My First Woman
My First Woman
By: Sassy Sue

Thoughts of another woman have always fantasy of mine, just something I thought about from time to time as most woman do at one point or another in their lives. Curiosity more than anything else, never more than an innocent girly kiss on the cheek between girlfriends, and once in college a kiss on a girl's mouth during a risqué game of Truth or Dare at a party one night. That has been my sexual experiences with woman.

My husband is a teaser and a bit of a pervert, pillow talk after sex would inevitable includes questions if I had the desire to have sex with another woman. He would tell me how hot it would be for him and for me of course. We would look at lesbian porn and at first it did not do anything for me, but after a few times I began to fantasize about what it would be like. I began to look at women in a new sexual light.

I am the proud owner of an artist's studio and two bedroom cabin on two acres of heaven. My view is along the coast looking at all the little islands as well as the mainland. On a clear day, the sweeping miles of wind swept sand dunes serves as my back yard. This is our weekend getaway and my solitude during the week and mine to do as I please when I please during the week.

One day, the first time I saw Alisha, I am sitting there looking out my window at this glorious view but not seeing it. My mind won't let me see anything but this vision of loveliness on the beach. There is Alisha striding across the hard pack of the beach. The curve of her body silhouetted against the morning sky. Alisha wearing black running shorts and a red sports bra that compressed her full breasts into two small bumps and she is taking long, powerful strides. With her head up, her long hair flowing in her wake, as her long brown legs propel her down the beach at a rapid pace, heading towards the fitness center at the end of the beach. I watch, unable to divert my gaze until she vanishes.

How can a thirty-six year old heterosexual female even be thinking about another woman; but this woman had mesmerized me with her sensual grace. It all started so innocently; one minute I was more than happy with my sex life and the opposite sex and then Alisha had entered my life and I couldn't keep from fantasizing of decadents with a woman.

When I first met Alisha, I thought that she was an attractive young woman and that I would love to capture her beauty on my canvas. Therefore, that is when I started to go to the gym and it was inevitable that I would run into her. I told myself that the fascination I had with her was purely my artist's eye seeing her beauty. She is quite tall, at least five feet 9 inches, and slim but with curves where they are needed. She almost reminds me of a panther with her long shapely limbs and well-toned torso. Her long black hair waves down her back which she often pulls back with a scrunchy into a ponytail. Her skin is the color of a burnished copper. Full luscious lips frame the whitest, most perfect smile. Then as you glance further up her face past her aquiline nose, you are completely taken back by the greenest eyes framed by long dark lashes. This is something I have never before seen in an African American woman.

I found myself spending more time than normal in my garden with my easel and paints. I would watch her as she now made it habit of stopping by during her morning jog. My eyes, drawn to the curve of her buttocks, brandished in her tight running shorts. I laughed to myself when I saw the red rose tattoo on the curve of her shapely cheek. She often looked up to catching me watching her, and I know I would blush deeply. My creamy skin didn't take much to redden deeply and the blush is almost matching my auburn hair. I'm sure it was like looking at two pools of blue in a sea of red. At least when Alisha saw me watching her, she would smile but I was never sure if the smile was one of discernment or amusement. So hopefully she wasn't insulted by my sudden case of voyeurism.

We chatted often. She is a very intelligent young woman. Just out of college she is doing any work she can find until she is able to get into her passion of photography, as a career. Photography is her passion and Alisha has offered to show me some of her work soon. Meanwhile all the characters I am drawing look amazingly just like this stunning young woman.

Life continued with my attraction to Alisha still occupying my mind when she came up behind me one day in the garden. As I stroked my paintbrush across the canvas, her voice broke the silent reverie I was in. She had a husky, sensual voice that matched her sleek good looks.

"Barbie, I was wondering if you would like to look at my folio tonight after supper. I could come over and I would appreciate your artistic eye," Alisha asked.

My rush to say yes even surprised me and I blushed once more.

"How about 7:30ish," I stammered.
"That's fine, and would you mind if I bought some of Mom's plum wine?"

Nodding, still feeling the redness in my face, and quickly turning back to my easel, I can hear the sand crunch as she steps off to resume her morning jog. My heart was pounding in my ample bosom. Thoughts of what I must do before tonight rushed through my mind.

I would need to go downtown and pick up a few things for snacks. A soak in a scented bath sprung to mind as well. An inventory of my clothes flashing through my brain as I wondered what I should wear; then suddenly I realized that I was treating this like a date instead of what it really was, an artist coming over to show me her work.

"Oh well, cheese and crackers and my skinny jeans and a cream camisole top will be enough, although the bath can still stay in the picture," I told myself.

Later that afternoon found me lying back in the tub. My breasts seem to float in a sea of bubbles. The smell of roses filled the steamy room. The sultry voice of Lena Horne crooning "Stormy Weather" echoed through the cottage. As my toe played with bubbles, I am in deep thought at my new found interest in the same sex and especially in Alisha. My husband being home most every weekend, I did have a full sex life. It was just after I had met Alisha I had found myself extremely horny. Jeff had come to my rescue, and we had screwed the weekend away, making love in all corners of the cottage. I had worn him out but oddly enough, I still felt curiously unsatisfied.

I had never entertained homosexual thoughts. The closest I had come was in high school when Jennifer, my best friend, and I had practiced kissing on each other. However, I had graduated to boys soon after and never thought again of other females for sexual gratification that is until now. My fingertips tracing circles over my creamy white globes as I visualize Alisha. She has such a strong but lithe figure. Her breasts are pert and not too large. My nipples hardening as my fingers tease and pinch them. Groaning I feel myself quickening between my legs. One hand is slowly easing down, lightly caressing the skin in its path, and elevating my arousal. It reached my patch of curly red pubic hair and parted it to fondle the lips beneath. Parting my swollen labia, pushing my hood back and expose my stiffening clit. Warm water is caressing my clit as I am tentatively fondling my pleasure nub. The touch is sending an electric shock to coursing through my body.

Pressing gently, my sensitive pearl, which is now hard like a little dick. Rubbing it, my arousal became stronger. My imagination had Alisha doing what my hands were doing. I am pushing my fingers lower, to press inside my wet vagina. My pussy is contracting, pulling on my finger, tightening, and pulling at my finger. As my other hand is busy pulling and pinching at my nipples, masturbating slowly. My thumb is rubbing my clit, pressing my index and middle finger inside my pussy searching for my g-spot.

No matter how I follow instructions in those sex manuals, trying to find it, I am rarely successful, but tonight I got lucky. Fucking my vagina with my two fingers while my right hand tweaking my nipples, I feel my peak nearing. My pulse racing and my insides throbbing as I get closer and closer until finally, with the picture of Alisha in my mind, my pussy ejaculating my nectar onto my left palm. Trembling and I am gasping from deep in my throat until my climax subsides. It may have been my Catholic upbringing that made me blush all over at what I had done and I don't just mean masturbating but thinking of a woman while jilling.

I am wondering how I would navigate the evening but I am looking forward to seeing Alisha away from her jogging. Hopping out of the bath, I dried off and then salaciously applied lotion to my warm flesh. Selecting a chartreuse thong, I eased it up my legs and admired my fresh camel toe in the mirror.

Walking into the bedroom, I retrieve my skinny jeans and pulling them up my legs and over my hips and I zipped them up. Foregoing a bra, I ease a cream camisole over my breasts, and then donning my burgundy silk blouse, I leave three buttons opened; now I was ready for Alisha's visit.

Returning to the bathroom, I run a brush through my shoulder length curls. A touch of lipstick and I was ready to finish my outfit off with a pair of sandals. I checked myself in the closet mirror and thought that though I would win no beauty contest, I am easy on the eyes.

A bowl of fresh fruit for supper and while washing the dish, I hear Alisha at my door. Calling out to Alisha to come on in as the door wasn't locked and then I stretched up to the cupboard to retrieve two wine glasses. As I picked up the glasses, I looked back at the doorway to see a pair of beautiful green eyes riveted on my behind. I slowly straightened and turned with a smile to greet my visitor properly.

"Here let me take that from you," I told Alisha as I took the heavy carton from her arms and deposited it on the kitchen table.

The girl looked so sexy in her jeans and halter-top. Alisha is left standing there with two wine bottles in one hand, which she is waving at me, and presenting her mother's plum wine. I directed her to the utensil drawer to locate the corkscrew. Alisha set down one bottle on the counter near the drawer and placed the other in the fridge. As she is walking back to the corkscrew and the wine, I am watching the sultry sway of her firm ass and marveling at the way she walked. The Panther image is once again in my mind. This woman could walk over hot coals, juggling knives, and still look graceful.

Suddenly I realized that she was looking at me with the wine opened and ready to pour. I passed her the two glasses and she poured us each a stout measure.

"Cheers," she toasted as she drew the glass to her lips.

I smiled and taking a sip, my eyes widened in surprise.

"Yum, this is delicious," I declared!

"It's also very potent," Alisha, warned me.

"Well, shall we opt for comfort and sit on the sofa to look at your work?"

"Sounds right to me," she laughed as she picked up the carton once again making her way to the sofa.

Carry a tray with two glasses of wine and the remainder of the wine and joined Alisha on the sofa. Alisha, setting the carton on the rug next to the coffee table and was extracting the albums which she is placing them on the table. Sitting near her and placing the wine and glasses on the table next to the books, the young photographer sidled over so that our hips were touching and she had the first album in her hand. Laying the album on my lap so I could see the photos as she pointed them out and commenting on each one. My pulse quickened having her hand so close to my now throbbing vagina, a reaction that I never experienced with another woman.

She was leaning so close to me I could feel the warmth of her body through the sleeve of my top. I breathed in her scent. The musky smell of Obsession filled my senses and made me a little giddy. Alisha continued to describe each photo completely unaware of the turmoil she was causing my senses. I took a mental hold of myself and focused my attention to her work.

These pictures were taken in the Mojave Desert. The way she had made use of all the earthy colors was fantastic, and I could see she was extremely talented. I told her so, and she gave me the most beautiful, warm smile. I desire her, wanting so badly to take her in my arms and hold her tight and kiss that sexy mouth; my fantasy is controlling me now. We both turned back to the album, and she turns the page and I noticed that there is a photograph featuring a cute redhead. She was around the same age as Alisha. She was cute and curvy and had a very open face and sweet smile. I asked Alisha if it was a fellow student in photography and noticed a sad look pass through her jade eyes.

"That's Angela. She was a friend and a roommate while I was at college, but we aren't in touch anymore," Alisha informed me before changing the subject back to the photos.

Sensing her unhappiness, I wondered, with a little jealously, if they were more than just friends. The first album was finished now so I offered to grab a snack while we had a stretch and filled our glasses again. I was on my third drink by now and felt a little light headed as I stood. Making my way to the kitchen to fetch the cheese and crackers, I looked in the mirror above the fireplace to see Alisha standing to stretch her long limbs. Like a cat stretching, she looked so sensual.

I took the cheese platter from the fridge. Removing the plastic wrap, I put the bowl of crackers on the side and carried it all to the lounge room. Alisha was standing in front of the fire looking at the Dresden figures on the mantelpiece.

"They were my mothers," I told her making her jump a little.

"They are beautiful, especially this one of the girl with auburn hair," She commented.

"Yes, it looks a little like your friend in the photo," I said just noticing.

"I was thinking more like you," Alisha stated eyeing me up and down.

I am blushing a little now from her comment, the figurine is really beautiful, and though I knew I was okay, I certainly would never describe me as beautiful.

She laughed and added. "Why do I get the impression that you don't realize just how beautiful you are, Barbie?"

I blushed even deeper and said, "Because I'm not."

Picking up a napkin from the table and offering it to Alisha along with some food. As she took the serviette from my hand, our fingers touched and it was like touching a live wire, but in such a good way. Alisha helped herself to a slice of Camembert and a cracker and then returning to the sofa. Sipping from her glass, she washed down the cheese and cracker. I sat next to her again leaving an inch or two space between us. Alisha leaning across me, and I could feel the swell of her breast as it grazes my arm. Taking the next album, she moves closer to me again so our hips are touching and once more the book is on my lap.

I took the book in my hands so she would be free to move her hand away. She put it on the back of the sofa behind me. Each time she pointed to something on the left side of the album her breast would rub across my shoulder and arm. My breath would catch every time her supple breast would sweep my arm. A few times, I thought, I would swear that she smells my hair but then thought it was more likely my imagination coupled with my fantasy getting the best of me again.

By the time we had finished the second album, my senses were running wild. At this stage Alisha must have decided to take things in her own graceful hands. Putting her left hand on my right shoulder, she turns and we are now facing each other.

"Barbie, I have a confession to make," she begins. "I have been attracted to you from the moment I first cast my eyes on you in your garden. At first I tried to ignore it because you remind me a little in looks to Angela, and I thought it may have been a rebound thing. But I know that isn't the case now. I am not sure about your sexual preferences, I know you are married but these days that is not always a predictor of sexual preference, so if you are hetero, please accept my apology for my bold intrusion."

"But, I have a feeling that you are as attracted to me as I am to you."

"I... I... I've never..." stammering trying to form a comprehensible sentence.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Alisha said sadly as she turned away.

"No," I said holding her as she is starting to rise from the sofa.

"Let me finish please," I implored.

Turning, giving me a partial warm smile, a smile displaying desire and hope, Alisha sat next to me again. The album had been returned to the carton and our conversation is shifting.

I finished. "I've always been straight. Apart from some giddy teenage girl stuff at the Catholic boarding school I attended, I've never been with a woman. I have had an occasional fantasy and my husband always asks me if I ever thought about being with another woman when we would watch lesbian porn together. I will confess that I have given it some thought but I have never acted on those thoughts. At least until recently since that first day I saw you jogging on the beach. I was so taken by you I went to the fitness center where I have not been in a long time just to run into you. After that I have been in my garden painting watching for you to appear. Now I have had some very naughty thoughts about you."

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief that I had confessed my dirty secret to Alisha I was blushing again.

Alisha, taking my face gently between her hands, she said, "Honey, I promise I'll be gentle."

Two giggling women sharing wine and about to share each other, Alisha ever so gently began to kiss my lips like they were delicate porcelain. I tentatively returning her kiss and found the experience really good. The tip of her tongue is softly touching my lips, tasting them as she is tracing the outline of my full lips with her tongue. Groaning softly, I could feel my building desire then opening my eyes, Alisha's green eyes were looking straight into mine.

Smiling with her eyes and she stopped kissing me... tasting me just long enough to ask me. "You okay, Barbie? We can stop if you would like."

But I did like it. I am so aroused that I didn't want to ever stop. Pulling her mouth back to mine, entwining my fingers through her hair. Our tongues met touching, tasting, twisting around each other's. One of her hands had found my left breast and was gently caressing it, teasing the nipple softly with a fingertip.

"I love your breasts," she mumbled into my mouth as we kissed.

I certainly love what she was doing to them even through my camisole. Suddenly she stopped everything and pulled back from me. I let out a load moan.

"Barbie, honey, we have to slow down. Take it slowly."

A sad look swept across my face and she took my hands in hers and smiled.

"I'm not saying we have to stop, honey. But if you want that I will. What I am saying is we need to slow down and do this right. Now, sweetie, stop and take a sip of your drink and then take a minute to really think if this is what you want."

She passed me my glass, and I obediently took a sip. Our eyes met across the rim of the glass, and I knew what I was feeling was a lot more than lust. I put my glass back on the table and stood. Taking her hand in mine, I silently led her to my bedroom. Reaching the side of the bed, I turned into her arms.

"Oh, Barbie love, I have wanted you from the moment I set eyes on you. It was like someone had hit me with a sledge hammer; it was so strong and sudden."

As she talked, we were divesting each other of our cumbersome clothing. Undoing the ties to her halter top and it dropped between us. My eyes were riveted to her beautiful breasts. Her breasts are 36C mounds of supple caramel full of mounds of pleasure, pert and saucy. Her nipples were a rich chocolate brown with large dark areolas. My hands reached for them, gently cupping them in my palms and then I began tweaking her hard nipples before kissing them. They felt so soft.

Meanwhile Alisha had rid me of my shirt and was now lifting my camisole over my head. I reluctantly let go of her mounds so she could rid me of the top. As my hands returning to her breasts my mouth now on her nipples as Alisha is reaching around me to unclasp my bra. My breasts are globes now free of their confinement, swinging free. Alisha moaning and is bending to suckle on my pendulous breasts.

"I love your breasts, Barbie. Just the sight of them makes me want to suckle at them." The young lady mumbled between licking and sucking at my nipples. Her tongue was driving me wild with lust. My fingers entwined in her hair at the back of her head, pulling her mouth onto my boobs. Alisha is licking and sucking at each nipple in turn, until they were hard as steel and my nipples are poking out a good half inch. We then pulled each other's jeans down and I gasped at seeing her naked body. She was so beautiful.

After some time, Alisha gently pushing me back onto the bed, and returning to my breasts before slowly moving lower with her mouth leaving my nipples aching. Kissing her way down my stomach, knelling at the side of the bed Alisha is parting my legs which were dangling over the side of the bed; the sexy young woman is kissing and caressing my inner thighs. Meanwhile her fingers were parting my red curls to expose my slit to her. Gently parting the outer lips, she found my little hard nub and was teasing it with her fingertip. My body stiffening from her touch, nerves firing and I feel a new sensual pleasure shooting through my body.

My hands were bunching the sheets at my side as my climax is building and just when I thought I could stand no more of her ministrations, I feel the tip of her wet tongue glide across my pearl. My body arching with the contact, I can feel my orgasm nearing its peak. Her tongue is delving into my depths of my sopping pussy when my body erupts in an earth shattering climax. It is the like of which I have never felt before. My breath caught in my throat and my heart beat so fast I thought it would burst, I had just cum from another woman pleasuring me.

Alisha lapped and licked my juices as my body continued to shake. Finally my pulse slowed and my body started to return to normal. I opened my eyes to see Alisha smiling across my body at me. Her lips still had some of my cream sticking to them. I held out my hands to her and she glided up on the bed beside me.

Rolling on my side, I took her face in my hands and licked my cum from her lips before kissing her first softly then deeply.

"That was.... my God, Alisha that was mind blowing." I told her.

She looked lovingly at me and said, "I'm glad, baby. I really wanted your first time to be special. But we aren't finished yet."

"Definitely not," I replied. "It's your turn now love. Lay back and let me see if I can do as well."

I put my arm around Alisha and kissing her gently, barely touching her lips with mine. The effect was thrilling and Alisha's body tingling all over. With the same light touch, I began kissing her face, cheeks, her closed eyes and then her soft lips again. Tilting her head back and kissing her throat the same way. Alisha is forcing herself lay still but goose bumps rose all over her tawny, caramel skin.

My fingertips, lightly tracing the curve of her shoulder, and then gently brushing the length of her arm as I caress her. Then, with just a whisper of a touch, I drew my hand back up the inside of her arm. Alisha shook with a tingling spasm. My fingertips followed the outline of her body down her side then glancing across her pert breast and hardening nipple. It rose even more as an intense shock of pleasure shot through her.

I couldn't wait any longer and bent to take her firm nipple into my mouth. Alisha pressed up as I began to suckle on her the tip of her hard nip. I felt the warm wetness between my thighs as she squirmed beneath the touch of my body. Breathing deeply, I smell the musky scent of her pussy and I could feet a quickening in my cunt as I sensed her readiness, her eagerness, her lust.

My hand caressing her inner thigh and the ebony woman is opening her legs for me. My hand, encountering first her moistness, and then her small rigid clit as I explore her vulva Alisha breath explodes from her in gasps as I rub and fondle her pearl. Reaching lower, I enter her vagina with two fingers and explored her depths and textures. Alisha arched her back and moaning as I finger fuck her.

Letting go of her nipple, I find her mouth, kissing her firmly; I loved the slow sensuous touch of our tongues as they dance together. Moving my tongue down her throat to the valley between her breasts, with both hands, I cupped the roundness of them as I moved my tongue lower. Alisha is massaging my shoulders, raking my back with her nails and arms and moaning softly as waves of desire are coursing through her body.

I worked my way down with my tongue and mouth, running my tongue around her navel then onto her soft black, curly, pubic hair. I am at the precipice of tasting my first woman and my body trembles as I am extending my tongue to her flower. Alisha arching her back in response and I am at the helm of her body, steering her into a sea of bliss. I find the top of her slit and then her hard little pearl. She cries out as I my tongue tastes her for the first time. Her ambrosia is coating my tongue, her sweet cream on my tongue as I lick her hood and the sweet, salty flavor is irresistible. I lick and suck at her pussy with my tongue as my hands continued fondling her breasts and nipples. My tongue is now plunging into her depths of her yummy cunt. She tastes so sweet, and Alisha is grinding her pussy on my tongue as I lap greedily at her moistness.

This was more than Alisha could take, and she is calling my name as she abandons herself to the sheer pleasure of her decadent orgasm. Her juices smothering my face and I am licking, sucking, and swallowing her nectar as her body shakes with her climax.

Finally her body stops trembling and I look up at her smiling. She reaches down to me to pull me up into her arms.

"I can't believe that was your first time with a woman. You certainly made me cum like you had been doing this all your life," Alisha said to me.

Blushing a little and I replied, "It wasn't hard. You have such a beautiful, sensual body. I know what I like and I was counting that you would enjoy the same things."

We snuggled in each other's arms with Alisha kissing me gently.

"Barbie, I know it's too early to make any commitment, but I would love to spend more time with you. You have stolen my heart."

I smiled back at her and told her that it wasn't gone, just beating as one with mine.

And that my friends, is how I lost my innocence to a lovely woman. Alisha and I have been together now for some time and every day has been heaven. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be living with another woman and loving her, I probably would have laughed in their face. But here I am and I have never been happier. My husband visits on the weekend and makes sure that we both get our dose of a man, but I am Alisa's now.
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