My First Gang Bang and Golden Shower Part 3
Just a reminder this is NOT a fantasy. It happened 40 years ago and I'm writing about it as I remember it happening.

I can't grab her butt to press her tighter into my mouth. I just want her whole body inside mine. I'm licking her cunt and trying to get all of Teach's cum out of her. She is pushing it out and I'm taking it as fast as I can. I no longer can taste Teach's cum now, just her juices. I'm surprised at how much I like the taste of her cunt.

I can't believe the sensations going through my body. It feels so fucking awesome!!!!!! It is indescribable. I begin to feel her clit on my lips and adjust what little I can so I can suck on it. I hear Teach ask who's next, her cunt needs some more cock. I hear a male voice say I'm ready. I can't see who it is but feel him kneel between my legs on the mattress.

I'm working on her clit, nibbling on it with light bits holding it between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. I feel a hand on my cunt and several finger slip in. "Teach your slut is so fucking wet and ready."

He responds, "well fuck the whore then, and fuck her hard".

I feel him place the head of his cock at my opening placing only a little of it inside of me. Then he begins to move it up and down with his hand just inside my cunt. My new friend's cunt is covering my mouth and I'm concentrating on her clit. She begins to moan. Some one naked kneels next to my head with a nice erect cock and begins to caress her tit and pinching her nipple. Another naked man with another erect cock kneels on the other side and begins playing with her other tit and nipple. Then from behind me another guy is standing over me with a hard cock.

I see my new friend lean forward and take his cock into her mouth sucking it like a mad woman. She is sucking on him as if she was starving for his seed. I feel her tense up and begin to rotate her cunt on my face. I'm having trouble keeping her clit still enough to concentrate on just it. So I start licking what I can. Her juices are flowing as I try to take as much as I can. I can't swallow it all and I can feel it running down the side of my face and neck.

She begins a muffled moan with her mouth full of cock. Her body goes into a series of convulsions. She quickens her pace on my face and sucking the cock. The guy rubbing his cock up and down my cunt shoves it in completely and begins to fuck me hard. His cock I'd filling my cunt to the Max. Her juices are are still running down both sides of my face. This gets her blow job recipient to start moaning and I can see his legs tensing up.

He starts to scream, "IM GOING TO FILL YOUR FUCKING MOUTH WITH MY CUM BITCH". He grabs her head and starts fucking her mouth. "TAKE THIS YOU FUCKING WHORE".

Although his comments are to my new friend, they turn me on to no end. I start cumming also. It has amazed me how screaming vulgarities and calling us names can heighten the intensity of my orgasms, and those doing the name calling. I feel like a well used slut and I'm loving every minute of it!!!!!!!

Her muffled moans get even louder as he starts unloading his cum into her mouth. She has grabbed his ass and pulling him into her as tight as she can. Now deep throating the whole cock. I feel a glob of his cum land on my neck. The guy fucking me stiffens up and I feel his load shooting deep into my cunt. I want to scream THIS IS FUCKING AWSOME, 4 OF US ALL CUMMING TOGETHER, but I can't.

My body is trembling as my climatic orgasm in sending shock waves of pleasure through my whole body. As we all start coming down, an erotic thought runs through my mind. "This is the very beginning, what is in store for me this weekend"? I can hardly wait, trusting that Teach will see to it that it is filled with lustfully erotic pleasures and all involved will benefit from these mind blowing orgasms.

As I feel the cock in my cunt begin to relax, he slips it out of me. I feel his hot load runs down on to my ass. The guy standing over my head steps back still with his stiff cock standing proud. The slut sitting on my face pulls him back toward her and wraps her mouth back around his cock to get all of his seed she can. He pulls out of her mouth as she finishes sucking his shaft clean still erect.

He steps away from my head and walks around to the other end of the mattress. Teach and Horse steps up and helps her get up off of my face. She can barely stand up on her own. They help her to a stump on the other side of the flickering bright orange flames. At this level I can see the small blue flames in the glowing coals of the bond fire.

The guy that was getting the blow job kneels down on the mattress and lays across my body with his stiff cock resting against my cum filled cunt. He tells me, "you fucking slut, you have my cum on your neck, now I'm going to fill your fucking cunt with my load". I see Teach standing behind my head naked.

Teach sits on the mattress beside my head. With his finger Teach wipes up the glob of cum that has ran down the side of my neck. He brings his finger up to my mouth and I open my mouth to suck the cum off of his finger. I suck it in hard like a little cock tasting the salty pungent flavor of his cum. I'm beginning to crave the taste of the hot thick cum.

I feel my new lover raise up on his out stretched arms, he slams his cock into my cunt hard. He tells me, "take this you white trash whore".

Looking him in the eye I tell him, "your just as much a whore as I am...We first laid eyes on each other a couple hours ago. I have tasted your cum and now you are fucking me like the whore I am. So fuck me and dump your load any where you want to. I'm Teach's slut and here to please him. If having me suck and fuck his whole gang pleases him, it fucking pleases me too. So FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD. FUCK TEACHES WHORE, AND WHEN YOU FINISH IM GOING TO FUCK THE REST OF THE GANG TONIGHT. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. I'M READY TO FUCK ALL OF YALL RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW."

He quickened his pace and stiffens his body as I feel him begin to empty his nuts in my cunt. I scream, "THAT'S IT FILL TEACH'S CUM WHORE'S CUNT FULL OF YOUR HOT LOAD. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD. THATS IT FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM. He's pounding his cock in to me like a pile driver.

He says to Teach, "where did you find this fucking nympho whore? I've never seen or herd of a woman wanting to be fucked so much or so hard".

"I found her in my home room class."

He shoots several ropes of his cum into my cunt, then collapsed on to my chest with his cock still in my cunt. As he eases out of me his cum is running out of my cunt on to my ass. I know there is a big wet spot from all the cum running out of my cunt tonight. He lifts up on his hands into a push up position and kisses and nibbles on my nipples. He raises up on his knees looks at Teach and says , "she is fucking AWESOME. Thanks for introducing her to the gang."

Teach looks at me and says, "Brandie you are making me very proud of you. How do you like being my gang bang whore to the whole gang?"

"I never thought it could feel so incredibly, and I still want more."

"Well baby, more is what you will get."

Teach reached for my cunt and when he put his fingers inside of me copious amounts of cum oozed out into his hand. He proceeded to rub cum all over my chest telling me how proud he was of me and my performance as his slut! He leaned into me holding me and kissing my nipples.

He ask me, "are you ready for the rest of the gang?


Teach tells horse, "Go get the rest of the pillows. We need to get her ready for the rest of the gang".

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