My Boyfriend And His Sister 1-2
My name is Lily, my boyfriend John and I have been together for about 4 years now and we're happy together. We've lived together for about 3 1/2 years now. We actually started out as a one night stand, but both of us wanted to try it again and that transformed into a casual fling which went to a real relationship over about 2 months. So now we've been together for that long and I'm waiting for him to pop the question like a cork in a novelty champagne bottle.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you doing?" John asked as got into bed with me.

"I'm fine, better now," I replied just before I kissed him.

"What you doing?" John asked as I put my laptop away.

"Nothing," I replied.

"What? You on a XXX site? 2 guys on a chick, I know you are into that shit," John said.

"No, no, no... no," I replied.

"That's a few too many 'nos' sweetie," John said.

"I was looking at... wedding dresses," I replied.

"Oh," John said as he got on the side of the bed.

Then there was an uncomfortable and awkward silence.

"I'm just, anxious I guess," I replied.

"Obviously," John said.

"I mean we've been together for 4 years now, I'm pretty sure we've had sex with each other more than everyone else combined, we both love each other, so I'm anxious." I replied.

"OK, I get it," John said.

"I'm sorry, you weren't meant to see that," I replied.

"But you want it, like sooner rather than later right?" John asked.

"Well, that might cause a problem, I don't want you to propose before you are ready, it's gotta be natural," I replied.

"OK, but I think I'm ready though," John said.

"You are just saying that, in an hour you may feel different," I replied.

"OK, well, when it's natural then, I guess," John said.

"OK," I replied.

Well, that was about 3 months ago now, since then we haven't talked about it or even anything wedding related. One Friday afternoon I got out of work a little early, I was tired, so I went home for a nap before my better half got home. I went into our bedroom and when I got in there, I saw one of my thongs sticking out of his dresser.

"Oh you horny bastard, you know you are supposed to at least put them back in the hamper after you jack off in these," I said.

He loved doing that, and honestly, it made me feel hot. Anyway, as I tossed my thong into the hamper, I noticed a notebook at the back.

"What's that?" I asked.

I respect his privacy and don't snoop through his stuff as he does respects me too, but after pulling out my thong and knowing where it had been, I couldn't help but take a peak. I pulled it out and laid down on the bed. I opened it up and at the top of the first page, it said 'Making love to my sister'.

"What the fuck?" I asked.

It was a story, and it appeared it was a story of a brother and sister named John and Jane, which was his and his sister's names. How he saw her naked a number of times and developed a crush on his sister, then when he told her, she accepted and offered to make his fantasy come true. It was a few pages, but was hot, I had to
put my hand in my panties and rub one out.

"Holy shit this is hot," I said.

To finish up the character John shot his load onto the character Jane's stomach, then they cuddled and eventually made love again. Incest was something I never really heard of before, the idea of it actually happening, not the concept. I was sweating a bit and then I fell asleep, but I forgot to put the notebook back though. About 2 hours later. I was awoken by John and he looked pissed off.

"Lily, where did you get this?" John asked.

"At the back of your dresser, 2 better questions would be, 'Why can't you put my thongs in the hamper after masturbate into them?' and 'Why didn't you tell me that you wanted to have sex with Jane?"', so why?" I asked.

Of course he was embarrassed, you don't just tell your girlfriend that.

"Well, how much did you read?" John asked.

"The whole thing from front to back, so why not tell me? It's not like I'd just break up with you after being with you for so long," I replied.

"I know, but you aren't mad?" John asked.

"Yeah I'm mad, for like the 10th time in a month you didn't put my thong in the hamper, unless you were trying to get me pregnant like that," I replied.

He sighed.

"No, about me wanting to fuck Jane," John said.

"Yeah, I'm mad about that too, that's incest.
Incest is illegal, have you told her about this?" I asked as I got up.

"No," John replied.

"Why not?" I asked as I came over to him and kissed him.

"Well, I'm with you for starters, and like you said, it's incest," John replied.

"Well, so what, you should at least tell her," I said.

"No, I'm committed to you," John replied.

I was thinking, why hadn't he proposed to me yet then, but i had to deal with one issue at a time though.

"OK, if you are sure I'm never gonna come home to you one day on top of her when you are both completely naked, are you sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure, that will never happen, I promise," John replied.

That was yet another 3 months ago. Now I'm 26 and he was about to reach the same number. I never had a brother, so this wasn't something I could really understand, but I loved him more than life itself and I wanted to do something great for him, so what did I do? I'll tell you, I asked Jane to meet me at our house to discuss his birthday when he was at work.

"Oh hey Lily, how are you doing?" Jane asked.

"I'm good, how are you?" I asked.

"I'm good too, so did you have any ideas for his birthday?" Jane asked.

"As a matter of fact I do," I replied.

"OK," Jane said.

"First, I need to know how open minded you are," I replied.

She was confused.

"I don't understand, aren't we talking about a gift or a party for him?" Jane asked.

"Well, more of a gift here, but would you consider yourself open minded though, I mean really open minded?" I asked.

"Yes, I guess, what are you getting at? I'm confused." Jane replied.

I wasn't sure if I should tell her with my words, or his, I just picked one.

"Well, there is no easy way to say this, so I won't. just take a look at this," I said as I handed her the notebook.

"What is this?" Jane asked.

"Open it," I replied.

She opened it and discovered something she had no idea about, John wanted to make love to her, badly. She didn't read the whole thing, but she got the gist of it though.

"I found out a few months ago and he was embarrassed, but never in a million years did he wanna tell you, but as you can see, he really wants you," I said.

"And you are asking me to have sex with my flesh and blood brother?" Jane asked.

"To put it simply, yes. I know that's he's embarrassed about this, but wouldn't be, but I wanna let him do it though, I wanna do something really great for him, I just love him that much honestly," I replied.

"And just what are you expecting to happen though? Just tell him, 'Well there she is, so fuck her now while you can?'" Jane asked.
"Yes, i guess, but I know how badly he wants this, I think he'll jump at the chance," I replied.

I think she was speechless.

"Sorry, I don't know what to say to that," Jane said.

"You know what, don't worry about it, it was just an idea, nothing is set in stone," I replied.

"Now hold on a minute, let's not just write it off, I mean, if he really wants it and you are really willing to let it happen, I don't know, maybe it would be something interesting," Jane said.

Now her interests were sparked, maybe, just maybe she had a little crush too.

"So?" I asked.

"OK, I'll do it, if you really think for him it's a done deal," Jane replied.

"I really do, I've seen the search history on his laptop, he has visited a few times. Where related people have sex," I said.

"No kidding, I had no idea that he was so horny for me," Jane replied.

"Trust me, me either, it was total surprise until I found that notebook," I said.

So it was a done deal between us, honestly, I wasn't too sure what I was getting into exactly, I mean if he had sex with her, then what? That was just one question I asked myself later that night. Anyway as his birthday came up, we talked about what the plan was exactly, the day before his birthday, we were out our house discussing the plan.

"OK, so I tell him that I have a special gift for him and it's in the closet, and he opens it to find you there, in let's say, your bra and panties?" I asked.

"OK, that just sounds a little cheesy though," Jane replied.

"OK, I guess, you have anything in mind?" I asked.

"Well, ask him if he has written anything else about me, see if he has ever masturbated about me, even once. I'm sure he has if he's even half as serious as you think he is. Then ask him to get something out from the closet, like a special sex toy for birthday sex, then he opens and then I'm there, just naked. We make out a bit and we make it to the bed and he bangs the shit out of me," Jane replied.

Then I realized something.

"What a minute, you have the hots for him too don't you?" I asked.

"Well, I haven't seen it in a few years, but about 6 months before he met you, I saw him naked in the shower and he is packing," Jane replied.

"Already than, well then, just make sure you show up before he comes home from work, there is no way you can sneak in this apartment," I said.

"OK, when should I come over then?" Jane asked.

"At least by 4:00, he always shows up in the 4:00 hour," i replied.

So we had the plan, but we were certain it was gonna work, but still we had to work it. Anyway the night came and she showed up around 3:00.

"Well, I thought you'd show up naked," I said.

"Why, do you wanna see me naked now?" Jane asked.

"No, but I'm sure he has a sexy sister," I replied.

"Already than," Jane said as we both sat down on the couch.

She had on a skimpy outfit, showing some cleavage, she was a sexy lady and I gotta say that my panties were getting a little wet.

"So, we got some time, what do you wanna do?" Jane asked.

"I don't know, have you ever thought of having sex with him?" I asked.

"Maybe once or twice," Jane replied.

"You horny bitch," I said.

"Hey fuck you, you are a only child, you wouldn't understand," Jane replied.

"Damn, dull down the claws," I said.

"Well you know, I saw getting head before, we had the same bedroom until we were 17, and he sneaked girls in when he thought I was asleep. Even though it was dark, I still could see everything," Jane replied.

"But you never busted him though?" I asked.

"No, i couldn't do it, that would be bitchy. Every teenage guy needs to get his dick sucked every now and then," Jane replied.

"You say that as if you have had a dick before," I said.

"Now, whose the sick bitch?" Jane asked.

"It's like how do you say, 'fuck you'," I replied.

Then we started wrestling and tickling each other a bit.

"Hey no fair, you know I'm ticklish," Jane said.

"I know, I could tell that second I met you," I replied.

We went crazy for a few minutes, I mean she was my future sister in law, so we could get a little feisty.

"Oh stop, stop it Lily, you are gonna make me piss my panties," Jane said as she laughed.
Believe it or not, doing that was like sex, we both could only go for so long before we were spent so to speak. I was right over her as I tickled her and then all of the sudden, we just looked at each other for a minute, and then I leaned down as she leaned up. We kissed each other for a few seconds. I never kissed a woman before, but the jury was out on her though.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman before?" Jane asked.

"No, you?" I asked.
"I had a girl eat me out once, it was great, so much better when a woman does than a guy," Jane replied.

"How much better?" I asked.

"A million times better, I've always wanted to try it," Jane replied.

Keep in mind, tickling someone or being tickled gets you horny, so the net thing I did was, I got on my back and slowly pushed my pants and panties down to my knees.

"Fire away," I said.

"Really?" Jane asked.

"Yes," I replied.

So she got right over me and slowly went down towards my pussy. She stuck her tongue out just a bit and gave my pussy a gentle lick, it tickled me a lot.

"Oh shit, that tickles," I said.

"I know, I felt that too my first time too," Jane replied.

She touched my pussy with her fingers, she spread out my pussy lips just a little. She made me feel good, really good. Nothing personal against John, but Jane just had more skills then him, and she'd only been doing it for a minute. I had actually gotten a little sweaty all of the sudden, my heart was racing as if it was in a marathon. I put my hands on her head and she really got down in there. As she fucked me, I did think about this being wrong, but i remembered that I was letting him put his long cock inside his sister's pussy, so it was an eye for an eye you could say.

"Holy shit," I said as I moaned.

I had never had a woman eat me out before, so this was something out of this world to say to least. she stuck her long tongue inside my pussy probably as far as she possibly could, she moved it around quite a bit and just hit all the right places there, but it was as if everywhere was a bullseye, no matter where she got, it was gonna feel absolutely amazing. Just to intensify the pleasure, she stuck a couple fingers up inside my pussy, it didn't take long at all for her hand to be absolutely soaked.

"Oh Lily, you are one sexy and wet lady," Jane said.

She ate my pussy out as if she never liked cock and always loved pussy. She got so far in there, I'd swear she was lesbian. I was sweating up a storm going at the speed of light, I had never been so excited before in my life, to have a woman fiddle around down there rather than a guy, she definitely knew all the right buttons to push and the right order to push them as well. Before long, she did hit that great spot every female has: the g-spot, the one perfect spot that makes the perfect feeling come right out of your pussy, I had probably the biggest orgasm of my life right then and there. I had her face covered with my juices and she seemed to love it as if it gave her an orgasm as well. With her face soaked, I leaned up a bit and got close to her, we both just kinda of stayed close, but didn't make too much eye contact though, I don't think either one knew what to make of this turn of events, but we liked it though.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked.

"Yes," Jane replied.

So we both leaned towards each other and kissed each other for about 5 seconds, I of course never kissed a woman except for my mother, but it was definitely something I wanted more of though.

"Can I have another kiss?" I asked.

She leaned on top of me and wrapped her arms around me. She was just my boyfriend's sister, I met her right before John and mine's second date, honestly only over the past year before this, I started getting to know her, not it was her fault or anyone's for that matter, it just happened like that, anyway, i never imagined this happening. We made out for about a minute and I found my pussy wetter than ever, even without her tongue in my pussy. Then she asked me a question I never thought I'd hear.

"Have you ever tried some pussy Lily?" Jane asked.

"No actually," I replied.

"You wanna have a crack at one?" Jane asked.

"John never ever finds out about this, right?" I asked.

"Yes of course, but this will be your one big secret, if you ever come to me needing to bury something, that won't fly," Jane replied.

"Already than," I said.

So then she got on her back and I got over her. First I looked down at her boobs and she was packing some C-cup tits that were the bomb.

"Would you like to see them too?" Jane asked.

I just nodded my head, she had me sold on her anyway. She took off her shirt and then her bra as well exposing her nice and sexy rack. I had to stare at them, they were sexy and my pussy was probably as wet as it ever been.

"You can touch them, they are only titties, they won't bite," Jane said.

So I put my hands on her boobs and they felt even better than I thought they would. I only felt my own boobs in my life, and Jane's boobs felt so much better than mine felt, but although I could be biased because I felt mine a million times before. I looked down at her crotch and she had the same effects on her, her panties were soaked, and I wanted a closer , slowly pulled her pants down just leaving her in her pink thong. John and I had watched porn together a few times, but was more, how do you say, classy porn, not too hardcore, more romantic let's say, and in all those, none of them had actresses that anywhere near as sexy as Jane.

"Wow Jane, John is one lucky son of a bitch to have a hot sister like you, no wonder he wants to have sex with you," I said.

Then she looked down towards her panties as did I, then I grabbed onto the side straps of her thong and pulled it off her leaving her completely naked. She was a sexy goddess, I was more than willing to try pussy for the first time, but I was still nervous though. Jane leaned up a bit and gave me another kiss on the lips and that was all I needed. So she leaned back down and leaned in towards her pussy very closely. I stuck out my tongue just a little tiny bit and gave her pussy probably the smallest lick anyone could possibly give, but she still seemed to like it though.

"Oh my Lily, come on, get in there," Jane said.

So I went in a little further, I stuck my tongue inside her pussy just a little and I seriously had no idea how a pussy would taste evidently. I still liked it though. I had a completely naked and sexy woman laying right in front of just waiting to be fucked by her brother's girlfriend. Her pussy was as wet as a waterfall or maybe even an ocean. I had quite a few drops of sweat slowly slide down my forehead, I was nervous, but focused though. I stuck my tongue in further and further until there was none left that wasn't in there. Of course by then, she had no choice but to let some of those really loud moans out, they were just begging to come out.

"Oh fuck yes Lily," Jane said as she moaned.
She put her hands onto my head, which made me get in closer and face get wetter with her juices. I had tasted my own juices once, just out of curiosity honestly, and that turned me off a bit, but of course tasting her juices only made me want her more. I actually really gotten into it, she had that x factor you could say. I spread out her moist pussy lips as far as would go, and I'd swear she about had an orgasm just from that, no bullshit. I returned the favor and stuck my fingers in her pussy, and they went in deep, I wanted to be covered in her juices as well.

"Shit Lily, I can't hold it anymore," Jane said as she moaned loudly.

Then just as I wanted her to, she exploded all over my face, so it was drenched as well. I just kind of took it all in for a minute, I never had cum in my face from a woman anyway, then I laid down next to her just trying to comprehend what we just did. We just ate each other out, as I was trying to think clearly, I felt something else, Jane was feeling me up.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What, you got to feel mine with no bra and shirt covering them," Jane replied.

So I took off my shirt and bra and let her feel my bare boobs. I just loved the feeling I was getting honestly, I was on the top of the world you could say. After about 3 minutes of feeling me up, she got on top of me once again. She laid another kiss on my lips and then suggested something I never imagined.

"So, would you like to join us when we have sex Lily?" Jane asked.

"Maybe, but I want to watch you two have sex first," I replied.

"OK, i can live with that, but then you show him you can eat pussy too right?" Jane asked.

"Sure," I replied.

Then she kissed me again, I definitely cast a spell on her, unintentionally of course though.

"Well, John could be here nay minute, we should get dressed now," i said.

"Yeah, no kidding, although it may turn him on though, just saying," Jane replied.

So we kissed each other one more time and then we both got dressed, we were a little sweaty, but I don't think he'd notice too much. As we were getting dressed we talked some more.
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