My First Gang Bang and Golden Shower Part 2
As a reminder this is not a fantasy. It happened 40 years ago and changed me forever. It brought me into different parts of a human sexuality known as the lifestyle. Hubbie (not Teach) and I are still in the lifestyle several times a week. Getting gang banged tonight.

Several of the guys got up and went into the house. They came out carrying a mattress and a comforter. They placed the mattress on the ground on the house side of the bond fire. It was covered with the heavy comforter. They them drove a stake into the ground through loops on each corner of the comforter. I noticed that each stake had a steel rings on top of it. My curiosity began to peak.

Teach had pulled my skirt up and was fingering my cunt and Horse was playing with tits. I was very aroused and began to have my first orgasm of the night. As it subsided Teach told me, "I want you to strip for us". As I started to ask him, he stopped me before I got the first word out of my mouth and said, "remember this. We are brothers and share every thing."

He put his arms around me and held me close. "Brandie I know this is new to you. You are wondering why you are feeling the way you are? Wondering why you are so excited? How I could be receiving so much pleasure from showing you off like a slut? If this is too much for you too fast I can take you home if you want to stop. There will NOT be any adverse consequences if you decide to go home. I'm not going to force you to do any thing."

One part of me is telling me to stop. The other parts are SCREAMING MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

"Do you want to go home?"

"No, I like the way I am feeling even though I do not understand why. Please I want to keep being yours and pleasing you as it pleases me too".

"Baby, you will still be mine if we go home. We can still have a very nice weekend."

"I want to stay. The emotions I'm feeling are all new. Like nothing I have ever felt before. I really really like the way this is making me feel."

"Brandie I can assure you, you are pleasing me like no other ever has. If you want to continue, then strut your slutty self around and strip for us. Believe me when I tell you this will please me greatly." I kissed him passionately as he holds my body tightly to his. As he breaks the kiss he says, "make me happy baby".

I step away and begin to strut around the fire in front of every one. I hear the music change to a stripper genres. As I get into the beat of the music the guys start to whistle at me and the cat calls begin. I hear them saying, "nice tits lets us see them all baby", "shake that booty girl", "hay Teach, where did you find this young foxy slut"?

"She is in my home room class and my math and science classes."

"Oh fuck is she legal?"

"Yes she is, she made it earlier in the summer."

As I strut my stuff, I remove my vest and toss it to Horse. The thought of my tits being clearly visibleI through my mostly open and sheer blouse to 10 total strangers was an extremely erotic turn on. I turn and strut over to and stop right in front of Wendy. Her two guys are now watching me. I strut turning my back to them and moving away as I unbutton the last buttons on my blouse. As I turn and strut back toward them I slip my blouse off my shoulders and open it wide. The warm night breeze coming off of Lake Pontchartrain feels so good as it caresses my tits and erect nipples. I'm moving my body like never before. I feel like am not my self, but that I've becomes some unknown person.

One of the guys setting next to Wendy has taken his cock out of his pants and is now stroking it. I strut right up to him and remove my sheer blouse and place it over his head. He reaches up and squeezes my tit as I pull away from him. More whistling and cat calls, "oh baby you are soooooooooo fucking erotic".

"We want to see you pussy",

"I bet her bush is dark and heavy, show it to us whore".

More confusion as the vulgar name calling is turning me on more. Instead of feeling insulted, it is heightening my erotic excitement. A complete change of attitude is taking over my body and I'm feeling empowered. I strut back over to Teach and Horse. I turn and face the other side of the fire. Wendy is sitting there topless with her two admires sitting beside her. Seeing them through the flames of the fire is very erotic. It is increasing the intensity of my arousal.

I bend over shacking my ass into Horse's face. I reach behind my back and unzip my skirt. The whistling and cat calls get louder. I hear one guy holler, "show us your fucking pussy, whore. She's a fantastic slut Teach".

I turn to face Teach and tell him, "if you want your gang to see my cunt you have to remove my skirt".

He grabs each side of my skirt and slowly rocks it back and forth. It slides past my hips, then my ass. He lets it fall to the ground. I step backwards out of the skirt. I'm completely naked in front of 10 total strangers, what an erotic sensation!!!

I turn and face the others as I begin to strut around to the other side. Every one begins to clap and whistle. I hear, "FUCK, the whore does not wear a bush. Even better, a pussy as smooth as silk. Bring it hear bitch I want to feel it". I walk over to him and he begins the rub my mound. "Nice, nice, nice the sluts pussy IS as smooth as silk".

I hear another voice say "hay Brandie, come over here". I turn and it is the guy stroking his cock next to Wendy. "I have something I want you to rub over here". I strut over to him pausing letting each guy on the way get a feel of my smooth mound and tits. As I reach the stroker he says "how about feel this you fucking whore". He tells me to kneel down between his legs. I turn to look at Teach.

"Do as he says, and don't let me down baby." I kneel between his legs and grasp his erect cock in my hand and start rubbing the length of his shaft. There is precum oozing out his opening. I stroke it causing the head to become shinny with his precum.

I hear some one close holler, "suck that cock bitch, let's see how good of a cocksucker this whore is"!

Instantly the last words from Teach runs through my mind, "Don't let me down baby". Without any hesitation I bend over and take the whole shaft down my throat in one swift motion.

He says, "WOW!!! What a fucking cocksucker"! He was not quite as big as Teach. So deep throating him was easy and I began fucking his cock with my mouth.

I feel a pair of hands on my ass and the guy on the other side of Wendy gropes my tits. I hear the sound of a zipper being unzipped. He stood up and removed his jeans. His hands are back on my ass and now reaching under me to rub my mound. He slips several fingers into my cunt. My body is trembling from so much excitement. He leans against me and I feel his erect cock press against my ass.

He is now guiding his cock to the opening of my cunt. I feel his cock head enter me still being held by his hand as he rubs it up and down along the opening of my cunt. I hear "fuck her man, FUCK TEACH'S SLUT WHORE, FUCK THE BITCH HARD"! I feel him place both hands on my hips as he rams his hard cock into my cunt. He started stroking slowly in and out of my cunt. I quicken my pace on the cock in my mouth.

I don't even know who is fucking me, but it feels so fucking good and erotic. I start fucking him back as I want as much as I can get into my cunt. I feel the familiar tensing of Wendy's admirer's cock. I feel his hot thick cum rushing through his shaft exiting the head of his cock and hitting the back of my throat. His cum is salty thick and bitter but I continue to suck him as my fantasy man fucks me hard.

Both sensations triggers my second, much bigger, and MUCH more intense climax than my first. The cock in my mouth shoots three more ropes of cum into my mouth. I try to swallow it all, but it is too much. His cum starts running down the side of his cock. My orgasm builds again and I have an even more intense orgasm as my whole body begins convulsing uncontrollably. Every thing goes black for an moment or two.

My fantasy man stiffens his body and begins to scream, "I'M FUCKING CUMMING". I feel his hot load of cum shoot into my cunt. He is moaning loudly, almost screaming. He shoots two more strong ropes into me. As he pulls out I feel his cum running out of my cunt. He comes around and sits on the log next to the first recipient of my many blow jobs of that night.

As I'm cleaning up my blow job guy I hear Wendy say, "you fucking bitch, you cocksucker whore. When you finish cleaning my man you can clean up the fucker next to him too. He has your cunt juices and his cum all over his cock". As I start cleaning up my fantasy fuck his cum is much more pleasant than the blow job guy. I lick him clean swallowing as much as I can. "I begin to wonder how much cum can I swallow in one day?"

Then I hear from one of the other women. "It's her turn for the pit". As I finish hungrily cleaning up our juices off his cock I feel a hand on my arm pulling to help me get up. It is Teach and as I stand Horse grabs my other arm.

I hear Teach say, "you two grab her legs." Two guys bend down grabbing my ankles and lift me up and now I'm laying flat parallel to the ground being held up by 4 men. My legs spread wide. Teach says, "place the pillow on the mattress". They stratal the mattress laying me down with the small of my back on the pillow. Teach looks down at me and says, "you made me proud baby, very proud!How do you feel?"

"This is so fucking erotic and exciting. I don't know if I can get enough of this. You are making a whore out of me and I'm loving it!!!"

"That's good because we are just getting started." He spreads my arm out and buckles a wide leather strap around my wrist as horse does the same to my other arm.

A realization thought races through my mine. "OHHHHH FFFFFUCK! I'm going to be tied to the stakes!!!" The other two guys fasten a leather cuff around both ankles. A rope is clipped to each of the leather cuffs buckled to my wrist and ankles. I'm now spread eagle on the mattress as they tie the ropes to the rings on each of the steaks.

There is no slack in the ropes and my arms are stretched out and behind my head. My legs are spread wide. The small of my back and part of my butt are on the pillow. My cunt is raised up and wide open. I'm totally naked except for my garter belt, stockings, and boots. I feel my juices flowing pushing the cum out of my cunt and running down across my ass hole. I've never been this turned on and excited.

Teach says, "who wants to be next"? I hear a women's voice say, "I want to clean my mans cum out of her cunt". She kneels between my legs and leans over my body and begins kisses me. Instinctively I part my lips. Her tongue enters my mouth and we kiss with crude lust as our tongues dance lustfully. She breaks the kiss and slithers down to my nipples. She pauses at each sucking them into her mouth and biting on them as she finishes sucking on each one. She kisses her way down to my belly licking my skin. My belly begins to quiver at the talent of her tongue. She makes her way to my cunt. She spreads my clit hood open and nibbles and licks on my clit. Then her tongue licks at the opening of my cunt and she moans as I push to force his cum out of my cunt. She licks it up with much intensity. My erotic emotions are indescribable!!!

I feel some one kneel on the mattress. I look up, it's Teach. He is naked with a raging hard on. He pitches the skirt over the back of the bitch eating her mans cum out of my cunt. With out saying a fucking word he begins to fuck her right there in front of me. I scream at him, "YOU FUCKING BASTARD"!!! I feel my first tinge of jealousy.

"Remember BITCH!!! I told you we are brothers and share every thing equally. Her man just fucked you while you gave Wendy's man a fucking blow job. You fucking slut!!! You just let them both cum in your fucking mouth and whoring cunt. If you don't fucking like it you can leave anytime you wish. I will take you home."

"NO, NO, PLEASE NOOOOO!!! I want more,--- NO, I need more. You are right Teach, I have no say so as to who you fuck or who fucks me. So I'm going to get fucked by each guy here this weekend?"

"No you fucking slut. You will be fucked by every one here TONIGHT. Also who ever shows up on Saturday and Sunday."

"OH FUCK!!! Well then I would have liked to get your first load of cum."

"Well baby you will get your wish."

He quickens his pace and I can tell he is cumming in her cunt as she licks at my cunt. She begins moaning loudly. Then she nibbles on my clit and I start cumming. Teach collapses on to her back. After he catches his breath, he pulls out of her. Teach stands up with his cock still erect. She continues drinking the mixture of her mans cum and my juices as I come down. She stands up and removes her blouse revealing her tits.

Both of her nipples are pierced with barbells. A chain is strung between the inside of each nipple. Another chain on the outside of each nipple going down and disappearing under her skirt. Several colorful tattoos on both of her tits, a sun burst around her pierced belly button.

Teach then removes her skirt revealing still more colorful tattoos. There is a pair of dolphins jumping over her cunt. One on each side facing each other. Both of her thighs are covered with beautiful floral tattoos. A pair of snakes are crawling threw them on both thighs. The two chains coming down from the outside of each nipple is attached to a barbell piercing going threw her clit hood. The sight was very erotic. I want the piercings and maybe a couple tattoos. One just above my cunt, and a tramp stamp.

She turns and kisses Teach with much lustful passion. Tattooed on her back are a pair of colorful Harley wings. They reach across her whole back on her shoulders. A large colorful tramp stamp on her lower back reaches both of her sides.

She turns and straddles me as she stands over my face. I'm looking right up into her smooth cunt. Teach says, "you ready for my first load of cum"? A glob of his cum drops from her cunt onto my face. As she squats down her cunt opens up. His cum is running out of her cunt. Another big glob of his cum drips off and lands on my face. She kneels with her knees next to my head.

With a finger she wipes Teaches cum from my face. She brings her cum covered finger to my mouth. I open my mouth, hungry for the taste of my Master's cum. As her finger reaches my open lips I suck it into my waiting mouth. I taste his cum mixed with her juices. A sensation like electricity begins radiating out from my cunt and races through out my whole body.

She lowers her cunt over my eagerly awaiting mouth and I begin to lick her cunt. She begins contracting her cunt around my tongue like it was a cock. She is pushes his cum out of her cunt to feed Teach's whore. The taste of his cum mixed with her juices is intoxication and addictive. My first taste of another woman's cunt. I know instantly I am now hooked on eating fresh fucked pussy.

I wish my hands were free. My natural instinct is to pull on her hips pressing her cunt harder into my face. I feel her clit and lightly bite down on it. Like Teach does to me, I begin to hum as I begin rapidly nibbling on her clit. She begins "moaning". Her moaning gets louder, then turns into screams of XTC. "OHHHHH FUCKKKKK, OHHHHH FUCKKKKK, YES, YES, YES." She begins to buck back and forth like she is fucking my face.

I feel her body tense up. It begins to tremble and goes into convulsions. Copious amounts of her hot juices begins to flow. I try to drink it all in but can't. I feel it running down the sides of my face and onto my neck. Her bucking subsides and she falls back catching herself on her out stretched arms. She is slowly humping my face as her climax subsides.

I hear clapping all around me. Whistling like their foot ball team just won the state championship. Them I hear. "Teach, your new bitch is some fucking HOT, HOT, HOT!!!"

"You better keep your new whore. If not I want her."

As she sat up I hear her say, "who the fuck taught you how to eat pussy like that girl"?

"Teach did. It's the way he eats me."

She raises up placing her body on top of mine. She slides down until we are cunt to cunt and face to face. She slips her arms under my shoulders and grasp my head in her hands. While looking me straight in the eye with lust, she brings her lips to mine. Our mouths open, our tongues meet and dance in the passion of the moment. I want to wrap my arms around her but can't.

I look up at Teach saying, "Damn these ropes. Next time I want to be unrestrained." We kiss for what felt like 10 to 15 minutes.

As she climbs off of me I look lustfully at Teach. Telling him, "I feel like a whore. I feel like your whore!!! As strange as it seems, I FUCKING LOVE IT."

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