My Brother Treats Our Mom Like a Slut
Yesterday afternoon my Mom and I were in the living room watching television. She was laying on the couch and I was sitting in my Dad's favorite chair. Several cars came up the driveway and parked, so I looked out the window to see who it was. The first car was my brother Michael's, but I didn't recognize the other three. Michael got out of car first then three guys got out of the others and they followed him around back to the kitchen door.

They came into the house and Michael got them all a beer. They spent a few minutes in the kitchen drinking then came into the living room.

Mom sat up straight then Michael introduced us to his friends, "Guys, that is my twenty year old sister Melissa over there and this is my thirty eight year old mother here on the couch. Do you think that my Mom is as beautiful as I told you earlier?"

The all made several really nice comments, but the one that I remember most was, "She is awesome and so is your sister. I wish that I had a family like yours. You are one lucky dude to be living in a house with these beautiful women. They look like a couple of professional models lounging around before a photo shoot."

Michael picked up the remote control and turned off the television then sat down next to Mom on the couch. He put his arm around Mom then told the guys to sit down on the thick white carpet because he wants to show them something.

Michael finished his beer and sat it on the end table then moved his hand over and began playing with Mom's breasts through the thin fabric of the T-shirt she was wearing. He looked over at the guys and said, "Look how perfect her tits are. They are big and firm, not too far apart, and not too close together. Check out her nipples. They are always hard like this."

Michael moved his hand up to Mom's face and gently made her look towards him then they began tongue kissing for a little while. When they were done, he said to her, "Mom, lift your arms up so I can pull your T-shirt off."

Michael took her T-shirt off then put his hands on her naked breasts and began fondling them. After a few moments he looked at his friends and said, "If you guys want to, get on your knees in front of her and you can touch them."

Michael's three friends immediately scrambled over to the couch and began playing with Mom's big firm breasts with their erect brown nipples.

Michael waited for a minute then pushed his friends away and told them to sit back down. After they were seated, he told Mom to get everyone another beer from the refrigerator then come back and sit down next to him. As Mom got up off the couch, I noticed an expression of "awe" on the guy's faces. Their unblinking staring eyes followed her every move as she walked towards the kitchen.

When Mom was in the kitchen, I heard her say, "Melissa, do you want a beer too? There are plenty in the refrigerator."

I told her that I did. She came back with a "twelve pack" carton and handed them out to everyone. She took the remaining beers to the kitchen and put them in the refrigerator then returned to sit on the couch with Michael. Just as she was about ready to take a seat, one of the guys said, "Michael, your Mom has a great ass too and her legs are beautiful. Would she consider taking off her shorts so we can see her wearing only panties? "

Michael prevented Mom from sitting on the couch by politely pushing her away, then said, "Didn't you hear what my friend asked? He wants to see your ass. Take your shorts off and show him."

Mom said, "Michael, I don't have panties on."

Michael replied, "That's even better. Take your shorts off and show the guys the tan lines on your ass cheeks from wearing your bikini all summer. You worked hard to get that tan. Now is the time to show it off to someone. My friends want to see it."

Mom positioned herself so her back was to Michael's three friends then slowly unzipped her shorts and pushed them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them then looked over her shoulder at the guys and said, "Well, what do you think?"

The guys were at a loss for words for a few moments because Mom looked so stunningly beautiful standing naked in the middle of the living room. Finally, one of the guys said, "You have the best body for a woman your age that I have ever seen in my life. I have been to the beach hundreds of times but I have never seen a woman that even comes close to how beautiful you look naked."

Mom put her hand down between her legs to cover herself then turned around and sat on the couch next to Michael. She crossed her legs in a ladylike manner then removed her hand.

We had casual conversation for a while then Michael finished his beer and began running his hands all over Mom's naked body while the guys watched him. When he tried to push Mom's legs apart, she playfully slapped his hand and said, "Michael, you are being naughty and should not let your friends see me totally naked. Stop right now, because I am not going to open my legs for them."

Michael kissed her on the lips and replied, "You know you want to show off the beautiful pussy of yours. Open your legs and let them see it."

Michael gave Mom a long tongue kiss then he slowly ran his hand down across her flat stomach and began pushing it between her legs. Mom gradually started moving her legs apart then Michael put his hand on her pussy and began caressing it. Mom started moaning then Michael pushed two fingers inside and began finger fucking her while his three friends intently watched.

Mom started saying, "Oh God Michael, that feels so fucking good. Keep doing that. Don't stop. Don't stop."

Suddenly, Michael got up from the couch. He took his clothes off then started jacking his cock back and forth to make it harder. Mom looked at the guys and said, "I guess my son Michael is going to fuck me now while you watch us."

Mom moved closer to the end of the couch to give them more room then took a pillow and placed in under her neck for comfort. Michael climbed on top of her and they began slowly fucking. After five or six minutes Michael started picking up speed and started ramming his cock into Mom harder and harder. Mom's breasts were flopping wildly around on her chest as she screamed, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

Suddenly, Michael stopped and ejaculated inside her. The room was silent for a short time, then Mom said to Michael, "Honey, you have made me very happy by showing your friends how much you love me by using your cock. I am lucky to have a wonderful son like you."

Michael waited a few moments then pulled his cock out of Mom and put his clothes on. He told Mom to just relax on the couch while he gets his video camera from his room. While he was away for just a short time, one of the guys told Mom, "That was better than any porn movie that I have ever seen! That was awesome! I wonder what Michael has planned next?"

Michael came back to the living room seconds later and told Mom to sit in the middle of the couch then instructed two of his friends to sit on either side of her. Once they were in position, he told the two guys to unzip their shorts and pull out their cocks if they wanted to. The two guys quickly pulled out their cocks and began masturbating while looking at my naked mother sitting next to them.

As Michael was taking video, he said to Mom, "Okay, now reach over with both your hands and begin jacking off my friends."

Mom did as she told him and since the guys had their hands free now, they began running them all over Mom's naked body. The third friend of Michael's that was left out said, "Hey, what about me? I'd like to be in there somewhere!"

Michael looked over at me and said, "Hey Melissa, how about taking care of my friend. If you do then I will make you a copy of this video."

I replied, "I don't know. Maybe. Well, I guess that I will. I would really like a copy of the video."

I told the third guy to stand up and come over in front of me. He unzipped his shorts and his erect cock sprang out. I moved closer to the edge of my chair and started giving him a handjob while we watched my Mom on the couch with the two other guys. After three or four minutes one of the guys with my Mom said, "I'm about ready to cum! It's just seconds away!"

Michael immediately told Mom to climb off the couch and get on her knees in the middle of the living room floor. Mom quickly scrambled off the couch and got into position then Michael said, "Okay, all you guys stand in front of her and begin masturbating. When you are ready, shoot your loads in her mouth."

Mom opened her mouth and she looked up at the three guys that were feverishly jacking off their cocks. Seconds later one of the guys said, "I'm ready!"

He shoved his cock in Mom's open mouth and immediately ejaculated. He waited a few moments then pulled his cock out of her. Mom never swallowed so a big mouthful of sperm and saliva mixture ran out of her mouth and dripped off her chin. Moments later another guy did the same thing.

The last friend of Michael's pushed his cock in Mom's mouth then grabbed her head with both of his hands and began feverishly fucking her face.

Her head was going back and forth so fast that it was one big blur!

After about a minute, he suddenly stopped and ejaculated. Mom did not swallow again. When the guy pulled his cock out, it was followed by another big gush of sperm and saliva mixture.

I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God does Mom look sexy! Her beautiful long blond hair is all messed up and she has sperm dripping off her chin and trickling down between her breasts!"

Watching all that sexual activity made me really horny, so I took off my clothes then got down on my knees next to her. We passionately tongue kissed for a while then I gently pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her.

Suddenly, I heard my brother say, "Oh shit, my Dad is home from work early! You guys better get dressed really fast and get the fuck out of here before he comes inside! He would be really pissed if he knew you guys just shot your wads in his wife's mouth! "

Dad came in the front door and said to Michael, "What the fuck is going on here? Who where those guys running out of the house and getting in their cars?"

Michael kept taking video and replied, "Relax Dad. They were just friends of mine that wanted to watch Mom and Melissa have lesbian sex. I told them that you would not have a problem with that, but they got frightened and decided to leave."

Dad stood there watching Mom and I having sex on the soft living room carpet for a while then he unzipped his pants and began to slowly masturbate. After a couple of minutes I crawled over in front of him then got on my knees and wrapped my little fingers around his big hard cock. After stroking it back and forth a few times, I gave the engorged purple head a big kiss then looked up at him and said, "Daddy, do you want you put your cock in your daughter's mouth? If you do, then you have to say "please", or she is not going to let you."

I like teasing him. It's a game that we both enjoy. Anyway, he replied, "Please Melissa. Please suck your daddy's cock to show him how much you love him. Be a good little slut and start sucking it."

I giggled briefly using my "little girl" imitation then opened my mouth wide and put my arms behind my back. Dad grabbed his cock and playfully slapped my face with it a few times then gently pushed it inside my mouth until it started going my throat. It almost made me gag, but I am learning how to control it. I held still for a few moments with his cock in my throat then leaned back and took a deep breath. We did this over and over again for a few minutes then he told me to lay down on my back. He took off his clothes then got on his knees between my legs and began fucking me.

After four or five minutes, Dad started speeding up and I started screaming, "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! Show me how much you love your little girl! Fuck her! Fuck your little girl! Give your little girl a good fucking! Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Suddenly, Dad became motionless and I could feel his cock pumping inside me. The gush of his warm sperm triggered my orgasm and a wave of erotic incestuous pleasure swept through my whole body making it tingle.

Moments later I opened my eyes and said, "Daddy, I like how you show your love for me by using your cock. My girlfriends tell me that their fathers just give them a quick hug now and then. We us, it is a lot different. It is special and they are jealous of me."

Dad replied, "What? Are you saying that you tell your girlfriends that we are having sex? One of your girlfriend's father is a police officer. Did you tell her?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh shit..."
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