My Enigma
We met on line. She dropped me a note that she liked one of my stories. After several pleasantries back and forth, I found this lady to be more than interesting. She had a great gift with words and a subtle sexual attraction that grabbed me. With a couple of her messages, she sent me pictures that were alluring but not erotic by any means. The first was a pose that revealed just a thigh, knee and calf as she laid back. A dress covered the rest of the body and her face was concealed as her head was turned away from the cameras. It was obvious that she had a lovely body under that dress, though. One that would be ecstasy to explore. More pictures showed more of her rich, lustrous black hair cascading down her back in soft curls. One showed her lying on a bed, her back to the camera and topless. I envied the cameraman.

I never got to know her name nor did I ever find out where she lived. I still don't know those facts and I have no idea what she does for a living. She is a mystery.

To my surprise, one day I got a message from her that she was coming to
D.C. on business and would like to see me. She set a date and told me the hotel and suite where she would be staying. The date was for after the business part of her trip was done so we could be together. My response was easy. She had me very much in need of her and she offered so positively.

The day came. I dressed in clothes fit to take her to dinner except for my tie that was in my pocket "just in case". I hopped onto the Metro and went into the District to the station just across the street from her hotel. Once I got into the lobby, I picked up the house phone and called her room to tell her I had arrived. "Come up, my sweet," she said and I was on the elevator in a heartbeat.

As she opened her door to the suite, she had a shy smile on her face. She put a finger to her lips to tell me not to talk. She was dressed in what I think was a silk gown, rich in embroidery and tailored to accent her lovely figure. The dark, ruby red fabric accented her jet black hair and her warm complexion. She was gorgeous!

After I slipped off my shoes at the door, she led me to the bedroom. The bed was pulled back, the crisp white sheets inviting me to take her there. She had a better idea, though. She went around behind me and lifted my blazer off my shoulders and hung it on the nearby valet. Next my cufflinks. My shirt was unbuttoned, came off and that went onto the valet, too. She knelt to remove my socks and undo my belt. Off came the clip and button on my slacks, then the zipper. The fabric fell off me and she picked them up, went to the valet and laid them on it. She returned reached up and kissed me gently as she pushed the waistband of my boxer briefs down my hips. They ended up as a pile on the floor.

She had silently stripped me naked! My erection was pointed straight up, rigid and ready for my lover-to-be. She kissed me again and untied the sash on her gown, turned around and lifted the gown slightly to hint that I should go from there. I lifted it up off her shoulders and then dropped it off her arms, folded it, and put it over my clothes. I came back to my beautiful woman with her exquisite body and took her into my arms. "Take me, Bruce."

I took her hand and led her to the bed and laid her down. I moved so I could kiss her and our lips met again. This time our kiss deepened and our mouths opened so our tongues could play and express our need for one another. Our bodies touched from lips to our toes. My hands held her head at first then caressed her firm breasts whose nipples were hardening. They got special kisses and nibbles before my lips went to her neck to kiss and gently suck under her ear and on her throat. Soft moans indicated her enjoyment of my foreplay. Kisses extended down her body and remained at her swollen mound. Her scent was intoxicating and her lips glistened with moisture that tasted like nectar. My tongue entered her and thrust up into her wetness. Oh, so delicious. Her hips lifted as I found her clit and cris-crossed it with firm tongue lashings. Her outburst told me that she had cum. I slipped two fingers into her very wet tunnel of love and caressed that little spongy spot in the front of it. This time she clamped onto my fingers and her wetness became thick, hot cream that would make my entry into her so smooth.

"Take me! Take me!" And I did. I moved between her legs and kissed her mound as she lifted her legs to her body and rotated her hips so her entrance was open and ready for me. I guided my cock into her. She was very tight so I pressed slowly to let her get used to me. Short strokes, going deeper each thrust. Soon she took all of me in her soft, wet nest. We kissed as our passions rose. I could feel her body make contact with mine and that meant her clit was being attended to as well as her G spot. Soon, she was thrusting as hard as I was or harder. She was having hard orgasms that made my thrusting into her an experience I shall never forget. It felt like she was squeezing me out and the friction on my cock was like a tight fist.

I had to stop short of cumming a couple of times, but she seemed to appreciate that since she seemed to be enjoying multiple orgasms. But much too soon, I felt the electricity in my groin get hotter and hotter. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to ram her hard. I did and we both came noisily.

I pulled out gently and rolled over. She came onto my body and kissed a softening cock, making sure every nook and cranny of my glans and foreskin were licked clean. She then moved to snuggle, cupping me gently as her head nestled on my chest. Mmmmm. That was heaven.


"I thought you'd never ask."
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