My First Adult Movie
Reading the local paper one day I noticed an ad that wanted help for a movie production company. Figuring it was setting up lights and stage settings, or building them, I answered the ad and was told by an automated voice to come to the studio at 8 a.m. with proper paper work in order.

Already having somewhat of a freelance job as a crewman for a small home improvement company, I figured a set 8-4 job was easier to handle mentally as sometimes the contractors market can dry up. I would still be able to do both, as I like to work nights on custom cabinet making in my workshop.

The next day I was up bright and early as I did my usual routine. The bungalow I shared with my girlfriend at the time was busy with just the two of us as we both scrambled to use the bathroom and shower at the same time.

"Baby do you mind if you can drop me off downtown this morning, it;s right on the way to your work?" I asked Violet as I shaved my face and she showered.

"Sure sweetie, but whats wrong with your truck?" she asked as she pulled pack the shower curtain stepping behind me while grabbing my six-pack.

"Nothing honey , it just needs a good wash and I don't think I will look professional pulling up there in that rust-bucket." I lied not wanting to waste time finding a parking spot.

Teasingly, she started dipping her fingers down the front of the towel I was wearing and lightly playing with my cock with her soft hands.

I smiled and turned to face her, wiping off a bit of shaving cream and smudging it on her cute as a button nose. She responded by kissing me and tugging my towel loose as we both stood lip-locked and naked in the bathroom.

It looked like we were on our way to a morning quickie when Nozzles, our big lovable mutt, decided enough was enough and wedged his body between ours. Laughing Violet said "its your turn today sweetie" referring to his quick morning walk.

Grudgingly I agreed and got dressed in my Sunday best for the upcoming interview and took Nozzles out for a walk. Coming back to the house I let Nozzles in and hopped in Violets old dilapidated BMW. She pecked me on the cheek and asked if I was nervous to which I responded by lying and saying no.

In reality I was scared stiff of becoming an 8-5 er' as I would lose some sense of the freedom that I had as a carpenter. The interview would be easy since I figured all I had to do was show some pictures of my work and answer to some probably mundane, yet professional questions.


Pulling up to the production company's front door, Violet gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to 'go get em' cowboy' as she slapped my ass getting out of her car. I blushed a little bit since we were in front of the glass enclosed offices and I wondered if my future boss saw this.

'Oh well' I thought giving myself a quick look over in the glass mirrored building. My hand-made tailored Saville-Row suit fit like a glove.

In the lobby was a large sign that read " For all employment inquiries please go to suite 1013." Happy that this was going smoothly i headed to the suite.

Upon entering the suite I noticed a drop dead gorgeous blonde secretary and felt my cock stir a bit as I noticed her perfect body. Already sensing that I could be screwing things up by staring I quickly averted my gaze upon her and sat down on a black leather couch next to a gnarled walnut end-table. On the end table was a clipboard with the application forms and a cup containing pens. Grabbing both I looked again at the secretary who caught my eyes and smiled.

I stammered out a "Well it looks to be a nice day so far..." She giggled lightly and replied "yes it does. Have you been in this business before?"

"Yes, I have been doing this since high school. My football coach hired us for his crew company to keep in shape and out of trouble in the off season and I have been nailing things down ever since." I laughed.

"Oh wow... so you must be pretty good or you enjoy this kind of work alot." she said eyeing me up and down as she sat down behind her desk. Curious about her demeanor I asked what the best part of her job was.

"Oh...well everything...I write, direct and sometimes star in my movies."

Realizing she was more than a secretary I said "Your movies? in you own this building?"

"Oh I wish, it is beautiful but I do not. I rent the suite from the studio head...nice guy, he has financed many of my projects." She smiled as she tapped her pen on her notepad.

"So are you ready for your interview or do you need some more time?" she asked eyeing the finished application and work folder in my lap.

"Sure...I mean yes. Yes I am ready for the interview. Do I go in or should I knock or...?"

She laughed a heart-felt laugh and said "Sweetie...I am the interviewer and I do the hiring..." She let the sentence hang there as she looked in to my eyes with a no bull shit face.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I thought you were...well the secretary." I said in a low, ashamed voice.

The guilt hit me like a ton of bricks as I realized I had forsaken this beauty as another dumb blonde. Boy was I wrong...

"Well to be honest with you I get it all the time. I don't mind...So did you bring photos or videos of your recent work I would love to have a peek at them?" She said as she eyed the folder in my lap.


"Call me Angela. I actually have a doctoral in International Relations but became bored with it while still in school!!!" She laughed again in her unique, sexy way and I could not help but laugh with her.

"Here it is Dr... uh, Angela, the video is on a flash in the pocket inside. I hope you like it. I did this one with 2 other crewmen and the lady who hired us said she loved it...I have her number in there if you want to call her.

"Oh wow so you don't mind working in groups?" she asked, crossing her beautiful tanned legs under her desk.

"Not at all, sometimes I need all the crew I can get so we can get the job done more efficiently. That makes for a happy customer I guess."

"Yes it does James"

She opened the folder and looked through my resume while smiling and shaking her head. I had the urge to ask what she thought but knew better and sat like a stone temple...watching her go over my folder.

"James uh mm...ha... well lets see for a second..." She took out the flash and plugged it in her laptop. "Wow nice work you do here James, I have beachfront property and I would love this kind of dock built for my speedboats" she said in an even professional voice. "But James I am looking for something quite different than the kind of job you came to apply for." her voice trailed off toward the end of the sentence and she smiled while looking at the video.

Not sure what she meant I double checked the ad in my newspaper and saw I had not really made any mistake in coming here.

"What the hell is she talking about?" I thought as I began to fidget a little bit on the couch.

Angela stood up and stretched her long arms, her perfect breasts nearly popping out of her white blouse. She then came over to sit on the couch next to me with a pained look on her face.

"James I direct adult movies, I should have made my assistant be more clear on that regarding the ad you are holding...I apologize for the confusion." She patted my knee and took hold of my hand.

"I see, so I guess you do not need a stage hand or something like that?" I said looking at the wall of autographed adult movie boxes. I felt like a complete moron once again and Angela knew this as she squeezed my hand lightly.

"You can be in my film James...I want you in the film I am directing this afternoon...Would you do it? I will pay you generously...It's just that..." Her voice trailed off into a barely audible whisper.

"It's just that what Angela?" I asked feeling a bit annoyed and horny at the same time.

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