My Baby Girl
I watched as she went about her day, helping people when and where she could. Quiet, genital and unassuming in her way. As a nurse at a children hospital her skills of where in much demand, which allowed me to work with her on occasions. My name is Christy,am doctor at the hospital doing my intern ship where this sweet angel who I will call baby girl works. I have watched how some of the other doctors and interns tried to get with her,but she turned them all down with a shy smile. One day when I passed her in the hallway on the way to see a patient,I notice her looking at me,I had seen that look before,I understood and I liked it.

Baby Girl was all of 5 ft tall,oval face with large clear blue eyes,button nose,full lips and the nerve to have dimples. Her blond hair was worn pulled back out of her face, but when down was shoulder length and a mad mop of curls. She had a coke bottle figure with large breast 38 c,small waist and hip with in range of being evenly proportion to her chest. Baby Girl was just cute and I wanted her cute sweet self in ways I don't think she could or would ever imagine. More on that later,but getting back to me, like I said my name is Christy, I am 24, 5'11'' talk, athletic built. with black straight hair that keep cut to just around my ear and I am lesbian. A fact which I don't hide nor do I care what others think, as a few have found out when they had been on the receiving end of my fist. So I am sure that Baby Girl knew about me in regards to my sexual taste.

As the week went by,I found her to be more around me then normal. I did some checking and found that she had been placed on the floor where 3 of my patients were located. As interns, we are required to make the rounds of different departments and floors, but not so much for nurses here, unless they asked for it or where schedule to due to a shortage. I figured that Baby Girl had decided to be where I was. Yes,was egotistical of me,but I decide to check it out at my first opportunity. Which came on a Friday night and there was big snow storm coming our way. The hospital was put on alter, just encase,so we had extra personal hanging around and Baby Girl was one of them. I took an opportunity to check the work schedule and found what time she was to be off duty. I also found out that she was stand by as I was. I looked around and found her in the cafeteria sitting on a sofa by the large picture windows looking out over the city. I went over and sat down next to her on the sofa and looked at her. She turned and looked at me with those large blue eyes of hers and smiled shyly at me.

"Hi Dr. Hanson",she said in almost a whisper.

"It's Christy. Dr Hanson is what my patients call me and Dr. Sloan,the head of the intern program when he chewing me out." I said smiling back at her. She laughed at that because everyone knew that Dr. Sloan bark was much worse than his bite and only chew out those he felt were worthy of his esteem and lofty attention.

"So have you decide what field of medicine you are going into,"she asked as away to make conversation and keep me from just staring at her. I must admit I was staring and wondering what her full pink lips tasted like along with that pink bubble gum tongue of her that she so slowly licked her lips with when she was thinking.

"I am not sure yet,definitely something to do with children was thinking of thoracic medicine but I have time yet," I said as my eyes wander down to her breasts and wonder how large and what color her nipples where. Just then there was call for all doctors and nurse to report to the ER. She and I both took off out of there like a bats leaving hell. Upon our arrival we found that there had been an accident on the interstate. A commuter bus and a snow plow had slide into one another somehow and the bus flipped over a few times. The injured were on their way and it seem to be a lot of them so Baby Girl and I looked as each other, she smiled and I nodded and we went to work. Sometime later,she and I found each other. She had two cups of what the hospital jokingly calls coffee and she handed me one,as we both slid down a corridor wall and took a seat on the floor. The legs of her hospital scrubs were a bloody mess,not so much blood as the contents of someone stomach after a closer look.

"I have an extra pair of clean hospital scrubs in my locker ",I said with out asking her directly if she wanted a change of clothing.

"Oh yes please, I have been wearing these since I work with my first patient and I think that was 4 hours ago", Baby Girl said in tired but thankful voice.

So we got up and went down to the doctor's locker room and I got the scrubs as she waited outside the locker room. She then took them to a little use bathroom not far from the locker room. It was a women bathroom so my following her in wouldn't cause any concern anyone saw me. I watched her go to the last of ten stalls go in . I close and locked door behind me. No one use that bathroom much and right now the ER didn't't need us. Beside we were suppose to be off duty an hour ago. I walked down to the stall, where she was taking off her soiled scrub and knocked on the door. Baby Girl open the door wearing only her blue lace bra which was straining to hold her amble breast in place and a matching lace thong. The stall was large enough to hold a person in a wheel chair and another person, we fitted in there just fine. We looked at each other for a second or less and then I claimed those pink lips and all that went with them. Dropping the scrubs on the floor, Baby Girl wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back with intense passion. My hands claimed what my mouth had not gotten to. Caress her smooth plump round ass, as I slid the thong over them with one hand and unfasten her bra with the other. I wanted to see her naked with nothing to block my view. I had spent too many days and nights wondering and dreaming about her.Releasing her now swollen lips I stepped back to look at my handiwork and I was pleased as what I saw. Creamy milky white skin covering curves that I would love to lick, nipples the color pink bubble gum and shaved pussy that had nice thick lips,Her thighs where thick the way I like them .I had her turn around so that I could look at her ass. Oh my God was all I could think of, I had to have her. The seat of my scrub were damp on their way to being soaked as my clit ached so bad I felt the need to masturbate until I came. I had her turn back around to face me and got me a little some thing to tied me over until I could get more. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit as I coated my fingers with juice. I could smell her sex and damn I was going to enjoy eating her pussy. Baby Girl started to moan and she grabbed my wrist and pushed deeper into her. Her eyes big blue eyes were now filled with lust and her lips parted. I went after pink bubble gum tongue as finger fucked her into cumming. She came screaming and moaning into my mouth mmmm. As she stood against the stall wall trying to catch her breath, I pulled my fingers out her and put one in her mouth so that she could taste herself. Once she had licked it clean, I put the other in my mouth and as she watch I suck them clean. Baby Girl's blue eyes were large, lust filled and she was mines. I kissed her deeply allowing our tongues to dance together for a bit, then I told her to get dress, get her things and meet me at the side door in 15 minutes. She nodded and quickly got dressed put only her bra back on, leaving off the thong which I took from her as she left the bathroom. I telling her her if she wanted it back she had better not be late.

Baby Girl laughed,kissed me went up the hallway as I went back into the doctors locker room change clothes. After I signed out,got in my SUV and met her at the side door on time. The snow situation had gone from bad to worse. It seems now that ice had joined the mix, so Baby Girl came sliding out to the meet me. She got in the with out falling laughing all the time,she looked so cute in her snow gear that I want to kiss her right then and there,but I decide to wait as I knew I wouldn't want to stop once I had gotten started.

"Buckle up it a mess out here even though we don't have far to go",I said as I glance at her.

She looked at me with a question in her eyes that I found were very much to my liking. Baby Girl couldn't lie if she tried all her feelings showen in her eyes.

"We are going to my house where we are going to have dinner, talk and then have dessert,". I said as I looked over at her as while the traffic light was red.

"Ok,"was all that she said.

I knew that she was worried,nervous,excite and horny as hell. I plan on calming the first two and fucking her to orgasmic heaven for the last one.

It took almost 45 minutes to do a 20 minutes drive and that was in the city. I part in from of my town house and told her to stay put until I got to her. I had already seem her slide to the SUV earlier and didn't want her to hurt herself.

We walked up the steps to my house holding on to each other, once we got to the door, I kissed her. I didn't let her go until I had her inside where I started to undress her slowly.

"Wait.. I know nothing about .. about ..," Baby Girl said as she moved away from me.

"Don't worry baby," I said I will take care of everything... ..

"No you don't know understand, Christy," I never had sex before, Baby Girl said as she looked at everything but me.

"What?.." I said and couldn't believe my blessing.

"I have never had sex with anyone man or woman I don't know what , I know how but .. I don't know ... oh Lord I'm such a mess", Baby Girl said as she covered her face with her hands.

"Baby, baby, look at me I," said as I walked toward her. Look at me, don't worry about a thing, I will instruct you I said as I removed her hands from her face and kissed her lips. After that, clothes came off and in no time we were in my bed holding and kissing each other.

"Can I see,?" she asked looked up at me with those big blue eyes.

I got out of bed and stood within reach in front of her, as she looked me over. Like I said I am athletic and I work out, which mean I have the abs, what curves I have are firm and my breast are on the small side with big brown nipples but that is ok with me. What is there is high and tight.

I could see the interest in her eyes and the desire to touch me. She allowed her interest to guide her and touch me she did. First with her hands then with her body like a kitten rubbing itself against you to get your attention. She had my attention and I was ready to show her just how much of me she had. My own juice was dripping down from between my legs and I couldn't wait to feel that sweet tongue of hers on my clit and any other place she want to put it. Fondling my breast and pinching my nipples as she slid down my body to knee at my feet. She looked up at me into my eyes and then at my shaved pussy which was soo close to her mouth. As she continued to look at me she put her mouth on me and that little bubble gum pink tongue slid in between my pussy lips and started to explore. In no time Baby Girl was lick and sucking me and for what she lacked in experience she surely made up in effort. I put my hand in her blond curls and held her head as she feasted on my pussy.

"OH baby, oh baby... yeah eat me baby," I moan as she was grabbed my ass to hold. I knew that I had to get her off or I would be coming sooner then I wanted to . Push her off me and her tongue out of my pussy, I grabbed Baby Girl by the arm and pull her up off the floor and threw her in the bed. Then I climbed in there with her and preceded to show her want it was like to be made love to by a woman who knew what she was doing .

I laid her out and had her spread her legs apart as so that I could have a look at her pussy which was pink and plumb as her lips. With the scent of sex in the air I started at the top of her and worked my way down kissing, licking and tasting every part of her body. As I did so, I slide a finger into her and found that Baby Girl had been telling the truth she was a virgin. Oh the things that I was going to do to her,but that would be later! As I finger fucked her again sucked on her tits slowly as my fingers danced on her clit to a speed of their own. Baby Girl came screaming and I let her,because she was now screaming my name. I quickly slid down her body and put my mouth where my fingers had been. Baby Girl grabbed my head and start pushing her pelvis forward into my face as I sucked one her clit. I could feel the spasm of her orgasm as it ran through her. A she started to shake outwardly, Baby Girls' eyes closed as she again came screaming my name, again and again.

As she came back to herself,I moved up her body and pulling the covers over us ending with wrapping myself around her. She was exhausted, glowing and I believe, purring. At that I laughed and held her close as we fell asleep.

Somewhere in the wee hours or maybe it was late in the day,I don't remember and couldn't tell for a while,Baby Girl showed me what she had learned. I must say,that my baby is a very good student!

This story is dedicated to babygirl1987 who kindly gave me the ideal for the story.

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