My First Time In A Nude Bar
Last Saturday night my Girl friend Ginny took me to an all nude bar for my birthday. She said she new the manager there. I had to use my fake ID anyway to get in. As soon as I walked in, I thought OMG OMG every girl in the place was naked.

We set down at a table near the stage. There were like 4 girls dancing very sexy on stage. I couldn't look away. Ginny ordered us some rum and cokes and they were strong. I looked around and the place was full of guys.

After a few drinks Ginny told one of the girls that it was birthday. This one girl came up to me and said happy birthday and kissed me right on the lips. I almost lost my breath.

Then another then another they started kissing full mouth on my mouth. I have to tell you I was surprised and really turned on. Then my good friend Ginny put a $20 bill over my head. I didn't know it at the time, but that meant, I wanted a back room lap dance.

These (2) girls grabbed my hand and took me to a dark place in the back room. One of them set on my lap and an proceeded to grind her pussy against my pussy. I just had on a really short skirt and I never wear panties with a really mid drift top. I could feel her warmth of her pussy on mine, my nipples I thought were going to bust through my top.

She then rubbed her boobs in to my face. My head was spinning. The other girl was rubbing her wet pussy against my back. My mind went blank cause the next thing that happened she stood up and rammed her drench pussy right into my face, I started eating her musky pussy like crazy. I didn't realize at the time most of these girls were bi. I do now.

One of the girls said to me, you like? I think I mumbled yes. She then ask if I want a cock to, again I nodded yeah. This big black guy walked over to with his cock out it was humongous. It was like horse cock the (2) girls lifted me up by my legs and spread them wide , he got between my legs and started push it up me it was way to big for me.

I started scream, but one of the girl put her hand over my mouth. He kept pushing his cock deeper in to me, I was like trying to get away but it went deeper and deeper. My mind was spinning and I think I lost conscious, when I came to he was like fucking me really hard, but I guest he stretched me out and it felt really good.

I was meeting his thrust every time he pushed it in me. Then he said baby I am going to fill your hole with come, but before I had a chance to say no, I felt a huge gush of cum way up me. It like squirted out the sides of my pussy. He like pulled up his pants kissed me and walked away.

Both girls got on there knees between my legs and started eating his cum out of my hole. Before I got up my pussy was licked clean. I could hardly walk back to the table where my friend Ginny was grinning from ear to ear.

She said I see by the way your walking, you had a good time. You bitch you set the whole thing up. She said yep and happy birthday and kissed me.
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