Morning Treat
(Dedicated to someone who used to love me)

I wake up to find that I am having a hard on and I am still inside you, as we usually sleep after making love, with me inside you. Oh baby, I look at you and you are still asleep like a baby. I just want to keep looking at you, you are sleeping with such bliss. Looking at you, smiling, Suddenly an idea strikes me, my smile turns into an evil grin.

Kissing you softly on your forehead, I slowly pull my hard throbbing cock from inside you. I don't want to wake you up yet, so I work with great precision as that of a surgeon. Slowly I move to the closet to find the package I had bought while you were at work.

I come back to the bedroom carrying the package. Looking at you sleeping naked, I have all the naughty thoughts, but I stick to my plan. I take out four shackles and attach your legs and hands to the four posts of our bed. Being the deep sleeper that you are, you don't realize a thing that's happening around.

I take out a blindfold from the package, and tie it around your eyes. Now I sit next to the bed on a chair waiting for you to wake up. You are lying there in front of me in all your naked glory, You are really blessed with curves at all the right places. I wanna do things to you, but don't want to wake you up yet, so I just keep waiting. Finally the alarm goes off. You start stirring in sleep to realize that you are not free to move and there is a blindfold over your eyes. I can see you are scared as your breathing is fast, and you're trying to free yourself, but its all in vain.

You scream at the top of your voice for me, I decide to play with you and remain quiet. You keep calling for me, and trying to break yourself free, I decide its time to start teasing you. I move my lips to yours, placing soft wet kisses on your luscious lips. You realize its me and calm down and start to kiss my lips, when I pull away. You try to raise your head to reach me but you don't know that I am now standing at the foot of the bed. You call out my name, again you get no response from my end.

I slowly stroke my fingers over your right foot, taking it in my hand, slowly caressing your foot. Slowly moving my lips to your foot, kissing your foot all over. You are trembling at my every touch. I slowly wrap my lips around your thumb, licking and swirling my tongue over your thumb, slowly sucking your big toe. I continue with the other four toes as I continue to massage the underside of your foot. You are moaning my name. I slowly put your foot down and move to your left foot, giving the same treatment. I get on top of you, slowly kissing and sucking your lips, while taking extreme care of not touching you elsewhere, I want you to crave to be touched.

You are now begging for me to touch you, but I have different plans for you. I take out the feather from the package and start stroking your bare skin with it, start at your lips, moving to your cheeks and then over your neck. I trace my lips, placing soft wet kisses over the track made by the feather. I continue stroking you with the feather over your big breasts, all around your breasts, not touching your nipples, keeping them for last.

Then I start kissing your breasts as I play the feather over your nipples, gently teasing you, you are screaming to suck your breasts, but I play it cool. I want to make this last as long as possible. I now drag the feather slowly over your stomach, giving special care to your navel as I suck your nipples. I suck on your nipples until they red and swollen. When the feather reaches your pussy, I can see drops of moisture on your pussy lips. Knowing you are really aroused, I decide to play with the feather over your mound, slowly stroking your pussy lips with the feather as I kiss and suck your stomach, swirling my tongue in your navel.

You are now writhing under me. Bucking and arching your body. You scream take to you now, to fuck you deep and hard. Well I couldn't agree more, I slowly slide my cock inside you, filling you up. My hands now cupping your face as we kissed. The kiss was full of desire and want. I start to thrust my cock deeper into you as you are grinding into me. We find our rhythm as we grind against each other, thrusting my cock deep and hard into you. We both orgasm together. I hug you tight as we hit the orgasm.
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