My Bungalow
My darling, you don't have to wait any longer. I am yours and we are together. You followed me to my hidden bungalow on these pristine shores of Antigua. You used my gift to you, an airline ticket from your nearest airport to this secret of all secrets of mine. Your arrival, an event forever imbedded in my memory, was almost indescribable. You landed at the nearest airport, was greeted by a chauffeur driving a limousine, with instructions to bring you to me. After several boat transfers from island to island, you arrived at by bungalow, welcomed by me with open arms. We kissed, mouth to mouth, wet lips searching for something more, your arms around my neck, my arms around your waste, our tongues meeting each other, touching each other's lips and tongues.

I finally said hello, how are you? I'm fine, you said, smiling; my hands now searching for your buttocks. I found them. I rubbed my hands all over them. Your hands around my neck drew me closer to you and I could feel my cock in full erection. You felt it too, and pushed your pelvis closer to me. I could feel you pushing against my cock, and felt you moving back and forth, in and out, and I grew bigger by the seconds.

My hands held your face, one hand on each cheek. I kissed you again. My hands then started to undress you. You were wearing a cotton dress; I knew you were topless under your dress. I moved your dress away from your shoulders. Your dress slipped off your body, onto the floor. I now had you in front of me, topless, wearing only your panties. They were powder blue with laces around the thighs. You helped me take off my T-shirt and I slipped out of my trousers. We now stood, face to face, naked except for our underwear.

Come with me, I said. You followed by holding my hand. I led you outside the bungalow, a part that you had not seen before. The bungalow was twenty feet from the sandy beach teasing the blue ocean. We were in paradise. There wasn't another soul for miles. We stood with our feet in the water, holding hands. I lowered my underwear and now stood naked. You followed suit and you now stood next to me, naked. My cock was erect, perpendicular to the ground. You placed your left arm around my neck and with your right hand, you held my cock. It became even harder. I kissed you, our tongues touching and playing with each other.
I took your hand and led you to the water. We walked into the ocean slowly, holding hands. A few steps took us to a depth were we could float and swim. You are a good swimmer, I thought. You were floating in salt water. I then held you with both arms, one arm under your shoulder and the other underneath your knees. You placed your arm around my neck and kissed me. Again, our tongues touched each other. My arm felt your thigh, your tongue kept pushing into my mouth. My hand crawled slowly towards your precious spot. I felt your legs spreading for me. I searched for your clit and found it. I held it between two fingers, moving it back and forth. I heard your precious noises as a result of my touching. I could feel your legs spreading more. My finger entered your cunt, then another. With two fingers inside you, I heard more precious noises. Yes, oh my God, yes, I heard your say. My fingers were inside you, I could feel your warm flesh. My fingers kept pushing in and pulling out of you. My cock was hard, hard. My pleasure, however, was in giving you pleasure. I knew I was going to fuck you later, in bed. I knew I was going to get on top of you, with your legs apart for me, receiving my cock. I was going to get inside of you, pushing slowly and pulling our ever slower. I wanted you to pleasure the maximum of my fucking you. I was fucking you, you having opened up to me, receiving me totally, enjoying my cock inside you, allowing me to withdraw and push in at my pleasure, and your pleasure. Feeling your wet juices and your hot flesh started a rapid pulse rate in my cock. I could feel my climax; I could feel the tightening of your cunt. We were both now screaming to our hearts content.

We lay next to each other, face to face, body to body, arms and legs intertwined, my cum juice all over our bodies. Our eyes closed and we fell asleep.

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