My Friend, The Pornstar [redux]
have to confess this to someone. I have to get this out and on some kind of record.

One of my customers, let's call her Carla, is a retired pornstar. I recognized her immediately but don't think she picked up on it.

Sure, she's little bit older now but she's been taking care of herself. Blonde hair, sparkling eyes, cute, upturned nose, devilish smile and of course, the large breasts for which she was famous. She always dresses professionally whenever I meet with her and is in no way slutty but she still carries herself in a way that is ever so slightly suggestive. She displays her body proudly, preferring tight jeans and sweaters that display her amazing curves.

I became obsessed with her. My wife and I regularly watch porn together she has often commented that the scenes with Carla really turn her on. In fact, the first time we tried anal sex was as a direct result of a hot double penetration scene that Carla did. However, I now find myself watching scenes starring Carla by myself either at the office or after my wife is asleep. She is my guilty secret.
I tried to schedule regular meetings with Carla and made sure I watched one of her scenes on the Internet just before she arrived. It aroused me greatly that I was interacting so casually with someone who I had just witnessed do the dirtiest things on film. Whenever she smiled at me, my dick was instantly hard as it was the same smile I had seen over and over again on video. It usually signalled that she was about to go to town on a lucky cock.

The project we were working on was almost at an end and I could not bear the thought of her being out of my life. I wanted to ask her if we could still stay in touch but I was sure that would just have unnerved her. It's not that I wanted to fuck her per se but her recent presence in my life had sparked a burning sexual flame in me. A flame, I couldn't stand to see die out.

We had arranged to convene downtown at her lawyer's office to sign some outstanding documents so that the project could be finalized. We met up in the lobby and waited to be shown up to the offices. We made small talk as we sat on the plush couches provided. Carla was looking gorgeous as always, wearing a black jacket and matching skirt combo that was extremely well fitting. Her curves were wonderfully accentuated and just enough cleavage was exposed, that I found it difficult to stop my eyes from wandering down to get a better look. She sat with her legs crossed, her dress tight around her butt and riding up to expose a delicious expanse of smooth thigh. My cock was swelling just looking at her. As we chatted, I was desperately willing the erection away, hoping that it wouldn't be obvious when we stood up.

"Well, looks like we're nearly done with each other," she said.

"Almost, although I have to say that it's been great working with you."

"Thanks. Yes, it has gone rather smoothly hasn't it? Still, I bet you'll be glad to have me out of your hair"

She leaned forward as she said this to adjust the strap on her high heels. This provided me with the opportunity to look down her dress and get a view of her lacy bra and spectacular breasts. My cock gave up the fight to remain flaccid and sprang into full erectness. Even though I had seen her tits innumerable times in her movies, this forbidden peek was the ultimate turn-on.

" um really enjoy-" I stammered, more than a bit flustered, a state of mind not helped when she suddenly looked up, catching me in the act of staring at her chest. I tried to look away but was helpless under her cold gaze and could just stare back at her in panic.

Her lips tightened as she sat up but before she could say anything we were mercifully interrupted by an assistant from the lawyer's office, requesting us to follow her. She guided us past security to the bank of elevators where we waited for one to arrive. There were quite a few people clustered around and when the doors before us opened, we were carried in a bustle of bodies. I found myself wedged tightly against Carla as the elevator filled up. We had ended up face to face and I was acutely aware of my erection digging into her body. The elevator took off with a jerk that unbalanced us slightly, causing her to wrap her arms around my waist to steady herself. This act brought us even closer together and there was now no denying my arousal.

She was looking directly at me and started moving her hips ever so slightly against my body. I was acutely aware of the people all around us but this only seemed to harden my fervour. Her arms were still wrapped around me even though there was no longer any need to do so.

"So I guess you will miss me after all?" she asked cocking an eyebrow, her voice seemed extremely loud in the crowded space filled with silent passengers.

"Um, I'm really sorry, it's just-" I glanced around, not really wanting to share my embarrassment in such close quarters.

"Don't be silly, what's there to apologize for?"
Just then the elevator stopped at a floor and several people got off, freeing up some space.

Ignoring this, Carla remained wrapped around me. The assistant accompanying us was staring impassively at the doors, seemingly taking no notice of us. My hard-on refused to subside especially when I realized just how wonderful Carla felt up against me. Her breasts were firm against my chest and her flat stomach rubbing so deliciously against my groin. My dick throbbed powerfully as she continued to grind ever so subtly against it. Her lips were puckered in a sexy pout and her eyes were sparkling as she inflamed my passion. We must have looked like lovesick teenagers slow dancing but I was enjoying the situation too much to reflect on the absurdity of it.

"Hmmm," she murmured softly into my ear, running a fingernail down my chest, "unfortunately we have to get off soon but I'm thinking that maybe you really need to get off too."

Her hand cupped my groin, squeezing my hard cock as I felt her lips nuzzling my earlobe. "Yes, I really think we need to do something about this."

Just then the doors opened again and with a quiet cough, the assistant exited the elevator. Carla grabbed my hand and we followed her. I tried to stay close to Carla so that my hard-on was not too evident. Walking down the hall, I was entranced by her swaying hips and ass as she worked that tight black dress. We were still holding hands and just before we reached the glass doors at the end of the passage, she turned around to look at me, a delightful smile on her red lips. My cock reared sharply at this. It was her trademark blowjob smile that I had seen so many times in her movies, only this time it was directed at me!

We were ushered into the plush office and directed to yet another set of chairs.

"Mr. Jacobs will be with you soon," the assistant assured us. "Can I get you something to drink while you wait?"

Neither of us ordered anything and we stood facing one another, hands still clasped together. Carla eventually let go, that seductive expression never leaving her face and sat down on one of the chairs. I quickly sat down too, rearranging my clothes to try and disguise my bulging cock.

"So am I right in assuming my dirty secret is out?" Carla asked.

"Um, I'm not sure what you mean." I said, trying to bluff my way out.

"Oh you disguised it well, normally I know immediately if someone recognizes me from my past but with you it took a bit longer."

"Your past?"

"Come now, do you really want to do this? Are you going to keep on pretending that you don't know who Tawney Lynx is?"

At the mention of her porn name, I squirmed in my seat, my face flushed but my dick still rigid.

"Yes," I admitted. "I know who that is. I mean who you were...are."

"I suspected as much but when I caught you sneaking a peek in the lobby, I was certain. You could have said something you know. I'm really not embarrassed about it and I love meeting fans of my work."

"I guess, I was just trying to be professional and not let it interfere with the work." This was a bit of a stretch as my obsession with her had distracted me quite a bit.

"That's much appreciated," she replied. "Those were some interesting times. I had some fun, made some money and got out it when stopped being fun. I invested wisely and here I sit in my fancy lawyer's office. Of course the alimony from my divorces helps a lot but they knew what they were getting when they asked me to marry them. But enough about my past, what do you say that after we're done her, we- oh here he is now."

She had been interrupted by a short, balding man wearing what looked like an incredibly expensive business suit, bustling into the waiting area. She stood up to greet him and I did the same, trying to stay close to her for reasons I have gone into already.

"Carla!" he said, air kissing her cheeks. "It's so good to see you again!"

"It's good to see you too Harold. This is Mike, who assisted us in our latest venture."

"Pleased to meet you Mike, Harold Jacobs."

We shook hands briefly before he turned back to Carla.

"My dear I am so sorry for wasting both you and your...developer's time but I've just noticed a few errors in the documents that need to be corrected. We should have it sorted out in about thirty minute's time. Would it be too much to ask that you waited? I really apologize for the inconvenience."

"That's quite alright Harold. I want everything to be correct before we sign off. Mike, you OK with waiting?"

"Sure," I said with a nod. If it meant spending a bit more time with Carla, I could wait all day.
"Harold, I would like to discuss some things with Mike. Do you have somewhere private we could use while we wait for you guys?"

"Certainly, this way please."

We were led through the offices to a small conference room at the end of one of the corridors. It did not look as if it was used very often even though it had an impressive view of the city through a large window that took up most of one of the walls.

"Will this suit your needs?"

"Thank you Harold, this is perfect. Just come get us when you're ready."

He left, closing the door behind him. Carla immediately locked it and turned to me.

"Right," she said, pointing at the bulge in my pants, "you've being using me as a shield to hide that thing for long enough now. Let's cut the bullshit. We've got about 30 minutes to have some fun. I may have retired but trust me, I still remember all the moves. So why don't you just sit yourself down and we'll get started?"

I did as I was instructed, the bulge in my pants unavoidably conspicuous. Carla removed her jacket and purse and draped them over a chair by bending in front of me, sticking her ass out and wiggling it. She then grabbed the back of the chair and looked over her shoulder at me.

"Y'know back when I was performing, I always loved the idea of all those faceless, horny guys jerking off to me as they watched me. Show me how you do it."

I looked around the room nervously, trying to see if there were any security cameras or something similar. Carla was teasingly lifting her skirt up above her thighs to provide me with just the hint of her bare ass. She was incredibly toned without a hint of cellulite. Unable to control myself any longer, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my raging hard-on. The head of my cock was a violent purple and pre-cum was oozing in streams down the shaft. I felt like I was in a trance as I slowly began to jerk off, my fist tight around my shaft as it moved up and down. My thumb flipped over the ridge and sensitive head of my cock at the zenith of each stroke producing a shiver of pleasure through me.

"Hmm, yeah baby, that is so sexy!" Carla was watching me intently as she carried on teasing. Her legs were wider apart now and she hiked her dress over her hips to present her ass to me. She was wearing a black thong that provided minimal coverage to her butt crack and showed the tantalizing bulge of her pudendum with the merest hint of labia peeping out the side. The pace of my masturbation increased as she wet one of her fingers, giving me a good look at her tongue and lips as she sucked on it.

"Make that cock nice and hard for me darling," she said in a husky tone before tugging her panties to one side and inserting the finger into her slit. I caught a flash of pink as the probing digit burrowed into her cunt causing squelching sounds to emanate from it, a counterpoint to those coming from my lubricated fist as I jerked off.

"Ooh, that sounds so sexy," she said as if reading my mind. "Can you hear how wet my pussy is for you babe? I think you need a closer look."

She stood up and turned around to face me, her skirt falling back down to cover her private parts. This did nothing to dampen my ardour as I continued to jerk off furiously, a frothy layer of pre-cum coating my cock and fingers. God, she was so sexy! She started teasing me by swaying her hips from side to side, cupping her breasts, licking her lips and staring seductively at me.

"Stroke that cock for me baby! Play with yourself while I watch."

She pulled her panties down and kicked them to one side. My hand was a blur now and I started fondling my balls. A low groan escaped from my lips.

"Oooh yes darling, tickle those balls. Imagine my lips licking them."

She was standing right in front of me now. I bent forward for a closer look. She lifted her skirt up so that her pussy was right in front of my face.
"Do you like Tawney's pretty little cunt? Did you like it when it got fucked by all those guys with their big dicks or did you prefer it when it was girl-on-girl action?"

"I liked it all," I replied. "Just as long as it was you getting fucked!"

"Well baby, I got my pussy in your face so why don't you introduce yourself to her?"

She thrust her hips so that her cunt was against my lips. My tongue slid into her wet furrow to taste her sweet juices. She started rubbing herself as I licked her.

"That feels so nice sweetie. You seem to know what you're doing with that tongue. Oh God, I'm so horny! I think I'm going to get off pretty quickly. Is your dick nice and hard?"


"You ready to fuck Tawney Lynx?"


"Good because she really wants to fuck you. She's admired your body for ages now especially how good your ass looks in a pair of jeans"

She backed away from me and then bent forward, her hands on my thighs and brushed her lips softly against mine. Her hair fell forward, tickling my face.

"You ready for her, big boy?"

"You have no idea!"

She put her hands on the back of my chair and moved forward to straddle me. She was still wearing her dress which I pushed up so that I could get a nice view of her pussy. She took my cock from my grasp and rubbed it on her smooth thighs. Then without any preamble and with a practised flick of her hand, she guided me into her cunt and we were fucking!

My hands were on her tits, rubbing her hard nipples through her dress. My mouth was nuzzling her neck as she started to ride me. My cock throbbed inside her and it felt like I was constantly on the brink of orgasm. She moved her hips, ass and vagina in ways I didn't know were possible. It felt like every nerve in my cock was being pleasured. I was clamping down and clenching my penile muscles in order not to cum too soon. It was torture and it was exquisite!

"Oh God you feel so good Tawney," I moaned." I can't believe this is happening!"

Tawney seemed to be enjoying herself too. She was moaning and pulling on my hair as she fucked me.

"Fuck me Mike! Oh yes fuck me with that cock! Oh God that feels so good! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!"
She was grinding her crotch against me until with a shudder, she closed her eyes closed and let out an elongated moan. A gush of warm fluid issued from within her as her vaginal walls clutched my cock.
As unbelievable as it seemed, Tawney Lynx had climaxed while I fucked her!

She opened her eyes, a glassy look was in them and a naughty smile formed on her lips.

"Whew!" she exclaimed. "That took me by surprise. I thought for sure you would cum before me."

"So did I."

"Well, our grace period is nearly up so I think we'd better hurry you along stud."

She climbed off me, my cock stiff and sticky with our juices.

"If my pussy couldn't make you cum quickly, my mouth definitely will."

She knelt on the carpeted floor, hands pushing my thighs apart and sunk her luscious lips over my tool. She locked eyes with me and started sucking me off. It was a wet dream cum true. The POV (Point Of View) shot I'd seen so many times onscreen and fantasized over was now happening to me. She swallowed me deep without gagging and then withdrew. Her tongue washed over my shaft, her nails dug into my legs and her teeth grazed the sensitive rim of my helmet. She moved her mouth faster and faster on my delighted cock, sucking and licking. Sticky saliva drooled from her mouth in torrents as she blew me. Her tongue teased the tip and slit of my penis in the most amazing way. Her oral skills were unbelievable and it wasn't long before I felt a familiar feeling building up.

"Oh man, I'm going to cum!" I moaned.

"Well you can't mess up these fancy offices so I guess there's only one place to put it."

With that, she grabbed my dick and started tugging on it, mouth agape and with a wide eyed look of excitement on her face. She began to tickle my balls with her long nails. The tingling sensation this produced along with her cum catching pose that I had seen so many times before quickly brought me to the point of no return and with a groan I started to ejaculate into her mouth. She stuck out her tongue to gently lap on my cockhead as I coated it in white, sticky strands of semen that filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Once my eruptions had stopped, she retracted her tongue and swallowed my load. She then grabbed my cock and shoved it into her mouth to suck and lick it clean.

"Hmmm, that was nice. You have tasty cum." She wiped her fingers over her cheeks and chin to gather up the white drops that were still there. Still looking me in my eyes, she licked her hands clean.

She opened up her small purse to retrieve some tissues which she used to dab the corners of her mouth and then to clean up my still-quivering cock. She gave it a quick kiss before I tucked it back in my pants and zipped myself up. She put the tissue back in the purse and picked up her discarded panties. She popped them into the purse too and stood up, straightening out her clothes and hair. With impeccable timing, there was a knock on the door just as she was putting her jacket back on. It was Harold who had come to inform us that they were ready to commence with proceedings.

We went through to his office where we signed what we needed to sign. Once my presence was no longer required, Carla walked with me back to the waiting area. She needed to stay as there were further matters that required her attention. In contrast to our arrival, our departure was much more professional. We remained a safe distance apart as we said our farewells.

"Well Mike, I do believe that settles matters between us on a business level at least. Although I do hope that this is not the last time we see each other. Perhaps we should meet up for drinks sometime. You have my number."

We parted with a quick peck on the cheek and a handshake. I walked out the offices with mixed emotions. There was an overriding feeling of elation that I had an opportunity to get intimate with her but there was also an underlying sense of sadness and guilt. I knew that there was no way I couldn't have her in my life but I also knew that I did not want to risk destroying my marriage by having an illicit affair.

So now I have a plan. I'm going to introduce Carla to my wife......
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