My Futa Teacher
Kayla Tenin is your average high school teacher, well not so average to say the least. She teaches 10th grade History day in day out. It is after her 4th period class before her lunch break and one of her students, Amber comes up to her desk. Amber is a short blonde with slightly tan skin.

"Hello, Ms. Tenin," Amber seductivly coos.

"Hello, Amber," Kayla says with a wink.

Both make sure the door is closed. Amber climbs up on Kayla's desk and kisses her teacher. Kayla kisses her back before moving her student so she is on her back. Kayla pulls off Amber's shirt and rips her bra right off, making the 16 year old's young 35B breasts come out. Kayla latches her lips around Amber's nipples giving each one desired love.

"Ohhh Ms. Tenin, oh yea," Amber moans softly.

Kayla then moves down the teen's body and yanks off her shorts and panties all in one motion. Kayla is staring down at the hot, hairless, meaty pussy that belongs to the teen on her desk. Kayla licks her lips looking up at Amber.

"Mmm, my pet you are so wet already," Kayla moan rubbing it softly, "Were you touching yourself during class?"

"A little bit ma'am," Amber says with a giggle.

Kayla steps back just a bit and unties her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Kayla's large 36DDs shined in the light. Amber takes in all of her teacher's beauty. She looks down and sees the prize she loves so much; Kayla's hard throbbing 11 inch long 3 wide cock. Kayla smirks.

"Get ready, you cock hungry slut," Kayla moans before stuffing Amber's pussy with her cock.

Amber goes to moan but Kayla quickly stuffs her mouth with her ripped bra. Kayla starts to pound Amber hard and fast. Kayla grabs Amber's breasts squeezing them hard as she fucks the teenager. Kayla's cock is all the way up inside the teen and Kayla can tell Amber is close to cumming.

"No, no," Kayla shakes her head, "You cannot cum until I say so,"

Amber's eyes start to get glassy as she is starting to lose focus as she nears her orgasm. Amber tries her hardest to hold it in. Kayla smirks as she starts to moan herself.

"Oh baby I am going to burst inside you," Kayla moans, "Go ahead cum for me baby,"

Amber with that permission clenches her pussy hard on Kayla's cock. This sends Kayla over and her big fat cock erupts a gallon's worth of cum deep inside Amber's body. So much cum is flooding Amber's womb that she starts to swell some to fit it all.

"Oh fuck baby, thank you," Kayla moans pulling out, "Make sure you don't spill a drop now."

Amber slowly gets up and gets dressed leaving her bra with Kayla. Kayla puts the bra in her bag to take home. Kayla kisses Amber deeply before putting her dress back on. Amber leaves for lunch and Kayla sits down at her desk and eats her lunch.

During her 6th period class, while she is writting some notes down on the blackboard, one of the male students slips some pills into her drink. These pills are ment for men who want to produce more sperm, making them more potent. In women, this would make them increasingly horny.

"Alright class the last 10 minutes, work on your homework," Kayla says sitting down at her desk taking a big gulp of her drink in the process.

During those last 10 minutes, Kayla was feeling the effects of the pills she did not know she took. She looks up and starts to check out Sarah. Sarah is petite brunette with fair skin. Kayla felts her cock get rock hard and wanting to come out. Kayla adjusts it some just as the bell ring.

"Sarah, please stay behind if you would," Kayla says

Everyone has left, the door is closed and Sarah is now standing in front of Kayla's desk. Sarah stares at her teacher, who is staring back but with firey lust in her eyes. Kayla examines her body which is contained in tight blue shorts and a red t-shirt.

"Sarah, I know you have some low grades, I know you want to get them higher," Kayla winks.

"Oh yes, ma'am, and I will do anything to get them higher," Sarah responds.

"Perfect!" Kayla says with excitement.

Kayla stands up and lets her dress drop to the floor and her hard throbbing cock greets Sarah. Sarah stares at the cock for a second in shock. She then starts to climb up on the desk, but Kayla pushes her off.

"Naked, now!" Kayla demands.

Sarah quickly removes her shirt, bra and her small 20A breasts come out. As she takes off her shorts, Kayla reaches over and plays with the teen's breasts. Sarah is now naked, Kayla points to her cock. Sarah climbs up on the desk and takes as much of the cock in her mouth as possible.

"Come on, a little more in there," Kayla says, her hand on the back of Sarah's head pushing her down on the cock more.

Sarah is starting to gag. Kayla then pushes Sarah away and flips her over. She takes her cock and slides it along Sarah's puffy pussy lips. Sarah lets out a soft moan. Kayla leans over her a bit.

"You make anything louder than a loud whisper, and I am going to make it worse for you, got me?" Kayla asks.

Sarah just nods. She then bites the edge of Kayla's desk as she feels her teacher push her cock into her tight pussy. Kayla groans as she pushes in further. Kayla keeps pushing in till she feels she cannot push into Sarah anymore. Kayla knows, Sarah is making her not go any further, so Kayla uses a little strength and pushes the last two inches of her cock into Sarah's pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck yes slut, ohh take it all in," Kayla moans.

"Ohhh Ms. Tenin, you are so big," Sarah moans softly feeling her pussy trying to adjust to the big snake in her pussy.

Kayla grabs Sarah's hips and lifts her up. Kayla then sits down in her chair and makes Sarah ride her. Kayla making Sarah ride hard and fast. Kayla pulls Sarah back so her breasts are crushed into her back. Kayla looks over her shoulder seeing the big bulge that her cock is creating while inside the teen. Kayla starts to moan a bit more as she feels Sarah cum again and again.

"Oh slut you are cumming so much," Kayla moans,"I am going to fill you up with so much cum, you are going to inflate like a balloon."

Before Sarah could object, she feels her insides getting flooded with Kayla's hot, heavy, thick cum. Sarah feels her womb starting to expand to fit all of the cum that is gushing into her. Kayla sits there in her chair panting feeling her cum still gushing out of her cock.

"Oh Ms. Tenin, I can't fit anymore cum in me," Sarah moans.

"Oh baby, I have never shot off that much," Kayla says kissing Sarah softly, "You better get dressed."

Sarah slowly gets up feeling her body which has swollen so much wobbles around. Sarah goes to put her bra on but Kayla takes it and puts it in her bag. Sarah puts her shirt on seeing it just covering the top of her swell. She then puts her shorts on, and the tightness of her shorts causes the large mass of cum in her to shift around but not out.

"Ohhhh, this better come out of me," Sarah says.

"Get over it and get out of here," Kayla says putting her dress back on.

Sarah walks out of the classroom. Kayla sits in her chair finishing off the rest of her tainted drink. She quickly goes and refills her bottle of water before returning to her classroom where most of her last period students have arrived. Showing up late is the very busty and attractive Heather.

"Sorry, Ms. Tenin," she says before taking her seat.

"See me after class Heather," Kayla says before resuming her lesson.

With 15 minutes left, Kayla sits down at her desk and looks over at Heather. She feels her cock getting hard again seeing how Heather's breasts are barely contained in here clothing. Kayla bites her lip trying to distract herself till the end of class. Finally, the bell rings and everyone but Heather leaves.

"You know why, I have you here right now right?" Kayla asks Heather who is now standing in front of Kayla's desk.

"Because, I was late again?" Heather asks.

"Yes, and if you are late again I am going to have to fail you," Kayla says, "Unless you want to earn that record all clear?"

"How do I do that?" Heather asks.

Kayla pushes her chair away from the desk and lifts up her dress, showing her hard aching cock. Heather licks her lips as her eyes transfixed on the big throbbing cock. Kayla licks her lips staring at Heather.

"Off with your clothes, now!" Kayla demands.

"Yes ma'am," Heather agrees.

Heather starts by removing her tight shorts and thong. Kayla moans seeing Heather's big meaty wet pussy before removing her dress quickly. Heather then pulls off her tight shirt and reveals she is not wearing a bra. Her large 40D breasts flop out, and Kayla grabs Heather by the hand and lays her on her desk.

"Look at these babies," Kayla moans rubbing and squeezing Heather's breasts.

"Oh yes ma'am, love on them," Heather moans as Kayla starts to lick and suck on them.

Kayla stands up, pulling Heather more to her. She slides her cock between Heather's breasts. Heather sucks on the head of Kayla's cock as her teacher fucks her breasts. Kayla then lifts Heather's hips up and buries her cock deep into Heather's near dripping cunt.

"Oh you are so big Ms. Tenin," Heather moans.

"You are so hot and loose, you little slut," Kayla moans.

The two start making out as Kayla pounds Heather hard. The only sound that can be heard in the classroom is the slapping of Kayla's hips on Heather's ass. Little do either Heather or Kayla know someone else is in the room watching.

"Ohhhhh yess Ms. Tenin, I am cumming!" Heather moans.

"Me, too baby," Kayla moans.

Heather clenches hard on Kayla's cock as Kayla unleashes a ton of cum deep inside Heather's womb. Heather can feel her womb starting to stretch to fit all of the hot, heavy, thick cum her teacher is spilling inside her. As Kayla pulls out of Heather and sits on her chair she hears someone else cough.

"Well, well, that was hot," a voice rings out.

Kayla looks up in shock to see Jessica, a stocky blonde freshman standing there just in bra and panties. Jessica seeing Kayla's cock walks over to her hands on her hips. She smirks down at the naked teacher.

"Well, looks like someone really likes to use her special attachment to fuck young girls," Jessica says staring at Kayla, ignoring Heather who is laying on the desk.

"How much will it take to make you forget all this?" Kayla asks.

"Oh my price is simple," Jessica says reaching down grabbing Kayla's cock hard, "I want this whenever I want, when I say I want it"

Kayla who is speechless nods her head. Jessica starts to stroke Kayla's cock slowly feeling it get harder in her hand. Jessica leans down kissing Kayla softly.

"Good, now fuck her again," Jessica says pointing to Heather, "Now!"

Kayla gets up and slides her cock back into Heather's pussy. Heather lets out a moan and groan. Kayla starts to fuck Heather again.

"Come on fuck her good and hard," Jessica demands, "Fill her up good."

Heather starts to moan a bit louder. Jessica removes her panties and bra, her 40C breasts spilling out. She gets up on the desk shoving her pussy in Heather's mouth. Heather starts to lick and suck her pussy. Kayla lets out a loud groan as she cums another big load of cum deep into Heather, making the student's womb expand more to fit it all.

"Again, do it again," Jessica commands.

"I am so tired," Kayla pants.

"I said again!" Jessica reaches back slapping Kayla's ass hard, "Do I have to report you for fucking students in your classroom?"

Kayla groans and goes back to pumping her cock in and out of Heather's pussy. Heather continues to cum again and again as she licks Jessica's pussy. Kayla is about to burst once more and Jessica pulls her over and kisses her as she cums also. Kayla lets loose one more load into Heather making Heather's womb expand to look like she is 5 months pregnant.

"Get out of here skank," Jessica says throwing Heather's clothes at her.

Heather gets dressed and leaves. Jessica gets off the desk and stands in front of the naked teacher with the big cock. She takes Kayla's cock in her hand and gets down on her knees and starts to suck on her cock, making it hard again. Kayla lets out soft moans.

"Ohh I don't know if I can cum again right now," Kayla says.

"Oh don't worry, I was just getting you hard," Jessica says writing her number on a piece of paper,"Put this in your phone and text me when you get home."

Jessica gets dressed and heads out of the classroom. Kayla gets dressed and slowly walks out of the school to her car. She drives home and quickly texts Jessica that she is home. She gets into her house and falls down on the couch. Her phone buzzes and she checks the message she got from Jessica.

"Good, now text me your address and get naked, I will be there soon"

Kayla sighs and texts Jessica her address. Kayla then gets naked and sits in her lounge chair checking out herself. Her cock is hard with excitment. Just a few minutes later Jessica comes walking through the door. With her is a red headed girl Kayla did not reconize.

"See Wendy, I told you she has a big cock," Jessica says smiling.

"Oh yes, I want it so much," the redhead says.

Before either Kayla or Jessica can say anything, Wendy has her clothes off and already sucking Kayla's cock. Jessica strips down and kneels behind Wendy and plays with her 30B breasts. After a few minutes, Jessica pulls Wendy up, turns her around and sits her down on Kayla's cock. Kayla moans feeling her cock stuff itself into Wendy's pussy. Jessica gets Wendy to ride Kayla.

"Ohh yes, yes ride my cock," Kayla moans.

"Shush you!" Jessica says moving over pushing Kayla back against the couch.

Those two start to kiss. Jessica roughly plays with Kayla's tits. Kayla groans and moans as Wendy rides her cock. Wendy starts to cum over and over again all over her cock. Soon, Wendy feels the hot rushing force of Kayla's cum surging into her body. Wendy gets up before Kayla can finish.

"Oh you made a mess of her," Jessica says looking at Wendy,"Get out of here!"

Wendy nods getting dressed and leaves. The cum that Kayla had spurted on herself, is quickly cleaned up by Jessica's mouth. Jessica moans at the amazing taste of Kayla's cum. Jessica quickly takes one of her hair ties and wraps it around Kayla's cock.

"What is this for?" Kayla asks.

"I want so much of your cum for only myself," Jessica moans, "So Monday after school, I want your cum, no cumming till then!"

After a long weekend and Mondy, Kayla is at home waiting for Jessica. All weekend, Jessica has been sending naked pictures to her, to tease her more and more. Kayla had enough and was going to get her way since going almost 4 days without cumming.

"Alright I am ready for that cum," Jessica says walking in.

"Good, get!" Kayla growls.

"Bossy huh?" Jessica asks slowly stripping and stepping up to Kayla who is naked also," Forget who is in charge of you?"

"Yea," Kayla growls grabbing Jessica's arm," I am in charge little girl."

Jessica tries to pull away but Kayla pushes her on her back and removes the hair tie. Kayla spreads her legs and buries her cock deep. Jessica goes to moan loudly but Kayla wraps a ball gag around and shoves it in her mouth. Kayla grabs Jessica's breasts hard to use them to hold onto as Kayla fucks her hard.

"Oh yes, you want to tease me little girl, I am going to show you what happens to sluts like you who do that!" Kayla moans.

Jessica's muffled moans and groans continue. Soon she squeals as she feels Kayla's cum fill her womb up to the brim. Kayla flicks Jessica's hard nipples grining at her.

"I am going to do it again," Kayla says with a grin.

Jessica starts to shake her head as Kayla fucks her some more. Jessica feels her womb start to stretch to fit in the next round of cum being shot into her. Kayla pulls out and leans over her.

"Are you full now little girl?" Kayla asks.

Jessica just nods before feeling something being put into her pussy. Kayla had put in a plug and has taped it to her body. Kayla then flips Jessica over and rubs the head of her cock along Jessica's asshole. Jessica groans in protest, but Kayla stuffs her cock deep into her asshole.

"Ohhh slut you are tight," Kayla moans fucking her asshole.

After a few minutes, Jessica groans loudly as she feels a huge rush of cum flood her insides and make its way to her stomach, filling it. She feels her stomach start to expand to fit as much of the cum as possible. Then she feels it move up into her mouth.

"Swallow it, swallow every last bit!" Kayla yells.

Jessica swallows all the cum that is trying to escape out her mouth. Her stomach stretching out to the very limit to fit it all. Kayla pulls out and puts a butt plug in Jessica's asshole and removes the ball gag.

"You are mine now slut, I will fuck your body senseless," Kayla commands with a grin knowing she has won.

A few days later, after Kayla's last class of the day, two of her students stay behind to talk to her. Becca a short red head and Kelly a tall blond. As the three are talking, Kayla can't help notice that the two girls are always adjusting their shorts.

"Girls if you want to take your shorts off, go ahead," Kayla winks, "the door is closed."

The two girls did not hesitate and peel off their shorts. Kayla is shocked to see when they remove their pantie also what the girls have. There in front of Kayla is two hard teenage cocks between these two girls' legs. Kelly's is longer at 7 inches to Becca's 5, but Becca's is thicker at 4 to Kelly's 3. Kayla take off her dress and lets her hard cock greet her two futa students.

"Oh my you have a cock too Ms. Tenin?" Becca asks staring.

"Call me Kayla," their teacher smiles.

The two students move closer and kiss Kayla's cock softly. Kayla reaches down and strokes their cocks slowly. All three let out soft moans as they go about giving their cocks attention. Kayla grab her phone smiling.

"What are you doing Kayla?" Kelly asks.

"Getting us a treat," Kayla says texting Jessica.

A few minutes later Jessica comes walking into the room shutting the door. She is shocked at what she sees in front of her. Kayla, Kelly and Becca all naked sitting next to each other stroking their cocks. Kayla motions for Jessica to come to her.

Jessica walks over and Kayla takes her by the hair and pushes her down on Kelly's cock. Jessica starts to suck Kelly's cock, Kelly lets out a soft moan. Becca takes Jessica's hand placing it on her cock, and Jessica starts to stroke it. Jessica then is forced over to Becca's cock to suck it.

"Get your clothes off," Kayla demands a few minutes later.

Jessica stands up and takes off her clothes. Kelly and Becca's cocks get really hard and start to throb. Kayla gets Jessica up on the desk on all fours. Kelly slides under her and her cock enters Jessica's pussy. Kayla stuffs her cock in Jessica's mouth, while Becca stuffs hers in Jessica's asshole.

"Oh god she is so loose and hot," Kelly moans softly.

"I got her all stretched for us," Kayla giggles.

The three start to fuck Jessica good and hard. They keep going even though Jessica cums over and over again. The two students even start to go as hard as they can into Jessica's body.

"I am going to cum, Kayla!" Becca moans.

"Me too!" Kelly also moans.

"Do it, lets fill this cunt up!" Kayla moans.

Jessica's moan turns silient as she feels three very hot, thick, and very heavy cum rush into her body from three directions. Jessica feels her stomach and womb expand so fast she has no time to think about it. The girls finally pull out of her and let her lay on Kayla's desk.

"Mmmm you two are so hot," Kayla says kissing them.

"What are we going to do about her?" Kelly asks pointing to Jessica.

Jessica is laying on the desk all bloated with cum.

"She is our fuck toy now," Kayla says "use her as you please."

"Will she get pregnant from our cum?" Becca asks.

"Only one way to find out," Kayla winks.
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