My Catholic Nun Fantasy Story
In this fantasy of mine, I am a Catholic Nun standing outside our Church on a Saturday morning.

My duty is to politely solicit donations from people walking past on the sidewalk for two hours.

Anyway, I am here with my big red barrel for people to put money into. They city is relatively quiet this morning and the people that do walk by are not interested in contributing today.

I have to stay out here for another couple of hours, so I go inside to get a chair.

Oh, that feels better sitting down. Several people stop and chat with me for a few minutes at a time, but nobody puts any money into the barrel.

After a while, a couple of handsome young guys walking along stop and one of them says to me, " Good morning Sister, it is really warm this morning and I bet you are uncomfortable underneath all those hot clothes you are wearing. Why don't you take them off and I will put a hundred dollars cash in that red barrel of yours."

Oh my God, Jesus has blessed our Church! All I have to do is take off my clothes and these guys will donate one hundred dollars!

Praise the Lord.

I immediately turn around and the two men help me unbutton the back of my uniform. I slide it down off my shoulders, then turn around and take off my bra and panties. The men reach into their pockets and put two hundred dollars into the barrel! God Bless them for they doubled their pledge!

As I bend over to pick up my clothes to put them on, one of the guys says "Oh my God, your body is amazing! You look just as good as any female porn star that I have ever seen! How much of a donation would you want for you to suck my cock?"

I look up and down the street and do not see anybody around, so I tell him "Donate another hundred dollars and I will get on my knees right now."

The guy immediately gets out another hundred dollar bill and pushes it inside the red barrel.

Praise the Lord.

I immediately make a soft cushion on the granite sidewalk with my wool uniform then kneel down like I am about to pray to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I unzip his pants and pull out the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life and it is not even hard yet. I jack it back and forth a few moments while looking up and down the street, then put my arms behind my back and open my mouth.

The guy immediately shoves his cock inside me then grabs the back of my head with both of his hands and starts feverishly fucking my face.

I make a silent prayer to Jesus to prevent me from gagging and he blesses me.

After a couple of minutes the guy suddenly stops and my mouth fills with his warm sperm.

After he is done, I open my eyes and notice there is about a dozen men waiting in line to make their contribution to the Church.

I say another silent prayer to myself, " Thank you Lord for sending me these wonderful men to help support our Church. By the way, I have to solicit for contributions again next Saturday. Are you going to available again to prevent me from gagging?"
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