left hand cupping my breast, first one and then the other and my nipples are rigid now and tingle when the lace is compressed against the textured flesh of my nipples. I stiffen; thrust my boobs out increasing the excitement that is coursing through my body.

I can no longer resist, nor do I want to, and I can feel the satin and lace creeping up my legs, over my thighs until it is gathered just above my panty line. Rolls of black material rest on my tummy. A quick lift of my butt and a slight shimmy I ease my panties down my legs. My vagina exposed, decorated with full swollen lips and a hint of glistening nectar laying between my labia. I start at my perineum, fingers spread wide, stroking the tender, warm flesh, dragging my middle finger up my love canal. My lips part, pink, wet flesh opens and my finger grazes my hood. Trembling I rub. Small light circles at first, and then harder, wider ones and finally I coax the tip of my stubborn clitoris from my hood. Soft, wet unyielding, each touch makes me shake, soft moans as my fuck finger rubs the inflexible nub of pleasure and I bite my lower lip as I enjoy the moment of ecstasy. Up, down, over the turgid nub, my eyes closed tight and my back arching as I begin to finger my wet slit. O my god it feels so damn good, I want it to go on forever, my hand working the supple flesh in a furious frenzy, my hips working to impale my finger in me. Then it happens, my body tightens, my pussy contracting on my finger which is deep in my cunt, my rubbing on my palm and then I can feel my nectar bubbling to the surface, cream oozing through my fingers. Warm, a musky scent filling the room and I bite my lower lip harder. My other hand is mauling my tits, first one, then the other; my aches are fading as I cum.

It is total bliss, I have wet the sheet, my thighs are sticky with my cum and the knot in my stomach is subsiding. I am purring like a kitty who has just consumed a saucer of cream. My orgasm is soothing as I cum and I ease my butt back to the bed and I slowly regain control of my body. It last but moments, but the journey to arrive was extended as long as I could ensure before I succumb to my needs and desires. Some days it is a quick journey and others like today; it is a sexual odyssey, which satisfies my most decadent yearnings of self-gratification.

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