My Erotic Dream; Dragon Lover
NOTICE: This was a very erotic dream I had many many years ago. I have no idea what prompted me to have this dream. I have never had any desire or fantasy about having beasteality sex. Even as sexually liberal as I am, I find beastieality very disgusting. I did like the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and the movie "King Kong".

I had not thought about it in years. Then I chatted with a member here on Velvet9 and we became friends. On his profile his photos are his works of art. Several are of dragons with sexy beautiful women. One was a picture that looked just like the dragon in my dream. It even has the same shade of orange glow as the place in my dream.

I told him about the dream. He let me know he would be interested in reading about it. So I sent him the story of my dream. Now I have decided to share it with the rest of y'all.

The Dream: My dream was taking place in our garage apartment when Hubbie was stationed in West Texas. I was dreaming about a MFM I was having with Hubbie and Steven. (Steven was Hubbie's best friend. He was the first guy Hubbie shared me with. The scene I was dreaming about actually happened several times a month). In my dream I was wearing only a black lace garter belt, black lace seamed stockings, a heavy belly chain, and a pair of CFM heels. The three of us was in our king sized bed. Hubbie was on his back with me laying on top of him while he fucked my cunt. Steven was fucking me in my ass. I was having multiple orgasms. (Which was what actually would happened when they DPed me.)

It was mid afternoon. The weather was what pilots called severe clear. (Hubbie and Steven were Air Force pilots). We were fucking like animals when all of a sudden there was a very loud clap of thunder with a lot of wind and lightning. It got very dark like a very severe West Texas thunder storm. It got so dark inside the apartment we could not see. There was an awareness of evil in the room with us but we could not see a thing. I felt something grab hold of me and pull me off the bed.

In an instance I was alone in an unknown place. I was still dressed like I was in bed except now I had on a very flowing sheer black gown. There was a warn breeze blowing my gown around and my long hair. The sky was a bright orange, with red and purple streaking cloud like formations. The whole area was a glow of orange. I was standing on a very large cobble stone platform that appeared to be suspended in the sky. There was nothing on 3 sides of me but open sky. To the other side of the platform there was a Rocky Mountain type set of mountains that reached from one edge of the platform to the other.

Above the mountains there was a very dark gray thunder cloud. From the clouds there were bolts of white lightning (not the kind made in a still in the woods of Kentucky) hitting the tops of mountains. Occasionally there was a flash of what what looked like fire in the dark cloud. The wind began to pick up. The breeze got warmer but not hot. Then a dark spot appeared out of the cloud where the flashes of what looked like fire was coming from. The dark spot began to get larger like it was coming toward me. I could tell it was traveling rather fast. Then it disappeared behind a large flash, of what I then knew, was a ball of fire.

Now a since of danger fills my body. I turn to run, with no where to hide, it was my only option. I remember thinking I'm glad my heels were the hot ones that had the ribbon tied around my ankle. As far as I could see in each direction there was nothing but the flat cobble stone platform. I run as fast as I can with my heart beating more from fear than the running.

I hear the roar that was so loud and deep that I knew no animal on earth could make that sound. I turn and look at an animal flying with wings the size of an airplane. Then another roar this one followed by a long stream of fire. This one was close enough that I could feel the heat. I fight to remain conscious, knowing if I faint it would be the end of Brandie. I turn and run as hard as I can. I now hear the flapping of its wings and feel the rush of wind with each one. A thought runs through my mind. "Where the fuck am I"?

I feel it pass over me then turn and land right in front of me. It sat down on its behind with its rear legs supporting its body. It has a long tail with spikes running the length of it. It folds its wings against its body and they disappear into its body like a transformer. The spikes run up its back to the top of its head. Long spiky type horns poke out of its head. It is charcoal grey with iridescent shades of purple, green, red, and, orange. It's a fucking fire breathing dragon. Another thought, "I will be its dinner. I hope my heels pierce its fucking stomach when it eats me. Then it dies too."

I turn to run and it swipes at me with its claws. It misses my body but rips my gown. After several swipes my gown is ripped to shreds and falls off my body. It grabs me around my waist with its right front leg. It's claws are protruding from its fingers about 8 inches and tapering to a sharp point. They press into my stomach but do not penetrate my skin. With it's left front leg it grabs me across my chest with my right breast in its palm and its claws pressing against the side of my breast.

It pulls me against its scaly body. I feel like it is taunting me like a cat taunts a mouse before eating it. It turns me around and now we are face to face. It is breathing hard. With each exhale smoke exits its nostrils. It's breath has a strong and strange aroma. Sort of like BBQ starting to scorch. I begin to beat on it, like that would help me. It pulls me closer to its body and I can feel its heart beating. It sniffs my neck, I'm thinking his bit will surely follow, but it does not.

It looks me in the eye and its green eyes glow red. It sniffs my neck again on the other side. It's tongue licks me from my stomach to my neck crossing my left breast and nipple. My nipple reacts and gets hard. It licks me again from my stomach this time across my right breast and nipple. It reacts and gets hard too. This is insane!!! This fucking dragon is licking me like its tasting me before it has me for dinner and my nipples are reacting like it is hubbies tongue.

Holding me in it's right leg it begins to touch my body with its left leg. Poking me with its claws. It puts its palm against my face and runs its claws through my hair. It begins to caress my body starting with my ass and across my back. Then my chest caressing my tits using its claw to flick my erect nipples. If I did not know better I would think it is trying to seduce me.

I feel something warm pressing against my leg. I sense a question enter my mind. "Does that feel good?"

I scream to it, "does what feel good"? It stretches its front legs out and adjust my head to look toward the area between its hind legs.

Now I sense, "does my cock feel good"?

"Oh fuck, mental telathopy?" His cock is growing from his groin area. It continues growing until about 2 feet is exposed. It is about 5 inches in diameter. "What the fuck is he going to do with that?"

I sense, "what do you think I'm going to do with it? Touch it you will like it." He looks at me then back to his cock, like he is motioning for me to touch him." He bring me closer to his body. He makes his cock jerk toward his stomach and bounce off. He does this several times. Then it just stand at attention. Another thought enters my mind. "Go ahead, touch it."

I reach for it, "thinking if I don't I will surely be his dinner".

"Your right"

I can only reach about half way around it. I reach with my other hand and using both hands, begin to stroke up and down on the top 8 to 10 inches. I sense a, "moan". So I continue stroking his massive cock. I sense another, "moan".

Now a drop of thick fluid oozes out of the opening. As I continue stroking more thick fluid oozes out now covering its head. Then a large drop fills the opening. Another thought enters my mind. "Taste it you fucking slut."

My cunt tingles. (Just like it does when who ever I'm fucking begins to call me names.) I take my finger and dip it out. Instinctively I bring it to my mouth. He stares at me. The thought enters my mind again, "I said taste it you fucking slut".

I wonder, "How does he know calling me degrading names will turn me on"? I lick the thick glob off my finger. It's very thick and tangy to the taste.

I sense another much louder, "moan". Then another.

"Fuck, this big monster is very turned on". I continue to stroke his massive cock getting faster and squeezing it harder. The head is now shinning with his thick precum. He pulls me closer and I feel a strong tingle radiate from my cunt. My nipples are so hard they begin to hurt, but the kind of hurt that feel good to me.

A crazy thought runs through my mind, "I wish I had my nipple clips". A second later he places my nipple between 2 of his claws and pinches my nipple. "Fuck, he CAN, read my mind". As I think, "I need the other one pinched too". He puts me down on the ground and pinches the other nipple. I can feel my cunt juices begin to flow. He pinches harder and my body begins to tremble. Electricity travels through my body as my orgasm radiates from my cunt through out my whole body. My cunt begins to spasm as my juices begins to squirt all over his hind leg. I almost pass out my legs collapse, but he reaches around my back and holds me up.

He stretches me away from him and we are eye to eye again. Damn he is smiling. I sense him tell me, "I told you, you would like it. Now my turn." He brings me back under him and I start to stroke his cock with both hands again. His precum beginning to ooze out of his cock again. He send another thought to my mind. "Lick my cock bitch, eat my fucking cum you fucking slut." I quicken my pace then begin to lick his cum from the head of his cock.

I try to put it in my mouth but its way too big. I keep jerking with both hands and licking. His heart starts beating hard enough I can hear it and see his chest move with each beat. I sense him, "moan over and over, louder and louder". I stroke him faster and lick harder across the head of his cock. His cock begins to quiver and I feel his cum traveling through his massive cock. A copious amount of his thick cum shoots out of his cock filling my mouth. I can't take it. I pull away and glob after glob of hot cum explodes out and now covering my tits, chest, and stomach. "Moan after moan then a loud roar". His head is pointed to the sky and a large flam comes from his mouth. It reminded me of a flare at a refinery. The area lights up with a deeper orange glow.

As the thought enters my mind, "I wonder what kind of fuck could he be"? He turns me around and places me on all 4s. I think, "oh fuck if he tries to fuck me he will rip my cunt wide open."

I sense, "I told you, you will like it". I feel his body cover mine. Then his cock runs across my cunt up my stomach hitting my right tit.

"Maybe this is how he will kill me by ripping me in two."

Again I sense his answer, "you will like it. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to fuck you, you fucking whore." I feel his cock rubbing my stomach as he withdraws. I spread my legs as wide as I can. Then his massive cock head is pressed against my dripping cunt.

"Well at least he will have plenty lub."

"I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to fuck Hubbie's slut!!!"

"How the fuck does he know this?"

"You will never know how I know what I know."

I feel more pressure from his cock against my cunt. Surprisingly It begins to enter me. He stops pushing and stands still. His cock is slowly entering my cunt. It does not hurt, but feels awesome. His cock continues to fill my cunt. I'm full just like Hubbie's cock was in me. Then he begins to stroke his cock in and out of my cunt. I begin to relax as this hideous dragon fucks me. My body tenses up as his cock pulls all the way out then back in with ease. He quickens his pace and fucks me hard and fast. He is hitting my G spot with each stroke.

I begin to scream, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR SLUT. FUCK ME HARD. My body tenses up as my orgasm travels from my cunt through out my whole body. My dragon roars as he tenses up and I feel his cock begin to quiver. The orange glow fills the area as he continues to roar. His cum hits the back of my cunt hard. He continues to roar and shoot flames as his cum flows out of my cunt. I begin squirting and it mixes with his cum. I have multiple orgasms as he continues pumping his thick globs of cum into his new slut.

As I begin to cum down, from what is as fantastic an orgasm as I have ever had. My new lover now collapses over my body with his. He pulls his cock from my cunt with a suction from being so filled up. His cum flows out and covers the inside of my legs. I collapsed and roll over on my back. I look at his cock all shinny covered with the mixture of pleasure! The last 8 inches is now less than 2 inches in diameter. About the size in diameter of Stevens cock. He was able to change the size of his cock. Another thought, "I wish my other lovers had that capability".

My new lover picks me up, his cock has retreated into his body, his wings reemerge. With me held securely in his front legs we take flight and head toward the distant mountains.

I feel my cunt filled and a cock fucking me hard. I hear, "you fucking slut, that's it bitch, fuck me back. That's it baby fuck Hubbie back." I open my eyes to the presence of my bedroom with Hubbie spooning me fucking me hard.

Hubbie told me, "I don't know who you were dreaming about fucking but you was fucking as wildly as you ever had. I was defiantly in the wet spot. My bed was drenched.

I told Hubbie, that was the wildest and most realistic dream I have ever had.


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