My Best Friend's Mom In The Shower II
Jessica and I were standing there in the shower completely naked all wet and Holly was waiting for an explanation.

"What? You know I've been wanting to have sex with a young and sexy kitten," Jessica said.

"But mom, Carol is my best friend," Holly replied.

"I know, but it's not like she doesn't find me attractive. You told me you did, but you wouldn't have sex with me though. So I had sex with Carol," Jessica said.

Did I just hear that right?

"You asked your daughter to have sex with you?" I asked Jessica.

"Yes, on her 21st birthday, I got up the courage to ask her, but she said no. What can I say, she is one sexy kitten too, just like yourself," Jessica replied.

Holly looked away from us, obviously there was something going on here.

"I'm a lesbian, and I have been for a few years now. I told her right away, but about a year ago, I wanted a younger woman to have sex with. Holly and I are like sisters, so I asked my her first. She wasn't interested, so I don't understand why you are so pissed off Holly," Jessica said.

She was pissed, I never saw so mad before, she crossed her arms and broke out the tone.

"She's my best friend, why couldn't you hook up with someone I don't know?" Holly asked.

I was thinking it over and over again, but then I just spit it out.

"Why didn't you have sex with your mom Holly?" I asked.

To her anyway, that was completely out of left field, she wasn't too sure how to answer that. I didn't mean to just get the middle of them all of the sudden, but it just kind of happened.

"She is your mom, and it must have took a lot for her to ask you something like that. She is a very sexy woman, and I think you should have done it," I said.

Holly had her eyes glued to the floor, it wasn't my intention at all to make things complicated or just flat out uncomfortable for anyone, but it seemed to happen though. After that, Jessica walked out of the shower and went to Holly to hug her.

"You know ever since your dad left us, it's just been us against the world, except for Carol over here. She's right, it did take a lot for me to ask you that when I did, but I don't judge you for making your choice. I still love you, and Carol just happened to like what she saw. So please, don't be mad," Jessica said.

It was silent for a minute, I had literally never just stood naked in front of someone for so long in my life. It was a little nerve racking.

"Did you at least like having sex with her, mom?" Holly asked.

Jessica looked back at me and smiled.

"She was the best female I ever had, bar none," Jessica replied.

That was when Holly broke out a smile.

"Are you gonna have sex again?" Holly asked.

Jessica looked back at me with some intense lust in her eyes.

"I think so, if she's up for another round," Jessica replied.

Then Holly dropped her own bombshell.

"Do you mind if I join you two?" Holly asked.

Jessica was cheesing, it was as if she had cancer and it was just cured when she heard that. Holly was looking at Jessica's eyes, so she couldn't see that her mom came a bit right then.

"Do you really want to?" Jessica asked.

"Yes," Holly replied simply and quickly.

We were both stunned by this strange turn of events, so we had to ask her something.

"Are you sure Holly? I mean it's incest and lesbianism," I said.

"Two great reasons to try this," Holly replied as she got naked.

She got right in with us, and this was definitely gonna be a day where I got literally no studying done whatsoever. She wrapped her arms around me and put her lips on mine. We made out for about two minutes until Jessica intervened.

"Hello, woman that gave birth to you is right here wanting some too," Jessica said.

"Sorry mom," Holly replied as she kissed her mom once and then got on her knees.

Holly went in and immediately began eating her mom out.

"Oh my fucking god," Jessica yelled.

It echoed in there, so it hurt our ears a bit, but it was worth it though to hear it though. I never got a chance to eat her out, but from the looks of how much fun Holly was having, I was gonna love it. Jessica gave me a kiss on the lips and brought me in close to her.

"I can't thank you enough Carol, you are some kind of saint," Jessica said.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"I've been trying to get her to have sex with me for months now, and you convinced her to do it with me, I love you," Jessica replied.

"I love you too," I said.

I sort of meant that I guess, but I thought she meant it the same way. I looked down at Holly eating Jessica out, and I wasn't about to wait another minute to try it for myself.

"Do you mind?" I asked.

"Just one thing first," Holly replied just before she kissed me.

We made out for ten seconds as our breasts touched, then she stood up. I never ate a woman before, so I was nervous, but then again, I just watched Holly do it. I stuck my tongue out and licked Jessica's pussy. After a minute I got some more confidence, so I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy. I'm pretty sure Jessica would have said something, but her lips were super glued to her daughter's lips. I saw them and I felt pretty damn good, was I really responsible for bringing them together? Well, whether if I was or not, I was in my first lesbian threesome, and I was loving it so far. I stuck a couple fingers up in there too, I thought she would like that.

"Oh yes Carol, get your fingers up there and make me cum all over your face now," Jessica said.

It was literally the most mind-bending experience of my life, it was as if it was all a dream. I put my tongue so far up into Jessica's pussy that she had to scream without any warning.

"Shit!!" Jessica screamed.

Holly put her hands right onto her mom's tits and squeezed her big tits. They were two giant melon shaped tits that were just dying to be squeezed and played with. Of course Holly couldn't resist to save her life. Obviously for them, there must have been some connection for Holly to fuck her mom all of the sudden.

"I love your tits mom, they are like two big soft clouds that are softer than clouds," Holly said.

Sense Holly gave her that compliment, she couldn't resist but to feel Holly's boobs as well. Holly had only A-cup boobs, so they were much smaller than Jessica's tits.

"Don't worry, as soon as you get knocked up, these will get a lot bigger," Jessica said.

"I can't wait mom," Holly replied just before they kissed again.

I had been fucking Jessica like mad and I looked over at Holly's throbbing pussy too. I just had come to really like what I saw on my best friend. So I found out just what Holly's pussy tasted like. They had began making out once again, and for the first twenty seconds, neither one of them even noticed I switched pussies. In that first twenty seconds, I spread out Holly's very wet pussy lips as far as I could. I would have thought she'd say some smart ass comment, but I got nothing. That was until after those twenty seconds, then they both looked down at me.

"Enjoying yourself Carol?" Jessica said.

I didn't answer right away, I just ate out my best friend for another twenty seconds, and then got up with them. I was right in the middle of them as they were hugging each other. So I was in a sandwich with them.

"Who would have thought there'd be three hot chicks naked and hugging the shower?" Jessica asked.

"Me," Holly replied.

Holly got out of the shower and Jessica turned off the shower. Holly got three towels and came over back to us. Jessica and I got out of the shower and we all dried off. As we were all dry, we dropped our towels and Jessica actually picked up Holly with her back in one arm and her legs in the other. Jessica carried Holly to the bathroom door and then they looked back at me.

"Are you coming Carol?" Jessica asked.

They walked towards the bedrooms and I of course had to follow. I saw Jessica throw her daughter on the bed and she loved it.

"Oh yeah," Holly replied.

Jessica get on the bed with her and they began making out. Seeing a mother and daughter together just seemed to really get my juices flowing. They both wrapped their arms around each other rather tightly as I just stood there with my right hand on my pussy. I masturbated with my fingers up inside my pussy, but eventually they noticed a section of the bed was empty.

"Come on Carol, this bed is big enough for one more, right mom?" Holly asked.

"Damn right," Jessica replied.

So as Jessica slowly made her way down towards her daughter's crotch, and I got onto he bed with them right next to Holly. We just had to talk about our new found lesbian sides as Jessica began eating out Holly.

"I had no idea you liked to eat pussy," Holly said.

"Today was my first time actually," I replied.

"So, I was your first?" Holly asked.

"Well, your mom was my first actually," I replied.

That was when she surprisingly put her lips on mine for a minute.

"Well, it's OK, at least I was your second," Holly said as she put her right hand on my left boob.

I looked at her and she looked right back at me. We had never talked about anything even remotely lesbian, she never mentioned that her mom asked her to have sex either.

"Holy shit mom, fuck your daughter just like that," Holly said.

Holly began moving around a little bit, obviously Jessica knew what she doing down there. Holly began going a little nuts you could say, I never saw her have a face like that. She put her hands right onto Jessica's head and that forced her to really get down and dirty with her. She stuck her fingers up in there and really used her tongue too.

"Fuck!" Holly screamed.

I saw Jessica having the time of her life, and I had already started missing eating pussy, so I got down on the floor. I leaned close to Jessica's pussy from behind and began eating her out from behind. It was something kinky, and sense I just found out about my lesbian side, I thought I'd try everything I could.

"Holly, if you weren't my best friend, I'd slap you," Holly said.

I laughed a little bit and kept fucking Jessica from behind. I just stuck one finger up into her pussy a bit, but that didn't distract her from fucking her daughter. I knew I would definitely have to try this again sometime, I was having too much fun for it to be a one time thing. I had my tongue in there, and I was moving it around, which made Jessica moan a bit herself. As far as I knew, Holly had never been fucked by a woman, so it was no surprise that she couldn't hold out for very long.

"Mom, I can't hold it," Holly screamed.

And just like that, Holly sprayed Jessica's face like a never ending waterfall. For about thirty seconds, it just kept coming. As she was finally done, Jessica got on top of her daughter for some mother/daughter bonding time.
Although that didn't mean they wanted me out.

"Carol, get over here," Jessica said as she laid on top of Holly.

We all just cuddled for a couple minutes before anything was said.

"So, did you have sex with us because of me or her?" Jessica asked Holly.

"Both I suppose, I was gonna have sex with you sooner or later whether it was a year from now or ten more years. A few months ago, I started studying you could say, but not books. Her lesbian DVDs, they were hot," Holly replied.

"Well, that's a good answer, everyone in this room is a very hot chick," Jessica said just before she kissed me.

She kissed Holly too, and then of course, Holly and I kissed.

"Well, thank you Carol, I finally got to have sex with my daughter. I don't think it would have happened if you hadn't been here," Jessica said.

"Well, your welcome. I had no idea that you wanted to have sex with your own daughter though," I replied.

"Holly is just one stubborn young lady, I knew I'd get my 'Yes' sooner or later, but when the opportunity came up, how could I resist?" Jessica asked.

"You couldn't, I've seen her before today, and she is one sexy chick," Holly replied.

"So, my sweet and sexy daughter, you wanna have sex again with your mom?" Jessica asked.

"Well, can Carol join in?" Holly asked.

"Every now and then, but tonight, when we're here alone in this bed, I'm gonna show what being a lesbian is all about," Jessica replied.

So just like they were an incestuous couple, well at least that's what they told me a couple weeks later. I found out they were even thinking about getting fake married, which where I would be the only one invited. I loved it and told my mom about the whole thing. She couldn't believe her ears and now I know there is an incestuous couple out there that I unintentionally brought together.
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