My First Non-solo Sexual Experience.
After writing in my profile that I was just going to relate my actual sex life I went with my first story about something that happened later in life and not from the beginning. I will now start at the beginning. At least at the point where there was another person involved.

I started pounding my pud at some obscene early age and was 15 when another person was added to the scene. She was my sister who was two years my senior. We shared the same bedroom in my parents two bedroom house. It was a pretty big room with twin size bunks my dad made and privacy screens for each of us in two of the four corners. Dad told me to give sis her privacy and mom cautioned sis the same about me. We were good kids and did as we were told...until.

I was lying in my upper bunk whipping up a load of thick cream when sis popped her head over the edge and told me to stop beating it so hard because I was shaking the bed too much. Her timing was perfect as I shot a mighty stream out failing to catch it in the sheet because she had startled me so much.

I guess it startled her since she just stood there staring at my cock. She told me she couldn't believe how big it was, said it was bigger than Bill her boy friend's cock. She also said it shot more cum for a greater distance than his did.

Now those remarks didn't faze me since sis had a reputation as being a jock groupie, some said she had done the whole starting lineups of the high school football, basketball, and baseball teams. Of course she denied all this as jealous slander because she was so popular with the jocks.

All this went on as I frantically was trying to wipe up my mess and cover my shrinking tool. She then asked me to show it to her and I uncovered the now limp little thing. That wasn't enough and I had to show her my balls too. And that wasn't enough, she wanted to touch it and see if it would get hard again.

It got hard as she fingered it and held my balls and gently squeezed them. Then she told me to lie on my side and I did with it pointing out over the edge of my upper bunk; she kissed it. Just a little kiss like she gave me when forced to do so on some special occasion like a birthday. Her face was flushed by that time and she put its head in her mouth. I felt her tongue circle around the head's edge. I came again, not as much or as forcefully, but enough that she gagged in surprise as I shot right into her mouth.

She spit it out on my covers and called me a bastard as she ran to the bathroom. When she came back she said I had a lot to learn about control and if I would do her math homework she just might teach me a thing or two.

A week later after a couple of hours doing her homework...well, maybe I'll continue later.
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