My Dream
I have this dream from time to time and it generally the same each time and the result is always the same. It is something I have on my sexual bucket list but can never seem to accomplish. It is a bit perverted and a deviation of normal sex. Bukkake a taboo act by most people standards, quite popular in the Far East and is used as a method of degradation and to subjugate women in America. Now I enjoy a lover cumming on me and my choice if given one is for my lover to cum on my ass. My second choice is my tits/tummy and as a last choice/resort is a cum facial. However, I do have this recurring dream and I hope to realize this dream just once in some shape or form but then maybe it is only supposed to be in my dreams.

My Dream

The room is barren with your basic white walls with a light coat of grime and harsh florescent lighting. There is always a group of men a dozen or so, never more than fifteen. They are usually young men, with towels wrapped around their waists and naked under the towels. I suspect that under the towels are naked, fat, swinging cocks that are half-hard with big hairy balls. At first, there is an eerie quiet as I enter the room. I slowly walked to the middle of the room wearing my high heels and a thin summer dress. I smile and look at them all, one by one while as I undo the front of my dress and let it drape from my waist. I wore no bra; my tits hang there for all to see, my nipples erect jutting from my brown areolas. As I glance about, several of the boys, as I refer to them, standing there with fat cocks tenting the towels and some of the boys are rubbing the provocative bulges under those white towels.
Then suddenly a raucous roar shatters the eerie quiet, a boisterous cheer following in conjunction with and all sorts of shouts and remarks from the boys. I hear a metal snap and the door locks. I count thirteen near naked, buff boys and my desires and fantasies are becoming a reality.

God, this felt amazing. Thirteen boys, in all, are looking at me, desiring me, and wanting to have their way with me. I could feel my nipples harden as I gently shrugged the dress off my hips and I stand before the boys in my red, satin thong. I rub my tits, they ae so sensitive, nipples ache and I pull on them, stretching them and letting them snap back as I am giving the boys a show.

I am on fire I start to strut circles around the room, just in my little red satin, thong with my boobs flouncing and all within a couple of feet of each of the young boys. They eyes are burning on my tits and crotch, my bare ass swishing with each step, I can feel their eyes on me, on my tits, my bare bottom, my legs and especially on the tiny red patch of satin that covers my pussy. I leave that area that covered with the red satin. Reaching out to a couple of boys, I pull on the white towels to expose their jutting erections that are standing tall. They are marvelous cocks, thick, long, and very rigid, prepare to serve my desires or theirs. Shouts of excitement went round the room and I could feel my nipples harden even more, I can feel the twinge in the wrinkled nubs, this was all so amazing, not to mention arousing.

I had no intention to, but after my second slow lap around the circle of hard cocks I had a brief but lascivious thought could I take thirteen hard young studs in one night. Is my pussy resilient enough to handle that much man meat in one night, I figured I was about to find out tonight.
I began to tease the boys, my fine ass is swaying, I hook my thumbs into the top of my thong, pull the red satin from my mound begin to lower my thong and give the boys their first peek at my bare mound. With each step, I reveal more flesh and I hear the boys chanting, "Take it off, take it off."

I wanted them to see my moist cunt, to see my juices between my pouty labia. I wanted them to know I am ripe and ready to fuck if that is what they want. As my smooth mound comes into view, there are all sorts of comments and now that I was finally completely naked, another huge cheer went up as I twirl my thong and let it fly towards the boys.

With my hands on my hips, I spread my legs slightly, while pushing my pussy forward; the atmosphere was electric, filled with anticipation. One of the boys placed a large dark colored towel on the floor and I stood on the center of the towel.

The boys had shucked their towels, a circle of boys with thick, fat cocks, jutting out from between their legs and out of their curly pubic hair. There are all shapes, sizes, and colors of cocks. From pale white to ebony black and eleven other shades, a true United Nations smorgasbord of man flesh.

"What do you want me to do," I ask.

"What we want is rather simple, if you would be so kind to get on your knees and we to jack off and cum on you. We get to cum on you anywhere we want and you can play with our cum if you desire."

I went over and kneeled down in the center of the towel, "Who is the team captain?" I asked.

The tall ebony boy, who is standing in front of me answers, "Me."

" You are first then," I said.

The lad looked so awkward and embarrassed but he steps over to me. I could not wait to see the first shot of cum exploding over me. I grip his thighs and watch as he begins to stroke his black licorice stick. The shiny ebony head of his cock is waving in my face as he strokes his fat prick.

"Go on," I whisper to him, "Jerk yourself off, cum all over my tits."

The room was quiet again as he moves his hand up and down his cock. I knew he would not take long to cum and sure enough, he exploded with a loud groan. His thick spunk lands on my tits and slowly slithers towards my erect nipple. He must have been saving his cream up for ages as he came repeatedly and his cream trickles over my nipples and the sight made me virtually cum myself. A quick shiver I rub my pussy and feel my wetness.

The last drop of cum falls and then all semblance of order is history. The others are now moving towards me, the circle grows smaller and three of the boys in front of me are furiously jerking off. I love to see a boy cum and the thought of three or more boys painting my naked boy with their thick nasty cum at once has me tingling with pleasure. As they stroke their boners, reach between legs, open my cunt and gently manipulate my clit. God, my clit is so hard, and then another gob of jism lands on my tits with two more volleys of cream following the first.

I am being covered in the boys cum; it is covering my body and mingling together as it oozes down my body. The feel of the cum on my tits and face is making me cum which flows from my slit. My fingers have brought me to an amazing orgasm. Trembling, I watch as more cocks wagging in the air; send their spurts of hot cream onto my body. One load lands on my back and shoulder another on my neck and in my hair. Tipping my head back to stop any from hitting my face failed and now I am being covered and I love the feeling of being a cum slut. At that, very moment I felt like the most desired woman in the world and my fingers were frantically fucking my cunt as the boys cum is landing on my bare mound. I am out of fucking control and cannot get enough of the boys cum.

I wanted them to see me finger fucking my snatch, as they ejaculated, so I lay down on the towel with my legs spread wide and bent at my knees. My cunt is open and for all the boys to see. There cum rains down on my body and I look upwards and I can see thirteen wagging pricks, each in a race to spray my body with their seed. Most had emptied their cum on me and were pumping a dry well. The other boys were almost dry and I am now wearing the fruit of their loins. Now, I am so horny, I did want them to fuck me, all thirteen of the boys. I am so fucking aroused I beg them to fuck me, I am sure I could take them all on.

My depraved mind has me lie flat on my back and shove my fingers inside my cunt. I am pummeling my cunt, writhing on the floor and shrieking as I cum violently with my cum squirting from my from between my swollen labia. My fingers are drenched with my juices and stray shots of cum. I spread my pussy lips wide open hoping someone would shoot their load onto my exposed pink, wet opening or even better fill my aching coochie with their cock.

There was one boy I had noticed, that had a much larger dick than the other boys. I am watching him jerking off again, a shiny drop of pre-cum wiggling on the tip of his cock. I am reaching up for his throbbing hard prick as I take his shiny cock into my mouth and I start to suck his knob. He cried out and everyone ceased jacking off to watch me slurping on his root. The boys stop and watch as I slurped on his tube steak taking all the white gravy he could feed me. As he came in my mouth, I swallowed his hot seed filling my mouth before it slides down my throat. I am trying to take as much as I could into my bulging mouth. He came I swallow with some trickling down my chin. What a sight I am, covered in the cum of thirteen boys, spunk is dripping from my mouth but I did not care. Pure carnal lust is consuming me and I am having sex like a fucking wild animal when I am snapped back to reality. A loud voice calling out, the final shot of cum lands on my tit and the boys backing off, the door unlocks and I am lying on a very soiled, soaked towel. I am by myself and weakly I stand with great effort. I get to my feet and pull my thin summer dress on over my cum stained body, picking up my bag and I head for the door. There is a huge round of applause, cheers, and thanks coming from the boys standing behind me as I walk out the door to leave and then the eerie silence returns.
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