My BFF and I make love
My name is Jane, I'm 28 and I have brown hair and eyes. I live my roommate named Carrie who is also 28, but is a redhead. Anyway one Saturday we were both in our apartment just chilling together watching some TV and of course as always talking about our past boyfriends. That particular night, I just broke with boyfriend named Eric.

"You know Jane, you are better off without that jerk now, seriously hands down. He hit on me constantly," Carrie said.

"Really, he did?" I asked.

"Yes, trust me the best thing that could have happened was you two breaking up, granted it sucks to be cheated on, but it'll be so worth in the long run," Carrie replied.

"And I caught him masturbating to chick on chick porn a lot. I mean like a dozen times in less than a week," I said.

Carrie couldn't help but laugh a bit, not that I could blame her.

"No shit? I never could figure out what turned a guy on so damn much by seeing two women together," Carrie replied.

"I couldn't tell you that, you know at one point I was thinking about suggesting him watching me with another woman? I was this close, but I wasn't too sure if I wante to eat pussy just for one asshole," I said.

Then she asked me a rather unexpected question.

"I agree with that, but have you ever actually thought of being with another woman though?" Carrie asked.

I just gave her a weird look.

"Well, I think the reason why there is so much lesbian porn out there is because it's easier for a woman to at least try it than a man being with another man, call me crazy," Carrie said.

"I suppose that's true, but no I've never thought about it though," I replied.

Carrie was a wild card, you never knew just what she was gonna say next.

"Well, if you wanna get him back, you should tell him about all the threesomes he is gonna miss out on. You may not actually fuck a woman, but let him know he's missing out, big time," Carrie said.

"You are funny, you should write that one down," I replied.

"Well, I'm just trying to cheer you up, that's all," Carrie said.

"I know," I replied.

Then I gave her a hug, we met in college a few years ago and I invited her to live with me a few weeks after we met when I needed a roommate. In that time we had developed quite a friendship, we swamped sex stories, went pantie shopping together and a bunch off other stuff, she was my BFF.

We hugged each other for about 2 minutes straight, then we let go of each other, but stayed close. Then all of the sudden we both leaned towards each other and kissed each other. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was probably the best kiss I ever received honestly. I don't think either one of us thought about each other like that, but then the idea just presented itself.

"I don't know what was about, but I think I want more," I said.

"Me too," Carrie replied.

We began making out passionately for a couple minutes. Neither one of us ever been with another woman before, so this was something new to both of us. We both wrapped our arms around each other and just made out for about 5 minutes straight as I leaned down on my back while we were on the couch. We both closed ours eyes, so we both were enjoying it, maybe we were both secretly lesbian and we didn't even know about it until then.

"Well do you mind if we move this to one if the bedrooms now?" Carrie asked.

"I'd like that," I replied.

Then she got off me and helped me up. She brought me to her bedroom and I sat on the bed. She stood right in front of me and slowly took her shirt, of course we had seen each other naked before, but of course this time was so much sexier. As she had her shirt off I took a look at her boobs with her bra still on and my panties got really wet very quickly. She knew I liked what I saw, so she took off her skirt as well. I looked down at her panties and they were wet as too.

"Holy shit Carrie you have some smoking hot body," I said.

"Thank you," Carrie replied.

Then she came onto the bed with me and we kissed once again. I couldn't help but to undo her bra and take a good look at her boobs without a bra on. My panties were absolutely soaked, way wetter than Eric ever made them. She slowly took off her panties that were absolutely soaked, leaving her completely naked. Then she got down on her knees and undid my pants as I was sitting on the bed. She slowly pulled them down and took them off completely. Then she saw just how wet my panties were.

"Damn Jane, that is so damn hot," Carrie said.

She slowly pulled down my panties and took them off. She threw them on the floor and pushed me on my back. Then she leaned in and gave my pussy a gentle lick.

"Oh Carrie," I said.

She began licking my pussy mercilessly all over it. I began moaning a bit and I had to breathe in and out very slowly. I never had a woman eat me out, and so far I was absolutely loving it to no end. While she was busy down there, I stripped out of my shirt and bra, leaving me completely naked as well. She spread out my pussy lips a little bit and stuck her tongue in there as deep as she could. She moved her tongue around a bit, and when she did that, something a little unexpected happened, and I wasn't prepared for it either, I had an orgasm. I came all over her face. Then as she had a cum soaked face, she climbed up towards me and gave me another kiss.

"So I take it you liked that Jane?" Carrie asked.

"Yes, very much so in fact, I didn't mean to cum so quickly, I've just never had a woman do it for me before," I replied.

"It's alright BFF," Carrie said as she climbed back up on top of me.

Then we made out once again for about 5 minutes straight and wrapped our arms around each other again as well. Our boobs pressed up against each other, but mine were a little squished sense her boobs were one cup size bigger. I only had B-cup boobs as she had C-cup boobs. We continued to make out passionately for a few minutes and then we finally broke the kiss.

"Shit, I think I maybe lesbian now," I said.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Carrie replied.

Then we both laughed for a minute and she leaned her head down a bit. She began licking my nipples gently and titillated me, she titillated me so much that thought I'd have another huge orgasm right away. I put my hands on her head and then she began sucking on my right nipple. As far as I knew she hasn't just fooled around with a woman either, but she knew what she doing to make my pussy get wet, really wet.

"Oh Carrie, that's good, real good," I said.

She didn't stop, I just laid back and tried not to have a huge orgasm just yet. She wasn't making it easy none whatsoever, I was breathing in and out slowly and I felt my pulse, it was absolutely through the roof.

"Oh shit Carrie," I said.

Then all of the sudden I came again, I couldn't believe it, but I came again just from her licking and sucking on my nipples.

"Wow, someone is feeling pretty damn good right now," Carrie said.

Then she leaned up and gave me another kiss.

"Well, I guess doing it with another woman just really turns me on," I replied.

"Obviously," Carrie said.

We made out for another minute. Then she laid down on her back and I got right over her pussy. I leaned down very close to her pussy. I gave it a very nice lick, it was my very first time, so I was gonna go about it slowly. I gave it a few more licks and then I looked over at her.

"What?" Carrie asked.

"Nothing," I replied.

I put my face back into her pussy and began licking it mercilessly like she did for a couple minutes. She let out a few moans and began moving around a little bit as well.

"Oh Jane, you are some kind of woman with that tongue," Carrie said.

I was glad she liked it, I just kept going in and out with my tongue for a minute and tasted all of her juices. It was kinky to say the least, I never knew I could be so turned on by this. I put my fingers up into her pussy as well and it just got a whole hell of a lot wetter. She obviously was loving my pussy eating skills a whole lot, or maybe it was just because it was me. Maybe that was why we were both into it, we were fucking each other. She put her hands on my head and I put my tongue into her pussy just a bit deeper. It was in there all the way, I was surprised that I could get my entire tongue right in there.

"Oh god Jane, that's the spot, get it in there as deep as you can. Make your BFF cum now Jane," Carrie said.

I spread out her pussy lips as far as I could and moved my tongue around quite a bit. She couldn't help but scream out loud.

"Oh fuck yes Jane!" Carrie screamed.

Then she came all over my face as well, that was quite an experience too. I climbed back up on top of her and we began making out once again, I never kissed anyone that much before, so this was something special.

"Well, we should definitely do this more often," Carrie said.

"No shit we should," I replied as I began licking her nipples.

She let out another moan and put her hands on my head as I licked her nipples for about 5 minutes straight. I stayed on her right nipple mostly and I put my hand on her pussy, I rubbed it really slowly and made her close her eyes. She was being pleasured a great deal, she couldn't help but belt out a few more moans.

"Holy shit Jane you are the perfect BFF, have I ever told you that?" Carrie asked.

"Maybe," I replied.

I stuck my fingers back up into her pussy a bit. My hand was already completely soaked with her juices, and I just wanted more. I wanted to get all the cum I could on my hand.
a minute later I brought it up to her mouth, and she licked off every single drop of cum off my hand. I came a little more just watching her..

"Holy shit times 1,000 Carrie, that was so damn hot," I said.

"Well you just make me horny I guess Jane," Carrie replied.

I got on the other side of her and we began scissoring each other. We had our wet pussies together and we were both more turned on than ever. I looked over at her and she looked right back over at me as well. We were both breathing in and out very slowly, I think we both were already on our ways to having huge orgasms. We just kept scissoring each other like mad for a few minutes and were both getting pretty damn sweaty and had to moan in the process.

"Oh Carrie, you have some pussy, I fucking love it," I said.

"I love your pussy too Jane, how have we not fucked each other before?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know, but I'm loving this Carrie," I replied.

We were both moving around a lot, our pussies were already as wet probably as could be, but we wanted more and more of each other no matter how many orgasms we had. I leaned over, grabbed her left boob and gave it a gentle squeeze as she did the same to me. Obviously two hot ladies scissoring each other can't hold out forever, it was extremely hard to begin with, but it was getting hotter by the second.

"Oh shit Carrie, you are the sexiest woman on the planet," I said.

"I know Jane, now I wanna taste those lips again," Carrie replied.

We both got on our knees and made out passionately for a few minutes.We both began rubbing each others pussies We both rubbed each others pussies really slowly for about 5 minutes straight

"Oh Carrie, I fucking love you," I said.

"I love you too," Carrie replied.

Then we got as close as we could and put other arms around each other. We kissed each other numerous times all over each others faces. Our boobs pressed up against each other once again and we both really noticed just how sweaty we were.

"Damn, it's like we just took a shower or something," I said.

"Well, that happens when you have really great sex you know," Carrie replied.

"No shit, and especially when you put something in your pussy too," I said as I got off the bed.

I ran over to my bedroom real quick to get something out of my dresser. I came back about 30 seconds later with a dildo in my hand.

"Oh shit, I like where this is going," Carrie said.

"I thought you would," I replied.

Then I laid down next to her and gave her another kiss on the lips. I began kissing her everywhere on her face as my hand slowly made it's way down to her pussy. As it made it there, I slowly put the dildo right in front of her pussy.

"Don't tease me," Carrie said.

I slowly inserted the dildo into her pussy. The dildo wasn't huge, but it was still a good size though. I shoved it in there as deep as I could right away and she made sure to let out a few loud moans.

"Oh shit Jane, that's a big fake dick, come on and show no mercy, I want the whole thing in there now," Carrie said.

So I gave her what she wanted and showed her absolutely no mercy, I was thrusting that cock in and out of her pussy really quickly and she laid her head back again and closed her eyes. She was feeling good, really good and then I began kissing her once again. We made out very passionately for about 5 minutes straight as I was jamming that dildo into her as deep as I could. After that I leaned up and got a better look at her pussy. I was absolutely merciless with her, and she was in love it seemed.

"Oh shit Jane I'm gonna blow again!" Carrie screamed.

Then I watched her explode all over the bed once again. That was the biggest one yet by far. Then we began making out once again as I got on top of her. We made out for about 5 more minutes when all of the sudden we heard the front door open.

"Who the fuck is here?" Carrie asked.

"Beats the shit out of me," I replied.

Then all of the sudden, Eric of all people came in the bedroom.

"What the fuck?" Eric asked.

"What, I found someone that is sweet and sexy, and you know what, you fucked up, I was gonna let you watch me fuck her senseless, and then let you join in with us, but you fucking cheated on me, so tough shit asshole. Now get out of here," I replied.

I don't think I ever saw him so disappointed in my life honestly, he just lost to a woman and a great opportunity too.

"Well fuck you too, I'm out of here," Eric said.

"Good riddance," I replied as he left.

Then we made out for a few more minutes.

"I think I'm gonna like you a little more now Carrie," I said.

"I think I'm gonna really like you now too, we may have to upgrade up from BFF. Sense we're both pretty sweaty now, you wanna take a shower together?" Carrie asked.

"Fuck yes I do," I replied.

Then we both got up and took a shower together, but of course as we were both naked in there we couldn't help but have sex again. So after that, we had another room we could rent. If we invite someone in, we don't know if it'll be a man or woman, but I know this, Carrie likes to hog the shower and the covers. She was a great BFF, but now she is a better lover though.
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