My First Gang Bang part 1
Part 1 Of My First Gang Bang and Golden Shower;

During my sophomore year of high school I got rather close to one of my teachers. We began dating that summer after I turned 18. My father was not very happy as he was 8 years my senior and he did not know he was my teacher. Teach taught me a lot of new things that summer and he gave me an A+ on becoming his new submissive sex slave. He was a member of a motorcycle gang that all rode Harley's. He bought me black leather skirts, black leather vests, black sheer blouses, black lace up leather boots, along with other sexy clothes and toys. In a ceremony I accepted his black leather collar that showed I belonged to him, and he was in control of my body? I was required to wear it any time I was with him. He also bought me a cameo on a black silk ribbon to wear snugly tied around my neck any time I was out without him. This was a reminder that I was his property. Some may think this is a horrible situation, but I wore them as a BADGE OF HONOR!!!!!! I did have a safe word I could use any time I was not comfortable with what I was instructed to do, with out any adverse consequences. Teach was not a cruel master. I only used the safe word a couple times in our long term relationship. When I did it set limits which he always respected. Teach had a knack at knowing what would turn me on. He knew me better than I knew myself.

When the school year started I had Teach for home room, math and science. My desk was in the front row right in front of his desk. The school's dress code required the girls to either wear dresses or skirts, below the knee, and blouses with stockings. No pants for the girls. He require me to shave my cunt and not to wear any panties with either thigh highs or garter belts and stockings. No panty hose. I was to pull my dress or skirt up so the hem was about half way between my knees and my cunt. I was to sit with my legs open so he could see up my skirt or dress. He liked it when I would wear a black garter belt with my sun tan stockings. My cunt would stay wet and I was constantly in a high state of arousal. I wanted to please Teach any way I could. Some times I made sure my hem was even higher, stopping only a few inches from exposing my cunt while under my desk top.

I knew I liked sex and had orgasms from the first time I let my boyfriend fuck me while leaning against the maintenance building behind the gym at the playground a couple blocks from his parents house. I considered it making love back then as I thought my boyfriend was THE ONE. I would be so excited and aroused that I was having my own orgasm when he would cum in my mouth while giving him and later own my other boyfriends blow jobs. Teach had thought me a lot of new positions and he liked a lot of foreplay, which with my other boy friends, had been very short and consisted of kissing, fondling my tits, then sucking and or fucking. If the whole thing lasted 15 to 20 minutes, that would be a lot. With Teach the foreplay lasted hours sometimes. With Teach when we were at his house the foreplay would sometimes be him giving me a bath or us both in the shower. Teach was the first one to go down on me and he could give me several orgasms with his talented tongue and mouth. He would suck on my clit while humming and my whole body would shake while I was cumming. Sex had taken a big jump in the right direction for me that summer and my pleasure was greatly increased. I found that after getting pleasured and fucked by Teach I was looking forward to our next erotic adventure before I got dressed. He use to tell me that I was a nympho. I ask him what that meant? I had heard other girls called that but had no idea what it meant. Teach said it was short for nymphomaniac, which meant I had a very high and much more than normal desire for sex and craved the pleasure it brought to my body and mind. He told me that I had the highest desire for sex than any other women he had known, and that I showed the most pleasure while having an orgasm. If my mouth was not full of a cock I could be very vocal while climaxing. Teach told me I was the only women he knew, or even heard of, that could have an orgasm while giving a blow job without even being touched any where else.

One weekend his biker gang was having a party in a wooded area known as Little Woods in Eastern New Orleans. The property was owner by the parents of one of the gang members. It was around 100 acres with an old house and barn in the middle of the wooded area that could not be seen from the street. The entrance had a locked gate for privacy. I remember the combination on the lock was 6969. I arrived at teach's apartment right after school on that Friday afternoon. After a good long kiss to say hello, he drew me a hot bubble bath. He undressed me and helped me into the big footed tub. He told me to soak for a while while he got my clothes out. When he returned he shaved my legs, underarms, and cunt. After he shaved me he got into the tub behind me and washed my whole body paying a lot of attention to my cunt and tits. We switched positions and I washed his body. After a good hot shower to rinse off we dried each other. He led me into his bedroom and placed his collar around my neck. As he buckled it I said "I'm so proud to belong to you and dedicate my body to pleasing you". Which also put me into a state of XTC and has resulted in many mind blowing orgasms for us during out relationship. He had laid out my black garter belt with black lace stockings, leather short skirt, with one of my sheer black blouses, my belly chain and ear rings, my vest, and my high heeled lace up boots. There was not a bra or panties for me. He sat in a chair and told me to put on my garter belt, stockings, boots and belly chain as he watched. Then I was instructed to put on my make up while still naked. You know how I like it. Yes you want me to look slutty for you. He watched me put on my make up and jewelry while he had a good view of my smooth cunt and tits. Then my skirt, blouse and vest. He got dressed in his leathers, packet the rest of our things and placed them in the little trailer he pulled behind the bike. He had the seat on his bike that he had made with a ridge down the middle that my cunt and ass rested on while riding the bike. The vibrations on my cunt and ass would produce orgasms for me as we rode down the highway. He could tell when I was cumming as I would squeeze him tightly and lean my body into his.

When we arrived there was a large bond fire going in front of the house. They were serving BBQ with all the trimmings. There was 6 other guys and 3 other women. I was introduce to the rest of the gang and their girl friends as I was new and this was my first party. One was introduced as Horse. I asked Teach why was he called horse, when he was riding a hog. Teach said his nick name was not connected in any way to his bike. After dinner we began to dance to rock and roll being played on 45s and albums. With 7 guys and 4 girls we were dancing with all the single guys too. When a slow song started Horse ask me to dance with him. As we danced at arms length we were having small talk getting to know each other as well as the gang. He began telling me how lucky Teach was to have such a hot looking young girl as his girl friend. I found out I was the youngest one there. The youngest guy was 24 and the oldest was 46, Wendy was the next youngest girl at 21 and the oldest girl was 44. I ask him how he got the nick name of horse. He pulled me close to him and I felt his cock pressed against my leg. Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyy GOSH. I did not know a human could have a cock that big. I felt a tingle run through my cunt. We danced to a few more slow songs with our bodies pressed close together. As we danced I could fell my juices running down my legs from him rubbing his cock against my leg. I was hoping Teach did not notice what Horse was doing and that I was letting him do. Teach came out and tapped in and we danced to a few more slow songs. He asked me if I now understood where Horse got his name? I guess you noticed. I did not know what to do when he started rubbing his cock against my leg. I know I belong to you but he held me so tight. Teach pulled up my skirt and placed his hand over my cunt and easily inserted several fingers into me. I can tell you liked it, the tops of your fucking stockings are wet you fucking slut. I'm sorry I know I belong to you and accepted your collar as a sign that I belong to you. It's OK brandie, we are all brothers here and we share our belongings with each other.

We went to sit down and began to kiss very passionately with our tongues dancing inside each other's mouth. Horse sat next to me and said this is not fair. Y'all are kissing and hugging and I don't have any one to kiss. Teach ask me if I would like to kiss Horse. I asked him, wouldn't you be mad at me if I kissed him. All my other boyfriends would have pitched a fit and gotten mad and pissed off if I even looked at another man. Teach said we are all brothers here, and we share everything equally. You mean if I kissed Horse you will not get mad at me. I told you, we all share EVERYTHING EQUALLY. Again I'm experiencing something totally new to me. I am confused as to what I am to Teach. I'm his and belong to him for his and my pleasure, but he is telling me I can kiss another man and he will not get mad at me. I'm confused but getting excited about kissing another man right in front of my lover. I turned to kiss Horse and as my lips touched his he pressed his tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced passionately. He placed his arm around me pressing against my tits. We broke our kiss and Teach turned my head to him and began kissing me again. As I looked across the fire the others were all kissing and making out and the other girls were also kissing and hugging two guys. I was confused and this was totally new to me, but it was also turning me on like never before. I placed my hand on Teach's cock and he was rock hard!!!!! This has turned him on too. Teach began unbuttoning the chains that held my vest together. My tits were now clearly visible with the light from the flickering fire. While Teach was kissing me I felt Horse begin to folded my tits. Then Teach unbuttoned my blouse all the way down to my skirt. Horse reached inside my blouse and began to squeeze my tit and pinch my nipples. My cunt was having sensations like I had never felt before and it was intoxicating. As I looked over to Wendy she was now topless with a guy on each side of her one kissing her, the other sucking on one of her tits while pulling on her other nipple.

A couple of the guys got up and went into the house.

Part 2 to follow.
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