My Best Friends Dad
I want Kyle. After seeing him naked in all his male glory in the shower, I so want him. He's that tall, dark and handsome that I always dreamed about; he has short black curly hair, and a tanned toned body with a six pack from all his workouts BUT he's off limits - he's my best friend's thirty-eight year old dad.

I'm staying with her during the summer in their lake house so I plan to take this opportunity. I'm not the typical blonde blue eyes or dark beauty like Anna (Kyle's daughter). I'm the brown hair, brown eyes, nineteen year old girl, but my body is a whole other story. I have perky bouncy boobs that are too big for my hands to squeeze, a tight fuck-able (if there's such a word) ass and a nice flat tiny waist
that I am so proud of.

One day Anna went to go visit her boyfriend and would be gone for two days. Kyle and I were having one of our movie nights. It was horror, which I hated. I pretended to be scared in order to get closer to his glorious hard body until I found myself on his lap. I squirmed whenever something scary happened - which was all the time. Then I felt his cock become hard until it was poking my pussy. All that separated it from entering me was his jeans and my skimpy silk dress. I didn't like wearing underwear.

Then I looked at him; he was looking at me with eyes full of desire. I knew then and there that he wanted me. So I just kept squirming which made me rub my pussy up and down his big bulge. I knew that he was so turned on by the squishing sound of my wetness against his hardness but he didn't do anything. He was probably fighting his morals. So I decided to tease him and left. I told him that I was taking a bubble bath in his master bathroom because the other bathroom didn't have a bath tub.

As I was just getting my naked body in the water-filled tub I heard the bedroom door close. It was him. Now time to set he plan to motion. I screamed that there was a spider and ran out to him in all my naked glory with water dripping on my body. When I ran into him I 'accidentally' knocked him onto the bed so I was lying on top of him clutching his chest. "Are you okay, Beth?" he asked concerned but I didn't miss the lust in his voice as I felt him go hard against my dripping wet pussy.

"I am now that you're here," I panted. Predictable I know, but I couldn't help it; I was so turned on by his cock poking me hard - I could feel him near my entrance- that I couldn't think. I liked my men aggressive, dominant and rough, so I waited for him to make the first move. He may have been a man of few words but I knew that he was my alpha. I risked looking at him and my eyes met his. Then he kissed me hard. It was filled with so much passion.

As our tongues battled each other I felt him shift and found myself under his naked self. I saw his hard ten inch cock standing up for me. I liked it. I touched as he started kissing and licking me from my lips, my neck all the way down to my pussy. Then he did something that made me reach the edge; he stuck his tongue further in and reached my g-spot. I screamed his name as I had my first orgasm. It was amazing but I knew that the next would be better. Then he went back to kissing me.

"You've been a bad girl, Beth. Tempting me with this slutty sexy body of yours." "I'm sorry Kyle but I want you. I need to feel you in my pussy. I want you to fill me with your seed, make me your slut."
With my confession I felt him go harder then he growled and pushed himself in. It seemed so right yet so wrong. His cock was the perfect match for my tight pussy. He pushed in then out, in and out -slow at first but then he became faster.

I loved it. I screamed him to go faster deeper. I loved the sound of his balls slamming into my drenched pussy. Then I felt him tense and I got high knowing that I was going to be filled with his hot sticky seed. So as we reached the climax I held on to him for dear life. I felt like the explosion that was coming would rock my world. I hugged him, pressing my rock hard nipples against him muscly chest. Then
we both came. It was amazing, the feeling of his seed in me made me feel hot all over again. I felt spent, but I still wanted more...
* * *
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