Mud Wrestling
We start dancing in front of everyone at the party, my hands running up and down your sexy curves as we grind our bodies together. People start to turn and notice our sexy dance....

mmmm, I see the mud wrestling pit behind us and I whisper in your ear, "Do you want to get dirty in front of everyone again?" :)

So, I whisper again as I grind my bulge against you slowly, "Does the thought of you and me in the mud pit grinding our bodies together, make you wet?"
mmmmm yes we'll be sure to do a good job cleaning each other off!

I take your hand and lead you to the mud pit as people start to cheer us on. I take off my shirt and shorts, leaving only my boxers on as you strip down to your thong and tiny bra bikini top....

We climb down into the pit as we smile and start to move towards each other. You try your same move of tripping me but I grab you as I start to fall and we both collapse into the mud...

We start to roll around in the mud, I find your bikini top string and pull it. Your bikini drops to the mud as you climb on top of me and start rubbing your pussy against my growing bulge. My hands move up to your breasts as I rub the slippery mud all over your breasts feeling your nipples get hard. The people around us are cheering us on.

I lean up wrapping my arms around you as I roll you over, thinking I got you, but your hands were down on my shorts and you rip them off as I roll over, leaving me butt naked with my cock standing straight out. People cheer again as you roll over on top of me grinding your pussy against my cock as you press it up against me with you on top....

As you grind on me I wrap my fingers around the straps of your thong and roll you over as I pull your thong down off your legs. We are now both naked in the mud with my cock sticking straight out. We stand up covered in mud and move towards each other wrapping our arms around each other and starting to grind our bodies together.

You feel the hard shaft of my cock rubbing your pussy lips as I squeeze your ass tight pressing your pussy against my cock....

Your hands squeeze my tight ass as your breasts rub against my chest. The crowd cheers as we are clearly in midst of a passionate embrace. I lean over and whisper in your ear how badly I want to be inside you. You grab my hard cock and whisper back, "I'm soaking wet and will only be satisfied with you fucking me hard!"

My cock surges as you say that and we stand up and start to climb out to head to the showers with people whistling. My cock is sticking straight out at you as our bodies are covered in mud and we walk naked to the showers. You reach back and grab my cock in front of everyone and stroke it as we walk into the bathroom.

We turn on the warm water as we wash away the dirt on our faces, I pull you close to me and kiss you passionately. The slippery mud still covering our bodies we grind our bodies together as our tongues dance together in our passionate kiss. My hand moves up over your breast as I start to massage your breast. I rub your hard nipple and start to pull on it as the warm water pours over our body. Your hand moves back to my cock as you stroke it, cleaning the mud off of it....

You drop to your knees as you run your tongue over the head of my now clean hard cock. I moan in pleasure as you stroke and lick my cock. I lean back against the wall of the shower as you start to suck my long hard cock.

You take me fully in your mouth as I thrust deep. You taste the precum on my cock. I lean over running my hand through your hair. I take shampoo and start to lather up your hair as you suck me. I take the suds from the shampoo and start rubbing it all over your body. Leaning over I rub your perfect breasts with the suds of the shampoo. Your hard nipples sticking out. I lean over and say, "I need to taste you!!"

You suck harder as you feel my cock throbbing in your mouth. My cock so hard and long, every part of my body desiring every bit of you....
I lift you to a standing position as I sink down to my knees and you lean back against the wall. My tongue rides down your tummy and then you feel my tongue on your inner thighs. The warm water pouring over your body, I kiss my way around your pussy, but don't touch it. You start to moan wanting to feel me against your clit. You reach out and take my head and pull me into you. I flick my tongue along your pussy lips opening them up so you feel the tip of my tongue riding up and down your clitoris. Stroking you as my hands hold your ass and I pull you against me.

My tongue slides down to your pussy then up over your clit. My hands on your ass squeeze and massage your ass. You feel my tongue slide down to your wet pussy as I start to taste and lick your juices. I moan in pleasure.
You feel me push my tongue into your wet pussy as I start to fuck you with my tongue. You squeel out as my tongue presses inside you, my face rubbing against your clit as I fuck you with my tongue.

I move my tongue up over your clit and take one hand from your ass to your pussy. I push two fingers into your pussy as I flick my tongue fast over your clit. I start to fuck you with my two fingers pushing in deep, curling them, then running them along your pussy walls, then pushing in deep again. Your pussy gripping my fingers as you feel waves of pleasure pouring over your body. You feel your own orgasm building inside of you as I continue flick my tongue over your clit. You tell me not to stop as my fingers ride along your pussy walls. You feel my other hand sliding down your ass crack and finding your asshole. My tongue moves faster as my fingers in your pussy slide over your gspot. Holding my fingers there on your g spot I press lightly sending wild sensations thorugh your body....

As you feel my fingers on your g-spot I press the tip of my finger on your asshole till it penetrates your ass. The sensations of your g-spot, clit and ass all being pleasured sends you over the edge as your orgasm pulses through your body. Your knees are weak as you about collapse on top of me. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through your body. I continue to lick and suck as your juices pour out of your soaking wet and swollen pussy.

You drop to your knees and kiss me passionately as I hold your naked body tightly to mine. I lay back on the floor of the shower as you move to climb on top of me. You hold my long hard cock in your hand as you guide it to your swollen pussy. You slowly start to sit down on my hard cock. You feel it as I start to stretch you and fill you. My cock going deeper and deeper into you. You feel me filling you more and more as you start to fuck me moving up and down on my hard cock.

You start to ride me harder and harder. The water continuing to pour over our bodies. Your breasts bouncing as you ride my hard cock. I thrust up into you, filling you. You feel me all the way to your cervix as we fuck each other harder and harder.

I lean up and take your left breast in my mouth, sucking on your nipple and trying to hold it in my mouth as we fuck each other harder and harder. Then I lean up and kiss you again your ass riding and falling and grinding onto me.

We hear something and notice that the couple in the other shower is now standing there naked watching us fuck. We don't care because we are so caught up in our passion.

I roll you over with me on top as I thrust deep inside of you. LIfting yoru legs high you feel my cock pounding deep and hard into your pussy. We continue to fuck each other harder and harder.....

I pull my hard and wet cock out from you slowly as I pull you to a standing position. Facing each other I lift your left leg and guide my cock into you as we start to fuck facing each other standing up. You feel my cock pushing deep inside of you. My balls slapping up against you as I fill you and fuck you harder and harder. Your breasts rubbing against my chest as I reach around and hold your ass tight as I fuck you deep and hard. We kiss passionately again as we fuck harder and harder.

You feel another orgasm pulsing through your body as we fuck each other harder. You moan as your pussy grips my hard cock. I keep thrusting deep and hard into you. Our bodies pressing tight together .....

I pull my cock out and turn you around. You brace your hands against the wall as you push your ass out towards me. I guide my cock into you from behind as you push back into me and we start to fuck doggie style. You feel me slapping up against your ass as I fuck you faster and harder. I feel my cock throbbing knowing I can't hold out much longer. I reach around and rub you clit with one hand as my cock fills you and stretches you and pounds into you.

You thrust your ass back to me, taking me deep inside you. My hand rubbing your clit and my other hand moving up to your breast. I pull your nipples hard as I fuck you faster and faster. My cock pounding inside of you harder and harder. I pull harder on your nipple, rubbing your clit fast. You feel yourself getting close to orgasming again for the the third time. I keep pounding into you....

We fuck harder and harder, then I feel myself exploding inside of you. Squirting my hot cum deep inside of you as I thrust hard and deep. You feel my cum filling you as it sends you over the edge again. Wave after wave of pleasure ripping through your body as I hold you tight my cock throbbing and pumping cum deep inside of you. You turn your head and we kiss as we hold each other tight.

Slowly I pull my cock out of you and turn you around as we kiss passionately. The warm water still pouring over our bodies as we hold each other close. Our breathing so heavy and our arms wrapped tight around each other. We continue to kiss passionately, slowly breaking the kiss and looking into each other's eyes and smiling.

We kiss passionately as we continue to run our hands over our bodies. You stroke still hard cock as I continue to rub your sensitive pussy...

I hug you tight as you stroke my hard cock. You feel my hands pulling you against me as we rub our bodies together. Slowly you feel me gettting hard again. We step out of the shower as we look at the other couple who are now fucking with the girl on the skin and the guy in front of her pounding hard into her. They smile at us and tell us there is plenty of room on the sink.

I lift you up and sit you on the counter as I guide my cock into your wet pussy again. We wrap our arms around each othe as I start to thrust deep inside of you...

You wrap your legs around me as you feel me thrust inside of you. You look over at the couple next to us and she looks at you smiling at you. Then you look back at me as I start to thrust harder and deeper into your pussy. My arms move behind you and I pull you closer to me. You lift your legs up higher as you feel me push in so deep. Filling you and stretching you until I feel you explode again in another powerful orgasm rippling through your body....

wrapping my arms around you and holding you close as we collapse on the floor. Kissing you deeply and smiling as we press our bodies against each other.....
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