Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (3)
Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth
Don Abdul (c)2011

CHAPTER THREE:Exploring Deeper and further

Jamal swung by the following morning right after his morning run and he took her hard and rough right over the kitchen table as she attempted to make breakfast. He was such crazy fun and great fuck too. She found herself getting wet again just thinking about their sex that Sunday morning; he had smeared maple syrup all over her tits and pussy, and then licked it all up while he fingered her cunt and massaged her g-spot and brought her to a roaring squirting orgasm. She hadn't believed she could squirt that much until he worked his magic on her; he had brought her to the very edge of climax a half dozen times only to beat a quick retreat, before he finally took her all the way. The feeling had been awesome.

Shirley had struggled to keep her eyes from shutting as she watched the clear nectar of her release leap into the air like a geyser as she squirted. She was so completely drained that she had remained laying on the kitchen table for another five minutes.

As Jamal's aunt had gone out of town for an evangelical revival and wasn't due back until later that evening, Shirley convinced Jamal to stay and have breakfast, and then they repaired to the shower. While they washed each other's bodies, she started sucking on his cock again and he ended up giving her another pussy pounding pleasure and second orgasm of the morning.

She helped him settle into her king sized bed and then fetched him breakfast after which they just chilled out and learned a little more about each other.

He wasn't a teenager as she had initially feared; Thank goodness for that,' she thought as if it would have made any difference after she had fucked him anyway. He was an undergraduate at the local college, and he was boarding with Mrs. Baxter whom he called aunt, but in fact was no relation of his. She had been a neighbor of his folks' when she lived down south and her sister who had remained a friend of the family had contacted her when Jamal got a place at the local college; the rest as they say was history.

His story was smooth but there was something about the way he disclosed Mrs. Baxter's status that left Shirley wanting to ask him more about her. She hadn't met the woman as yet, but she felt what she would later recognize as jealousy.

"So tell me Jay, does Mrs., Baxter know you like older women?" Jamal only laughed and told her not to be ridiculous, and then he flipped her over and fucked her again before they both took a nap.


It had been a week since Shirley had Jamal's youthful manhood inside her, and she was feeling so damn horny. In order to distract herself she had launched into her work as a real estate agent. Although she worked mostly from home, she started leaving home quite early and returning late just to keep occupied.

That same afternoon while she was out showing a house to a couple, the inevitable trigger to her pent up sexual tension presented itself. While Shirley and the couple were on their way back down from seeing the master bedroom upstairs, Shirley's phone rang and she excused herself to take the call. The couple also excused themselves to use the bathroom upstairs. Though preoccupied with her phone call, Shirley had noticed the couple flirting all afternoon and when she was done taking her call she had waited downstairs for them. When they hadn't returned after 10 minutes, she had gone upstairs to find them.

From the upstairs landing, she heard moans coming from the bedroom area. The horny couple must have been in such a hurry to get it on they had forgotten to shut the door. Shirley tiptoed into the master bedroom and stole her way towards the bathroom and through the half closed door she watched as the very fit man took his wife over the bathroom sink. Her skirt was hitched right up around her waist and he was ramming his cock in and out of her pussy in a deeply frenzied quickie.

Just as the turned-on Shirley was about to walk away she heard the slutty wife beg to be fucked in the ass. That more than anything else piqued Shirley's interest; she watched slack jawed as he pulled his juice coated cock and then pushed it into his wife's asshole, amidst moans and groans of pleasure. Shirley couldn't believe it when a deep moan escaped her own lips and almost gave her away.

The man shrieked and shot his load up his wife's ass, and then the woman turned around towards the door and said. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did." Something told Shirley that the naughty wife knew she was watching.
The couple sort of reminded her of her relationship with young Jamal. The man who was hurriedly pulling his pants back on as she walked briskly back down stairs was only about 26 and his wife was a wealthy woman in her late 50's, even though she dressed much younger and looked at least 10 years younger. Shirley knew her well, having sold her two previous properties.

After she shook hands with the man and he got in the car, the women hugged and her older client whispered into Shirley's ear, I hope you enjoyed the show back there; Derek is my fountain of youth. I hope you find yours too."

Shirley was so horny afterwards she threw caution to the wind and called Jamal on his cell phone. Fortunately for her, he had just rounded up his last lecture for the day. As his aunt was home that afternoon, she arranged for them to meet at a motel on the edge of town.

He asked if she was okay, and she said yeah. When he wouldn't buy it she told him the story of the couple she had just shown the house to.

"So now you're also craving anal sex?" he asked as usual cutting to the chase. She was silent for a while whilst her face literally turned beet red with embarrassment, and then she spoke up, "yeah..... Very much so," she whispered, steeling herself for one of his snide remarks.

He was silent for a spell too, but when he spoke again, there was an unusual gentility, in his voice as he acquiesced to her desire.
"Okay Pretty lady; get a tube of lube and let's get it on!" he said as he signed off.


She had arrived at the motel first and was still in the process of stashing away the food she had brought with her when Jamal knocked on the door. The moment the door closed behind them he quickly spun her around, and placed her hands on the dresser. He lifted up her skirt and hooked his finger into the waist band of her thong and pulled away very hard, instantly ripping the delicate fabric to shreds. The violent spontaneity of his sexual onslaught turned her on so very much.

Her already wet cunt became even wetter, and then without any pause he plunged his chocolate erection right into her. Shirley was quite flattered by the urgency of his lust; the very depth of his desire for her quickly sent her soaring to the very peak of pleasure as he pumped away at her pussy bombarding her with deep, hard and rough thrusts of his enraged manhood.

He fucked her with such savage energy that she climaxed within 5 minutes. He reminded her of her early years of marriage, back then she had grown used to her husband returning from work rather horny, and then fucking her as soon as he came through the front door. Sadly though, that magic had petered away slowly until she could hardly even remember just how much pleasure it wrought on her body until now.


As soon as she felt confident enough to walk without her legs collapsing under her, she joined young Jamal in bed. He had walked over to the bed and taken off his clothes while she struggled to catch her breath as she leaned on the dresser in the after aftermath of her orgasm.

Mrs. Crane felt so euphoric and naughty, that she began to strip off her garment as she walked seductively towards her lover; each step filled her with the heat of his lascivious visual caresses.

From the intensity of his stare, and the mischievous twitch in the corner of his mouth she could tell that he had an extra naughty design in store for her; just what she desired.

"On all fours pretty lady..." he said; she paused for just a moment expecting his to say more but when he left the command hanging, she did as she was told.

He swiftly maneuvered himself behind her and she moaned as she felt his hot breath on her exposed and still sensitive clitoris. He licked her clit and sent a shockwave right through her body. She was instantly covered in goose bumps as she involuntarily disregarded her instinct to escape from his shocking touch and instead arched her back and pushed her wet sex further into his face.

His tongue rose to the challenge right away and lapped, licked and then probed her sweet wetness. After what seemed an eternity of savoring her nectar he worked his way ever so slowly over her ridge to wrinkled rosebud that was her rear portal.

He took his time unwrapping the gift of her back door; he licked her tenderly, and soaked her up with his warm spittle, and then he pulled back his face and regarded his handy work briefly before blowing air on it.

"Aghhhh..." she gasped and then moaned as the coolness of his blown breath contrasted sharply with the heat of their shared lust and set her already oversensitive brain into sexual overdrive.

She turned her face sideways with a near incredulous look on her face. It was as though she was wondering out loud if it was indeed possible for one so young to be so adept in the art of sexually pleasuring a woman. His sexual dexterity challenged everything she knew about sex as his every move seemed so effortless and felt premeditated, and the net effect simply catapulted her to the thresholds of pleasure she had since given up hope of ever experiencing again.

She was so completely lost in that twilight zone between the beckoning warmth of pure sexual bliss and her thoughts barely coherent as they were when his next move plucked at her strings at a moment of even more pleasure... if that was possible. She felt his tongue push firmly and steadily against her anal sphincter and then slide triumphantly through. He licked, and probed her with his tongue in ways she had never been explored before, and the sudden rise of emotion coalesced with the awesome sensation coursing through her body, liberating an imaginary lump in her throat. She cried out loud and her eyes instantly opened up flooding her rosy mature cheeks with tears of joy.

When his tongue tired, he paused briefly and then returned with his hand. He had used the period in between to reach for the tube of lubricant gel she had left on the night stand, and squirted a dollop into his hand. He smeared the gel over her spittle soaked anus and worked it slowly in. He fingered her ass tenderly first with his index finger, and then a second finger. He was obviously enjoying himself almost as much as she was moaning, and squirming and whispering endearments, urging him on.

Three fingers later, he deemed her ready for his triumphal entry into her least trodden opening. He rubbed the lube all over his throbbing shaft and then gently eased Shirley Crane onto her side while he laid behind her.

From their spooning position, he slid his right hand under her right thigh and lifted it up; she caught on quickly to his plan, and helped him hold up her right leg while he grasped his manhood and slid it effortlessly into her anal paradise.

"Aghhhh... Mmmmmm..." Shirley gasped and then moaned as he sank his cock deeper in her asshole, her cries were ones of pleasure and not pain as his painstaking preparatory ritual had taken most of the sting out of the anal penetration. He held his cock still just a third of the way in, allowing her body time to adjust to his generous girth, and then he pushed a little deeper until he was lodged deep inside of her.

Holding still, he reached for her breasts and fondled them even as he kissed her neck and whispered dirty little words into her ears. She loved it when he did that; it was something that would never happen between people of their age disparity normally and it excited her endlessly to hear such sexually explicit words burst forth from his rich, innocent looking lips. Little wonder he ate pussy so damn well,' she thought as she shivered from his tactile, verbal and penile caresses.

Unable to contain her desire any longer, she took one of his hands and guided it to her crotch, where she laid it upon her dripping wet honey pot, even as she had began to sway her hips and thrust her voluptuous ass closer at him. Not being one to be found wanting, Jamal began to hump her right back, thrusting his erect penis in and out of her ass, until they were both breathing really hard and moaning with such sexual urgency that there was no telling which one of them would explode first.

Jamal was at that moment lost in his own thoughts even as he came ever closer to his climax. He had learned the art of anal sex from an older woman, and her verdict at the end of his tutelage was that he was a gifted student.

The last time he did it, the girl a fellow student hadn't been into it and it had been a fiasco; however, being here doing it with Mrs. Crane was an experience that wiped away the unpleasant memories of his botched encounter with the uninitiated Sharon. His mind went hay wire as he wondered if Mr. Crane ever fucked his wife in the ass.

"Oh fuck yeahhhh.... I'm Cummmmmmming," he groaned as he thrust his member so deep inside her and shot his load, filling her up.

Meanwhile, his increased breathing and deep thrusts had alerted Shirley to his oncoming climax, and she had quickly grabbed his hand and pressed his fingers firmly to her clit, rubbing away until she followed in his wake with a mind blowing explosion that rocked her world and sent her headlong into a shuddering climax.


The spent lovers held each other close as their tremors subsided, and when his hard cock went limp, his seed began to leak out of her butt, trailing slowly over her curvy ass cheek and onto the bed linen. Bone tired and sexually fulfilled Shirley Crane drifted off to sleep in the warm embrace of her young black lover without a worry in the world.

To be continued....
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