My Boyfriend And His Sister 2-2
So we kissed each other one more time and then we both got dressed, we were a little sweaty, but I don't think he'd notice too much. As we were getting dressed we talked some more.

"Well, obviously there is the big present, but what else are you doing?" Jane asked.

"Well, I'm gonna cook him his favorite, chicken spicy and his favorite noodles. I got him that cake over there, strawberry, just like you," I replied in a tone.

"Hey, I'm his sister, we got the same taste buds pretty much," Jane said.

"And I got him the gift on the fridge," I replied.

She went over there and saw a small box on top of it.

"It's a watch, he likes silver as you know and he has had the digital one he wears now for like 4 years, so I thought it was time for a new one," I said.

"No kidding, he is one lucky dude," Jane replied.

"Damn right he is," I said.

We talked for a little while longer as we waited for him to get back, he was taking a little while, and we were in a rush to get dressed too. He eventually showed to 2 ladies happy to see him.

"Happy birthday big brother," Jane said as she hugged him.

"Thank you sis, what are you doing here?" John asked.

"Hey, it's your birthday, I'm allowed to be here to celebrate with you if I want to," Jane replied.

"Dually noted," John said just before he kissed her on the forehead.

As he was done hugging her, I could see it from a mile away, he had a huge hard on, he was really horny for his sister. Anyway, we started having a party for him a little while later, we had a cake from the both of us and of course our more traditional gifts as well. We got a few pieces to eat as we gave him his non sexual gifts.

"This is for you big brother," Jane said handing him a somewhat large box.

He opened it and saw what it was.

"Nice sis," John said as he saw it was.

It was the complete series of The Sopranos.

"I don't suppose I'll be able to get you to watch this with me will I?" John asked me.

"We'll see," I replied as I handed him my gift.

He opened it and saw the watch.

"Oh, I like it sweetie, it's flashy," John said.

"Really, you like it?" I asked.

"Yes, would I lie?" John asked.

"Maybe," I replied.

We all laughed for a minute, we had a few more pieces of cake while he thought the gifts were done with. We talked about stuff for about an hour and had some more cake, then we gave him a big surprise.

"Well thank you for the gifts my ladies, Jane, I love you like a sister, but I think Lily and I will need some time alone," John said.

"Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that would be a no, I'm not afraid to say," I replied.

He had a confused look on his face.

"Come on babe, don't I get birthday sex?" John whispered.

Both Jane and I looked away.

"Hmm," We both replied.

"OK, what's with you two?" John asked.

"Nothing," We both replied.

Then we were all silent for a minute.

"OK, something is going on, and I wanna know what it is," John said.

"That's Jane, don't you think so?" I asked.

"Yes, I do," Jane replied as she got up.

She walked towards him. She bent down and put her hand on his leg, I think he knew what was going on then, but his physical instincts outweighed his emotional ones.

"You know John, you know we've always been close to each other, you know how much I love you right?" Jane asked.

Of course his dick was harder than a diamond, he still couldn't formulate words to come out of his mouth at the moment.

"So, Lily and I are about to give you a huge present, nod if you are willing to accept," Jane said.

He nodded just a tiny bit.

"You know, I read your story, you used our names, you are one horny guy. In it, you had me give you a blow job, would you like me to give you one big brother?" Jane asked.

Then he nodded just barely once again.

"Would you mind if I kissed him first Lily?" Jane asked.

"Sure," I replied.

It was a fair question, kissing and blow jobs were different, kissing was more intimate, odd but relevant I thought. So I saw a brother and sister kiss each other for about 15 seconds as she undid his pants. Then she looked down at his crotch and pulled out his cock. I was just a little flustered, I don't specifically recall him ever getting his cock that big and hard for me. She stroked his cock a bit and he looked like he was already having trouble not splashing her face with 5 gallons of cum.

He leaned back a bit and was already sweating as if he was in sauna that was way overheated. Then she leaned down towards his cock and got right in front of it. She was teasing him, that wasn't very nice in retrospect he wanted to plow her, and she was teasing him? She actually put his cock in her mouth a couple times, but quickly took it out, we saw in porn a few times, it was sexy the first few times, but then it got annoying.

"Quit teasing him, I know he did it to you, but still," I said.

"Well, let's at least move into the bedroom, can we Lily?" Jane asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Then we all went into the bedroom, they both got on the bed and made out for a few minutes. I wasn't too sure how either one of them felt about me watching them, but they didn't say anything, so what could I do, just stick my hand in my panties as Jane slowly took off his pants and boxers completely. Truth be told, I wasn't too sure if Jane was doing this for John, or she secretly desired him as well, it was tough call. Also as I watched him take off his sister's shirt, I thought that i just had sex with his sister, how would he feel about that though?

I wasn't sure, but considering I was letting him have sex with her, and he really wanted it, maybe he'd let it go. With her shirt off, she laid down and her got on the floor on his knees. He slowly undid her pants and pulled them down ever so slowly. As she was just in her bra and panties, all of the sudden, he backed away.

"What's wrong John?" I asked.

"I can't do this, you are the only woman I wanna be with Lily, I have this fantasy, but it doesn't matter," John replied.

Then I came up to him and whispered to him.

"I know sweetheart, this is for you, not me, her or anyone else. Now make love to your sister, that's an order," I said.

"Would you like to join in though? Have some fun together with me?" John asked.

"You really want me to?" I asked.

"Yes, don't worry, you don't have to do anything with her, just have some fun with us," John replied.

"Sure," I said.

Then we both came to the bed.

"Sis, would you mind if she joined us?" John asked.

"Nothing I'd like more bro," Jane replied.

So I got in mind with them, they both began undressing me until i was just down to my bra and panties.

"Wow, you are the 2 hottest chicks on the planet," John said.

"Thank you," We both replied.

"Well, if you think we're hot when we're just laying here in our bras and panties, then watch us John and aim towards us, we want every drop," I said.

I got on top of Jane and we made out for a minute. He looked like his lungs were about to give out, Jane put her hands on my back and undid my bra. She threw it on the floor and then my hands went under her. I took off her bra as well and he got a good view of our boobs pressing up against each other. Truth be told, i think I liked making out with her, it wasn't 100% just for him I guess. Eventually we broke the kiss though.

"You know, I can see how you wanna plow her now John, she is a sexy woman," i said.

Then all of the sudden John got right beside us, he wanted some action too, who could blame him there? We both gave him a few kisses on his lips and various other places on his face. Of course this was more about them having sex, so I let them get together a bit. I got off her and whispered something in John's ear.

"Have sex with your sister, cum inside her if you want, she'll like it," I whispered.

"Wait, are you sure about this?" John asked.

"Yes, I promise," I replied.

So John got on top of his flesh and blood sister and put his cock right in front of her slit. Of course he was nervous.

"Jane, I think he needs a little help," I said.

"You wanna help me help him?" Jane asked.

Then i leaned down and gave her a huge kiss on the lips, and let's just say he loved that.

"Oh my John, you are locked and loaded now," Jane said.

Then he very slowly inserted his cock into his sister's pussy, he still went in very slowly, I know it was illegal, but he was treating it as if he was committing murder.

"Wow bro, you certainly are big," Jane said.

"Thank you, I guess," I replied.

"Come on John loosen up and fuck your sister, you know you want to," Jane said.

So with that, he began thrusting his cock in and out ever so slowly, as if a snail had bricks strapped to it. So Jane gave him a little more courage, she leaned up and kissed him passionately for over a minute, and of course that helped as well, but it worked better than I thought it would though. He wanted more, so they really locked lips for a few minutes. I just watched them make out a bit and then I slowly slid down my panties. I threw them on the floor and couldn't help but start finger fucking myself. I was getting a little feisty honestly, I was getting sweaty and my heart was racing. They both wrapped their arms around each other as he kept thrusting his cock in and out a little faster.

"Oh John, now there's my brother's cock, yeah, make your sister's pussy sore," Jane said.

I kissed them both on the lips once and then he leaned up to thrust his cock a little rougher. It was hot and I was about to make it hotter, I leaned down to Jane's very sexy titties and I began licking her nipples.

"Oh my Lily, I had no idea," Jane said.

I knew I just did that not too long ago, but doing it with him right there made it a hell of a lot better. I actually started sucking on her right nipple, I had the entire thing in my mouth and that made her feel good, really good.

"Oh fuck me Lily, you are some sexy lady with a sexy sensual tongue," Jane said.

I guess I just knew how to make a woman feel good, John was just eyeballing us like we were eye candy that were as sweet as candy could get. Then Jane's hand found it's way down towards my pussy, she rubbed it a bit and of course her hand was as wet as it could get in about 5 seconds. I let out a few moans as drops of sweat very slowly slid down my head, back and of course my boobs. I think we were both in the moment and we let ourselves go when we had sex not too long ago and now that I was involved with them that time, I think i was having a real lesbian attraction to Jane, she was a beautiful woman, only a female that was 100% straight would say she wasn't attractive, simple as that.

Still as her brother was on top of her thrusting his cock ever so slowly, she continued finger fucking me a bit, maybe she had some attraction too, who knows? Obviously John liked what I did to his sister's tits, so he got some for some himself, but for her, he asked permission first, what a crock of shit.

"Sis, can I lick your nipples?" John asked.

"John, you are making love to me, I think you can lick my great titties," Jane replied.

"Just checking," John said as he leaned down towards her tits.

He went to town on her boobs, he seemed a little more feisty with her, I can't say I liked that, at all, but I let it go. I watched him suck on her nipples for a few minutes and I realized something else, I liked that he wanted to have sex with Jane, it turned me on, I didn't know why, I guess I just had a fascination with incest, but if I did have a brother or sister for that matter, I'd say no thank you.

"Oh John yes, make me feel good just like you make your sweet girlfriend feel," Jane said as she moaned a bit.

"You told her about our sex life?" John asked.

"No," I replied.

John gave a nice kiss and I could taste Jane's nipples on his lips, let's just say I liked what I tasted. Then John put one of his hands on my boobs, mine needed to be squeezed too from time to time. John was still very sexually attracted to me, but still Jane gave him quite a hard on though, so I guess this was a bittersweet thing for me, but just barely a little more sweet than bitter due to John loving it so much.

Then after that Jane lifted her head up and gave my nipples a few gentle licks as well. I swear as she did that, I knew it, I was bi-sexual at least for her, my pussy just kept getting wetter, everything I did with her got my pussy wetter, she was turning me into a hose or something. Not that John couldn't get to cum, but let's face it, Jane had him beat in a landslide.

"Oh," I said as I moaned.

John leaned down on Jane again, but stayed on the opposite of me though. He kissed her cheek and forehead numerous times and then for me anyway, it was that time.

"Oh fuck yes!" I screamed as I orgasm-ed.

I got my side of the bed completely drenched with my juices.

"Oh my Lily, your pussy is absolutely soaked, along with the sheets," Jane said as she looked at me.

She looked back up at John and kissed him once on the lips.

"John, would you mind if I ate your girlfriend?" Jane asked.

Wow, she was one hell of a sister to this guy, I could only imagine what it was like growing up with her.

"Oh I liked that, that's hot, you wanna try it baby?" John asked as he looked at me.

Well, I liked it the first time, I'm sure the second time I would have loved it.

"Well, we're having fun, so why not?" I asked.

I laid down on my back next to them and John got off Jane. She got right over me and first gave me a big kiss on the lips, I thought she was gonna make her move, but then she whispered something.

"I love you future sister in law, promise me after you get married we can have sex every now and then," Jane whispered.

I didn't know what to say to that, and I didn't have a chance to say anything anyway. She loved me, as in 'loved me' loved me? I wasn't sure, but all I could think about was exploding again as she stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy. I immediately screamed.

"Oh holy shit!" I screamed.

She definitely knew how to please a woman, she spread out my pussy lips a bit and once again I felt like I just got out of a pool because I was sweating so much. John just watched for minute next to us as if we were eye candy the size of cars. A minute later, he came up with me and felt me up again as he kissed me.

"I love you so much for doing this for me, even kissing, licking her nipples and letting hr eat you out just to turn me on? Wow, you must really love me back," John said.

Well obviously he gave me too much gratitude, but i wasn't about to tell him that though. I just closed my eyes and leaned my head back a bit, John laid his head next to mine but kept his right hand on my boobs. He played with my nipples a bit and titillated me to no end. Jane's face was drenched of course and actually had her entire tongue inside me, she was moving her tongue around in there like mad and making it incredibly difficult to not explode all over face. John kissed me again.

"I love you Lily, don't forget that, ever," John said.

"I love you too, forever, don't you forget that," I replied.

He kissed me on the forehead and got up. He went to the end of the bed and began fucking Jane doggie style, and holy shit, he somehow made it better. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy as if he was in the race of his life. Obviously with his cock in her pussy it was hard for her to keep eating me out, it was very difficult at best for her to keep at it. I wanted to explode all over her face, but I went for the next best thing. I slowly crawled under Jane until I made it to her lips. Then i whispered something to her as well.

"I think I love you too," I whispered.

"You do?" Jane asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Then we made out for 5 minutes straight, even with John jamming his cock inside her, her lips remained on mine. We both had our arms around each other and just kissed each other. Eventually John started moaning loudly and pulled out, he shot his load on Jane's back. Even after that happened we just continued to make out, we actually started making out passionately a minute later. We used our tongues and everything, John just watched us from back there, but of course had to get a closer look.

He saw his long time girlfriend making out with his sister, and that got his cock very hard once again. He saw our boobs pressing up against each other, so he made to jack it sense we were kind of busy. He of course let out more cum on us as he watched us, we made out for about 12 minutes before he said anything.

"Wow, and I thought you two would be shy," John said.

"Well, you fucked her, how can i resist?" I asked.

"I don't know," John replied.

He felt left out after watching us for so long, who could blame him there?

"Well, we should include him, this is for him," Jane said.

"Well, you never did give him a decent blow job, I'm sure he'd love one from his sexy sister," I replied.

So Jane got off me and got right over John. First she gave him a kiss on the lips.

"I love you big brother, and i love your girlfriend too," Jane said.

Just like me, he didn't know what to say to that and he didn't have time to think about it either. She got down over his cock and this time wasted no time to take it in here mouth. She sucked on it passionately right away, I guess to say sorry for teasing him earlier. Once again I saw him taking it a lot better than when I sucked on his cock, I guess Jane just had that incest factor working for her, so it wasn't a fair contest by any means necessary, and still, I was turned on more than ever.

I laid numerous kisses all over his face and he gladly returned them as well, but still his attention was more focused on his sister, so i thought if i couldn't beat her, I'd join her. I put my left hand on her head and she took a little more of his cock. I didn't make her gag on it, but take a little more han she was comfortable with I guess you could say. That was when he began moving around just a bit and started moaning a little louder as he was getting closer and closer to climaxing a waterfall, but before that was gonna happen, I thought I'd willing grease the wheels even more as I got up and went over to Jane's crotch area. John didn't get a good look at what I was doing, but he didn't need one, he knew I was gonna make Jane feel really good too, whether I liked it or not. I got right under her pussy and spread out her pussy lips just a little so she'd feel the great sensation.

"Oh I love your girlfriend so much John, she is an amazing and sexual woman," Jane said.

I didn't object to that, at all. If I could make a woman cum when I had never been with one before, I'd say that was an amazing and sexual woman. I put my tongue deep inside her pussy and she made sure to let me know what a good job I was doing.

"Oh fuck me Lily, fuck me hard!" Jane screamed.

She stopped blowing John just for a minute and began stroking his cock as he leaned up to kiss her. I couldn't physically see them kissing, but I have an imagination and seriously what else would they be doing? As they just made out passionately, I stuck my fingers deep inside her pussy as well. Out of nowhere, Jane started belting out some moans that were not only erotic and kinky, but lovely I guess would be the best way to say it. I mean not like porn moaning, but not just barely-not-even-there moaning either.

I still wanted more of Jane's pussy, but I got and got on the other side of John. I sat down right behind him and wrapped my arms around his stomach pressing my boobs up against his back. Eventually Jane broke the kiss and had me get over his shoulder so we could kiss each other as well, how kinky right? We made out literally sniffing distance from John for about 3 minutes straight and then all of the sudden Jane's boobs were covered in molten-ed hot cum.

"I'm telling mom," Jane said.

"Go ahead," John replied.

Then Jane got on top of him forcing me to be buried by both of them. I was kind of jealous that I didn't get any cum, I wanted some from him too. They were making out some more and they just kept going at it as if they were in love and hadn't done it in years. Even though they were going at it like that, it couldn't last forever, eventually they stopped and leaned down a bit. John laid his head on my boobs and Jane laid her head on his stomach. He saw my face and I think he knew what I was thinking.

"Jane, do you think I could just make love to my fiance for a few minutes?" John asked.

Yeah, I heard the word. Jane got off him and he turned over and looked at me for a minute as he reached over to his dresser drawer.

"Well, you did this for me, you even ate out my sister just to get me off, I can't believe you did it, but you did, the least I can do is make you the happiest one in the room," John said.

He opened a small box and showed me a ring.

"So, Lily, will you marry me?" John asked.

"Can we still have sex with your sister from time to time?" I asked.

"Sure, why not, but our parents and your parents never find out, obviously we'll have to change the story of how I proposed though," John replied.

"Yes," I said.

Just like that we were engaged, I finally had not 1 but 3 things to cross off of things I wanted. To get hitched the man I loved, have sex with a woman and have a threesome, so that was a pretty good time in my life anyway. We never did tell him that Jane and I had sex earlier that day, I think that would have made the threesome not quite as good. Now we're hitched and of course we invite Jane over every now and then for some fun. Once he even just wanted to watch us for a full on hardcore sex session, it was kinky, but more on that later.
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