My First
I should never have taken the bet, but I thought I knew more about flowers than Sandy. Unfortunately, she won. I thought she would make me go down on her, which I would gladly do. She insisted that I go to an adult store and use a glory hole. She knew I had never done that before, and she wanted to see me do it. Sometimes my wife gets weird, but what could I do, I agreed.

I had been in an adult store before this one, but only to buy special vibrators and toys for when Sandy wasn't there. I had never ventured to the back area, and it was kind of a turn on to be doing it the first time. Standing in the way was a handsome black man who addressed us in a very soothing tone.

"May I help you ladies?"

"My lovely blonde friend here needs a glory hole."

"Will both of you be using it? That would be double the price."

"No, my Carol is the only one today."

"Will there be any preference?"

Sandy looked at me, and I just shook my head, signifying none. He led us through a locked door and opened another door, and we both went inside. Sandy asked if I was going to use the stool or kneel in front of the hole. I told her I was not going to ruin my yoga pants, and that I would use the stool.

"I can see why. He kept looking at the outline of your pussy every chance he got."

"Oh, you...they were worn so you would look!"

"Hon, I have never taken my eyes off of them. Question. Did you wear panties under them?"

"You know I never do!"

Suddenly, a very hard and beautiful black cock emerged from the hole. Sandy sighed, and I will admit I did too. I reached for the stool and sat down on it. It was just the right height. My mouth and the hole were right at the level for fun. Sandy said, "Kiss it, kiss it! No hands, just mouth!" Apparently, she had done this before and knew all the protocols. I licked the tip, and the sweet fluid hit my taste buds. Delicious! I kissed one side of this gorgeous head, and then the other. I did manage to get my tongue underneath and flick that fleshy part that will make most men moan.

I opened my mouth and let his head slid into my mouth. Sandy yelped, "Go girl, go girl! Suck that motherfucker." Sandy appeared more excited than I was, but I certainly was not far behind her. I let my teeth softly clamp over the ridge, and I heard a muffled groan from behind the wall. I knew it was time to suck and I did. I could tell he loved it, as he pushed closer to the hole.

I was surprised with a few more movements of my lips up and down this beautiful cock, it shot a stream of cum into my mouth. Sandy pulled me away and started kissing me which made me so fucking hot. I stood up, and we were kissing when a hand emerged from the hole.

Sandy immediately pulled my yoga pants at half mast, and she pushed me towards the hand. I felt it touch my bare pussy and stared an experienced ritual of manipulation that in my excited state I too came. Sandy had my breast out fondling it as she kissed me as I was cumming.

What an experience! My clothes in their proper place we made our way out the booth door and then the main door. He was waiting behind the counter once more and asked. "Was everything satisfactory?" Of course, it was, and I asked, "Was that you behind that hole?" He smiled, and when he did, I handed him one of the cards that I carry with me. Our phone numbers are on it. "Please give us a call!"

He not only called but serviced both of us exquisitely! That big cock certainly felt better filling my pussy than my mouth, but I would never miss a hole with that beautiful thing. After he left, we both lay on our bed with Sandy's head on my breast. She moved her tongue around her mouth to make her cheek bulge in and out. With that making pressure on my nipple, I picked her head up and said, "We have to have that young man over again!" She agreed, and we did until he got tired of us old broads.
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