Mother and Son Have Fun Visiting Grandma
Prelude: A sexy slender forty year old mother and her eighteen year old son have been staying at Grandma's house visiting for a few days. Grandma has only one queen size bed in her guest bedroom so the mother and son have been sleeping together. Story begins the evening on the third day with the mother taking off her clothes while her son lays naked on the bed slowly masturbating while watching her undress.

"Michael, I was talking with Grandma and she invited us to spend another couple of days with
her. Is that something you would like to do?"

Mom, you already know the answer. Of course I want to stay longer. These three days have been the best of my entire life.

"She was also wondering about a noise that has been coming from our bedroom. She said it sounds like the bed headboard banging against the wall."

Yeah, it's the headboard. Did you tell her why it bangs against the wall?

"No, I didn't. She would probably have a heart attack. Anyway, stuff a blanket or something
behind the headboard so it won't make that noise anymore."


"Well, it's time for another homeschool sex education class."

What new position are you going to teach me today?

"Actually it's two. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl."

That sounds like fun. Can we also do the missionary again? I really like having my cock all the way inside you while we kiss and use our tongues.

"We will do all the positions. Plus, I'm giving you permission to ejaculate inside me this time."

Mom that will be awesome! I'm really lucky to have a beautiful sexy mother that likes to fuck!

"Michael, when I asked if you wanted to come with me to visit Grandma you didn't want to at first. Are you glad now that you did?"

I sure am. My friends said visiting Grandma with my mother would be boring. If I would have listened to them I would still be an eighteen year old virgin.

"Well, the first night here at Grandma's we fucked. Yesterday we fucked in the morning and the evening. Then we fucked this morning and going to fuck again now. So, after fucking five times in three days you are definitely not a virgin anymore."

Mom, when we get home can I still fuck you everyday?

"I don't see why not. If you want to continue fucking your mother then it's okay with me."

Awesome. Can I tell my friends about us and what we do together?

"If you want to then go ahead but I bet they won't believe you."

You are right. What should I do?

"Well, when we get home let's make a video of us fucking and you can send it to them."

Mom, that's a great idea! You are the best mother a young guy like me could ever have!

"Thanks honey. Michael, you told me before that you were a virgin before we had sex. Does that also mean you have never had a blowjob?"


"Well, stand up then I will get on my knees and suck your cock."


[A few minutes later]

Mom, you look really beautiful and sexy with my cock in your mouth. I hope we can do this everyday too.

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