My Friend Becky..........part 1

The following story deals with a subject that many here have inquired of me about. For the most part it is something that I had been mum about but not for any particular reason. So whether you find this story entertaining or something that satisfies your curiosity, here is a little piece of me from the archives of my life, mid 1990's. By definition I am 'straight' but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


My good friend Becky was over this morning for a coffee. When she arrived I had just finished sorting laundry and was wearing one of Tom's dress shirts as a housecoat. Don't ask me why because I have a closet full of housecoats but always wear one of his shirts instead. I guess I just like the smell of his cologne against my bare body.

Becky and I get along famously, and she thinks I'm outrageous. She just can't get over how free and outgoing I am both emotionally and physically while also being married. Why she thinks being married puts you in a box I'll never know. Just a little thing like wearing a man's dress shirt around the house amazes her.

Anyway, as we're talking the doorbell goes. I went to answer the door and returned to the kitchen with a big box beautifully gift-wrapped. Becky helped me open it. Inside was a huge bouquet, a dozen red roses, with a bottle of champagne and a simple note, "From your lover", and with directions to cool the champagne for tonight!

"SUE!", Becky almost screamed, "ARE YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR?"

"Of course not silly, these are from Tom", I responded smiling. "This was Tom's way of assuring me that everything I'd done Saturday night was perfect and that our love for each other was strong."

Becky couldn't believe that anyone could have a husband that would do this. She and Alex had been married for 13 years and she said he had never done anything like that. Becky was still going on about my gift. "How do you do it girl?" was the general tone, to which I confided that first we communicate well, knew what turned each other on, and then acted on it. She wanted more details then abruptly stopped, paused and demanded, "HEY, wait a minute! What do you mean these roses assure you that Tom was okay with everything you did Saturday night?"

So, I went on telling her about how Tom's main office big wigs had a celebration party after being awarded a major contract that Tom had orchestrated. It was somewhat of a dress up occasion that Tom even picked out what I was to wear. When he does that it is usually motivated by him wanting to show me off. He calls them "pecker lifter outfits." As the party progressed throughout the evening I had become quite loosened up, a little giddy and according to Tom the life of the party. I couldn't remember all that. Tom said that the next day at work all everyone talked about was me..........thus, a dozen red roses and champagne.

After hearing my explanation Becky made the comment that she thought I was leaving out a lot of juicy details. Well, maybe I did leave out a few.

Continuing to feed her curiosity I offered up that Tom got turned on by me dressing sexy, which to him meant tighter than normal clothes and high heels. Becky seemed surprised about the shoes saying she could never walk in high heels. I told her to try it and see what happens, because Tom gets really turned on whenever I wear heels with something other than a dress now and then. "Throw on a pair of cut-offs and heels", I suggested, "while you're making dinner, see if it makes a difference and gets Alex's attention." She kind of dismissed the idea as completely nutty but continued to shake her head as she watched me arrange the flowers.

After a few days had gone by Becky called to say she had tried my idea and all to no avail. She had put on some shorts and heels and other then a few weird looks from Alex, nothing much happened. She seemed distressed and I applauded her trying to light a fire so offered to help her out. I instructed her to bring the same shorts and heels over, and that I would do her hair and make-up and give her a few tips. We got together the next day around mid-afternoon.

I had some cheese and crackers out to go with a couple long stemmed glasses of wine for Becky and the one or two................Oh Okay!......three or four long necked Bud's that I had as we continued discussing the issue at hand. "Okay", I said. "Go into the bathroom there and put on the stuff you wore for Alex." When she came out I almost had to laugh, but didn't because she is my very good friend. Her shorts were bermuda length, although they were denim, and her heels were about 2" high, like something your mother might wear. She had on a white T-shirt that did make her breasts look okay, but not dynamite. I smiled at her and gave her a big hug. "Trust me on this girl", I said, as I looked her up and down, "I think we can make this work!" Becky is a very attractive blond, but looks older then she is. She wears very little make-up and had obviously missed the point of my suggestion. I sat her down and applied new make-up and did her hair up, kind of wild looking and let her put on a pair of my gold hoop earrings and then headed to our bedroom. Already she was looking better.

First off I said, "we're talking dressing sexy, with a capital S." I suggested a pair of my backless heel sandals. She slipped on a pair of white heels, almost 4" and just as quickly almost fell over as we both laughed. "You'll get used to them", I said. Then I asked her if it would be okay if I altered her shorts which got me a puzzled look. "I want to shorten them", I told her! Becky looked unsure but was willing to go along. "Yeah, okay", she said.

"Good", I said, "take off your panties and put your shorts back on while I go to get my shears." I got an even weirder look, but she began to undress as I left the room to get my scissors. She walked clumsily in my shoes into the kitchen where I had her climb up onto a low stool. She wanted to know what I was going to do but I told her to just trust me. I slid the blades up the side seam and began to cut a good 8" of fabric off. I cut around the back now exposing almost a third of her bare bottom. I found myself getting aroused as more and more skin came into view and as the back of my hand gently slid across her bareness. She was looking at me smiling as I continued on the other side. "You're going to have to slip these off", I said, "so I can cut through the crotch area." She unbuttoned the waist, stepped off the stool and slid her shorts down. I'd seen Karen naked before, but now in just a T-shirt and heels she looked a lot hotter as she made no effort to cover her pussy in front of me. I've never had any experiences with another woman, but I was beginning to feel stirrings I hadn't had before. Sure, I have had curious thoughts before but what was I experiencing now? Was this real or was it the beer going through my veins?

I tried to concentrate on the task at hand and proceed to cut through the crotch of the denims so that only the seam remained to keep the shorts together. "There", I said as I finished, "try these on", and watched as she pulled them back on while sneaking a glance at the soft trimmed hair on her pussy. She got back onto the stool as I did some final trimming. Her skin was very soft as my hand grazed along the top of her thighs as I completed the alterations. I was getting wet. she was looking very hot! I couldn't believe the obvious feelings of desire I was experiencing. With my finger hooked around the crotch seam so that I could pull some tension on the material I purposely, with my knuckle, brushed her moistness a few times more then necessary touching hair and feeling heat emanating from her. She jerked just slightly and hist softly. I was getting very hot! I was hoping that she too was getting turned on by these events but was afraid to go any further.

I stepped back to admire my handiwork. The heels and short-shorts with a good third of her bare bottom sticking out looked really sexy. I looked at her T-shirt. "The bra has to go", I said, "It doesn't look good!" Becky looked at me, smiled a kind of sly smile, then pulled her top up and over her head, tossed it to me and undid her bra. It seemed like she was getting a little more into the mood of things. She had nice, firm breasts with great nipples. She caught me staring at her breasts but just smiled as I handed her the T-shirt. She really did have a voluptuous body and I found myself wishing that I would have had her remove her shirt and bra while her shorts were still off. She pulled the top back on and turned to face me. You could now see her nipples poking through the shirt. She looked really hot!

"WOW", I said. "If that doesn't do something for Alex let me know, cause we'll have to admit him for some serious medical evaluation!", I told her as we both grinned at each other. The sexual tension was growing between us! I actually sensed it in her also. Thoughts in my head had become awkward which was unusual for me.

I was having visions of a threesome with Tom. I know Tom would love to slide into Becky. There have been a few times that Tom arranged threesomes for us but it was almost always with another guy. I'm not complaining. Tom likes watching me work another man over the edge. But, now I want to have one with Becky as the third person. The main difference being that I'm not going to be sitting back part of the time watching................I'm going to be in it start to finish.

We'd completely lost track of the time when suddenly heard the door open from the garage. It was Tom arriving home early from work. He called out to me as he entered the kitchen and saw Becky on the stool and stood momentarily taking in the view while wondering what had been going on. Becky smiled at him as she stepped down off the stool and did a little spin. What have I created here? I watched as Tom's eyes took in her cute little ass and then her nipples poking through her shirt and then over at me. I smiled at him and he back at me.

Tom has always had a strong sexual appetite. It has never bothered me how he can get horny over another woman. Tom can get horny looking at a sexy dressed store mannequin. Well, it's only fair I guess because I frequently get aroused around other men and fantasize.

"Becky", he said, "you look phenomenal", to which Becky's face beamed. She pranced over to him with her breasts bouncing, suddenly becoming an expert at walking in 4" heels and kissed him on the cheek! Look at this, I thought, from shy girl to sexpot hitting on my husband! Even the idea of that was turning me on!

Then I walked over and kissed him and proceeded to tell him how we were planning a little surprise for Alex. Tom laughed as he hugged me with one arm while the other was around Becky's hip and then said, "Well I'm VERY disappointed that it wasn't a little surprise for me." Becky blushed slightly but was enjoying the attention standing in our kitchen looking hot as hell while Tom ogled her. Tom continued by saying while giving her exaggerated looks, "If you're going to show can certainly bet that I'm going to look at it!"

"I was giving Becky some tips on how to dress to impress" , I said as I put my hand around Becky's waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I was watching Tom who seemed mesmerized as I was reading his mind like a book.............just as he was reading mine. The idea of he and I and Becky got my mind going immediately again while we were standing there in a group hug. Though not indented, my hand was under Becky's T-shirt enjoying the warm flesh of her back.

Tom broke the tension in the room as he stepped back and went to get a beer and Becky used the opportunity to say she really had to get home. I told her to keep the shoes and earrings and bring them back when it was convenient. Tom watched as I walked her to her car. No sooner had she pulled out of the driveway than Tom and I were back inside. Tom was so horny that he couldn't wait to get to the bedroom so he frantically removed my cloths on the stairs leading up to our bedroom while only getting his trousers down to his knees.

"You are a pervert", I teased him, "you really liked that didn't you?" I said, as he slid his rock hard, throbbing cock into me and was able to cum in record time. I've been the recipient of many 'afternoon delights' but now I can say that I also have experienced an 'express delight'!

Becky called me the next morning around 10:30. She was giggling almost uncontrollably as she told me how ......................(part......2)
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