My Desire For My Wife To Take Control
My wife talks about how she had sex with her past lovers how she use to ride her past lovers doing the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. I asked her why she will not have sex with me like that, and she said that she felt like she is too fat to ride me since she had a child she feels like she will hurt me because I am much smaller than her. I tell her that her weight does not bother me that she is beautiful to me and I love her deeply. I am going to kiss her sensually sucking and licking her nipples. I will then tease her clit and pussy with my long fingers to plunge in and out of her tight wet pussy allowing my thumb to rub the clit as two of my fingers slide inside of her and stroke her G-spot. I hope she will get in the mood to ride me like that. As she nears orgasm I will give her clit a few more strokes with my tongue then sit down beside her. I will sit on the bed and place an arm around her back as my other hand cradles the back of her head as I kiss her with a burning desire full of love and passion from within my heart and soul. Maybe then she will push me onto my back and crawl onto the bed hovering over me with her erect nipples scraping across my chest. I will rub my cockhead between her pussylips as a light moan escapes her lips as I lift my waist off of the bed. My wife squeals as my cock applies pressure to her pussy and slides in. She then turns her back to me gripped my engourged cock and slides down it moaning as it impaled her. She places her hands on my thighs and my knees shifting her waist back and forth and grinds her pussy into my waist as my cock was inside her. She was having pelvic muscle contractions as my cock rubbed her G-spot. She was emitting Ahhs and uhhhs as she rode my cock. I was filled with excitement from her movements. Everytime my cock rubbed her prominent g-spot she moaned. I would thrust my hips off of the bed, making her inhale deeply from the sensations of our movements showing our love for each other. As my wife rode up and down as well as back and forth on my cock her pace increased as well as her moans and cries of ecstacy. As she neared a big orgasm. She started crying out more and more with louder moans. She was in the highest forms of ecstacy. I could feel her dampness soaking my cock and dripping from my balls that she held in her hand as she rode me as fast and as hard as she could. As I thrust my cock into her lifting my ass from the bed she cried out yes, baby fuck my tight wet pussy Submitted by:

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