My Brother Invited Me to a Wild Sex Party
Melissa Roberts (age 20) story:

About a week ago my younger nineteen year old brother Michael and I were sitting in the living room watching television. It was Friday evening and I normally had a date, but recently broke up with my boyfriend. Michael would also usually be out on a date with his girlfriend but she was out of town with parents visiting her grandmother.

I was getting bored and decided to take a shower then play around on my computer. As I got up from the couch my brother said, "I have an idea what we could do. There is a big party over on the other side of town that I was invited to. Why don't we go together? It doesn't start for a couple of hours, so you have plenty of time to get ready. Do you want to be my "date" for the evening? "

I turned around and asked him, "What does being your "date" mean exactly?"

He answered, "Like being a typical boyfriend and girlfriend. Kissing and perhaps intimately touching
each other. My girlfriend and I went to a party at the same house a few months ago and it was awesome.
Almost all the women there were topless and so was
my girlfriend."

I said, "I suppose that you want me to walk around topless also."

He replied, "Why not? You told me that you have done it before at other parties and it really turned you on. Anyway, why sit around the house tonight when we can go out and have fun? How about it?"

I turned around and started walking away then said, "I will be ready in an hour."

I took a long shower then wrapped a towel around me and went back to my bedroom. While brushing my long blond hair, I let the towel drop to the floor so I could admire my beautiful slender body. After a couple of minutes I bent over to get my pink thong panties from the bottom dresser drawer.

Suddenly, my bedroom door opened and Michael walked in! He put his arms around my waist and pulled me up against him then moved his hands to my naked breasts and began roughly squeezing them! I yelled at him, "Oh no you don't! The date hasn't started yet! Let go of me!"

I playfully struggled with him for a few moments then he released me and began walking to the bedroom door. He looked over his shoulder at me and said, "I hope you are one of those girls that fucks on the first date."

I laughed for a moment then replied, "Maybe I am, or maybe I'm not. You are going to have to wait until later to find out."

After he closed the door I put on my panties then went to my closet and selected my favorite stone washed denim jean skirt and vest. I like the vest because it shows off my trim waist and flat stomach. The skirt is really nice too because it is so short that when I bend over you can see my firm little ass cheeks. I got dressed then slipped on a pair of dark blue high heel shoes and went downstairs.

My brother was waiting for me. His hair was still wet from taking a shower and looked very handsome wearing a light blue Hawaiian shirt and classy looking dark blue shorts. We looked like the perfect couple going out on their first date together!

I decided to drive because Michael drinks to excess sometimes and pretty soon we were traveling on the interstate to the other side of town. After a few minutes Michael put his hand on my bare leg and began slowly rubbing it back and forth. My short skirt was hiked up and my pink panties were visible to him. He said, "Melissa, you look fucking hot and smell fantastic. Your perfume is making me aroused."

After a while he stopped rubbing my leg then began to unbutton my vest. I glanced over at him and said, "Michael, this is our first date. Are you always this forward with a girl that you just met?"

He replied, "Not usually, but I can sense that you are enjoying playing this game we have going."

Michael unclasped the last button then slid his hand inside my vest and began fondling my naked breasts with their hard nipples. I let him do this until the interstate exit was in view then I pushed him away from me. He gave me directions to where the party is and a few minutes later we were driving down a neighborhood road that was lined with huge mansions and old growth oak trees.

As we got nearer to the address where the party is, Michael noticed that all the street parking is full, so he had me turn around and go back a couple of blocks. I thought to myself at the time, "This must be a really big party! We had to park three blocks away!"

I parked the car then got out and buttoned my vest. I met Michael on the sidewalk and we walked hand in hand up the street to where the party is. When we got there I remembered thinking, "Wow, what a long driveway and it's filled with cars parked along the edge."

When we got to the front entrance of the mansion there were two big black guys checking people's invitations then stamping the back of their hands with ink. After we got inside I thought, "What a big house this is! It's huge and filled with people walking around drinking and having conversations."

We made our way through the crowd over to the bar in the kitchen. Michael got himself a beer and I ordered a wine cooler. We walked around the house for the next hour checking out all the rooms. There was a game room with billiard tables and video games, an indoor pool, a large theater with a stage, several living rooms with oversized couches and reclining chairs. Did I say anything about bedrooms and bathrooms that the place had? There must have been at least a dozen bedrooms and about as many bathrooms!

I like to dance so Michael escorted me to the largest room in the house where the main dance floor was located. Oh my God, the room was huge and looked like a commercial operation. Not only did it have a dance floor, it had a bar, a disc jockey and a stage! My brother and I danced for over an hour and it was getting wilder and wilder by the minute. Once in a while a laughing naked girl would go running across the dance floor with a naked guy chasing her. About one o'clock in the morning I noticed that most of the prettier girls were topless and wearing only panties so I asked one of the waitresses where they are putting their clothes and purses. She replied, "Go down that hallway over there. There are two bedrooms with attendants at the end of it that will take care of your clothes and write down your receipt number on the back of your hand with an ink pen."

I told Michael to escort me over there because I want to be topless like the other girls. As we walked down the long hallway I noticed that all the doors to the bedrooms were open and naked people were fucking on the beds! I had never seen anything like that in my life! In one bedroom a beautiful blond girl was having sex with four guys at the same time while another guy was taking video of them with his expensive looking camera. I thought to myself, "This place looks like we are on the set of a porn star movie studio!"

When we got to the end of the hallway we were greeted by an attendant. She invited us into the bedroom and said to take off any clothing that we want and hand it to her. I took off my vest and skirt then she said, "How about your panties? Aren't you going to take them off too? You are one of the prettiest girls here and think that you should show off that gorgeous figure of yours."

I hesitated for a moment then took them off, but I kept on my high heel shoes. The attendant neatly folded everything then attached a sticker and wrote the number down on the back of my hand. Michael took off his shirt, shorts and shoes, but left on his dark blue briefs.

We walked back towards the center of the house then got us a couple more drinks from the kitchen. We had been dancing for a long time earlier so I decided that we should just relax for a while in one of the large living areas. We found one that was no so crowded and had an empty couch so we ran over to it before someone else got to it first. The room was fairly dark with soft romantic music playing. A few of the couples were slow dancing while some of the people watched them for entertainment.

Michael and I sat down on the couch then he put his arm around me. I took a sip from my wine cooler then looked over at him and said, "Thank you for being my date for this evening. I am having a wonderful time being naked with you at this party."

Suddenly, we began to passionately kiss each other and Michael started running his hands all over my naked body! I have never let him touch me before and it was thrilling. What made it even more exciting was that people were standing around watching us.

After a short while Michael got up from the couch then got down on his knees between my legs and buried his face in my pussy! He began flicking his tongue in and out of me then would pause for a moment to suck my clit. He was driving me crazy and I began moaning so loud that everyone in the room directed their attention to us. After three or four minutes I had an especially intense orgasm. My body shuddered as it was racked by a wave of erotic incestuous pleasure.

When I opened my eyes moments later, one of the older men standing around watching us started slowly clapping his hands together then everyone started applauding! I was a little embarrassed because that was my first time having sex in public, so I got up from the couch and asked Michael to take me to a different room.

We made our way back to the main dance floor and noticed things were winding down a bit. After all it was it was probably three o'clock in the morning. They were playing slow music and there about a dozen couples dancing. I grasped Michael's hand and led him to the middle then we started dancing. I put my arms around his neck and we began kissing while he held my naked ass cheeks in his big hands. After a few minutes I reached down into his briefs and grasped his cock. It quickly became hard and I began to slowly stroke it back and forth.

I said to myself, "My brother Michael wants to fuck me, so I am going to let him, right here on the dance floor!"

Because he was barefoot, and I had on my high heel shoes, he was at the perfect height to have sex with me standing up. I opened the front of his briefs then grabbed his hard cock and guided him inside me.

Suddenly, the song ended and all the bright lights came on! I thought it was going to be fairly dark, but now the room was lit up like daylight and everyone focused their attention on Michael and I having sex in the middle of the dance floor. I thought that maybe we should stop, but I looked around at the people and they were smiling, so I let Michael continue fucking me.

I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God, this is the most exciting thing that I have ever done in my life! Not only am I completely naked and letting some guy fuck me while people watch us, the guy is my brother!"

Everyone watched as Michael held my ass cheeks securely and thrusted his cock upwards inside me over and over again. After a couple of minutes I put my arms around his neck very tightly then lifted my legs off the floor and wrapped them around his waist. Michael ran his arms under my thighs to support me then he started walking around the dance floor to give everybody a great view of us fucking in public. After a while he began losing some of his strength, so he walked off the dance floor through the standing room only crowd and sat me down on a stool in front of the bar. I leaned back against the bar then opened my legs wide and told him, "Go for it! Give it to your sister! Give it to her good! Fuck your sister while everybody watches us! Fuck her! Fuck your sister!"

The bartender leaned towards me and asked, "Is that really your brother fucking you?"

I replied, "He sure is."

The bartender picked up the microphone and announced to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, gather around the bar and watch this beautiful young lady being fucked by her brother! Enjoy the show and leave them a tip if you would like!"

Michael started speeding up then said, "Melissa, I am going to cum any second now!"

I pushed him away from me then got down on my knees. He feverishly masturbated for a few moments then shoved his cock in my open mouth and ejaculated. I swallowed several times then pumped his cock back and forth to get out the last few drops.

The audience went wild with applause and cheering. People walked up to the bar and started leaving five, ten and twenty dollar bills!

The bartender picked up the microphone again and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you had a great time this evening, but the party is now officially over. Have a good night and drive home safely."

Michael and I retrieved our clothes and put them on, then I drove us home. We went to Michael's bedroom and got undressed then went to sleep in his bed. About ten o'clock in the morning I opened my eyes because I felt his hands touching my naked body. After noticing that I was awake, he mounted me and we began fucking again.

Michael started off slow at first, then after a few minutes, he was really giving it to me good. My breasts were bouncing around on my chest and the headboard of the bed was slapping against the wall.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and my mother said, "Oh my God, my son and daughter are having sex together! You two stop what you are doing right now! Stop it right now!"

I looked at her and said, "Mom, just give us a few more minutes. It's not what it looks like. I can explain everything."

She laughed then replied, "That is exactly what I said when your father caught me and Michael together."
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