My Girl
Why in the hell is my phone ringing at 7:56 on a Saturday morning? As I reach for the phone, I see Celia's smiling face taunting me on the screen, "Do you know what time it is?"

She laughs and says, "Of course, I do, love! It's shopping time so get your lazy ass out of bed! I will be there in 30 minutes, and I am bringing coffee!"

Ugh! Does she not know that we have all day? I swear I hate morning people....well, everyone except for Celia. I think that woman knows how much she drives me crazy.

I lay there for a few minutes thinking about the other night when she cooked that amazing dinner, and the delightful dessert we made of each other. I lick my lips swearing that I can still taste her wetness on them. I reach inside my brain to recall the sweetness of her scent...damn, her pussy is heaven on earth.

Focus do need to get your ass out of bed and hop in the shower before she catches you in bed massaging your now swollen clit. I take the hottest shower possible in order to awaken my senses to where they should be. God, I cannot get her off my mind.

I guess I stay in there a little too long because all of a sudden I hear her yell, "Bethie, are you still in the shower? What are you doing in there?"

"Shut the hell up! I was just getting out. I am trying to wake up," I yell over the water. All I can hear is her laughing.

As I finish up, I step out of the shower, reach for my towel and look up. Celia is sitting on the edge of my bed, her long legs crossed, a Starbucks cup in her hand,a devious smile resting on her lips and her blue eyes scanning my dripping body. At that moment I am thankful to be wet from the water because my pussy starts aching, and I can feel the wetness building between my legs. I know her eyes are still on me why I nonchalantly try to hurry and dry off. I can feel her eyes devouring every inch of my skin, and that makes me ache even more.

I finally hurry to the closet, grab my favorite jeans, and a black t-shirt. I am trying my best to push the thoughts I have of her out of my head.

She is still sitting on my bed not saying much, but I feel her eyes following my every move. I reach in my drawer and grab my black panties and bra and hurriedly try to get dressed. I slide on my flip flops, brush my teeth, and spritz myself with some Acqua di Gioia.

I finally look at her, grin, and say, "What the hell are you waiting on? Let's go!"

I grab the coffee from her and offer my other hand to pull her off the bed. I feel the pull of her eyes grab mine, and I look at her for just a moment and start aching more than ever now. How does she have this power over me without saying a word?

As I pull her off the bed, she moves very close to me...our hips are inches from touching. Before I know it, she gently grabs my face and softly kisses me for just a few seconds. I keep my eyes closed as she pulls away praying...that she will not stop.

I slowly open my eyes, and she has that devious smile on her face again. Every ounce of my body is aching for more, but I just lift one eyebrow, look her up and down, and say, "You damn morning people."

As we are driving to the mall, I sip on my vanilla latte. It is a small thrill to me that she remembers what my favorite drink is. I glance over at her, and she looks so stunning with her hair pulled back and her shades on.

There comes the aching again. All I want to do is reach over and lightly kiss her exposed neck, nibble on her ear, and slide my hand up and down her thigh. The thought of doing it is making me so wet, so I turn my attention back to the road and grasp my cup with both hands so they will behave.

Soon we are at the mall parking lot, and we are there right when the doors open due to Ms. Early Ass wanting to get here so soon. There are just a few sparse cars parked, so she chooses a spot near Macy's. She gets out of the car, and I am slowly grabbing my purse and climbing out. She starts walking towards Macy's, and my immediately focuses on her tight ass and how her jeans hug every curve just right. I slowly catch up to her and we finally make it into the mall.

I'm still kind of dragging along with a million perverted thoughts racing through my head when I finally hear, "Beth. Beth. BETHIE! Are you even listening to me? Where is your brain today?"

If she only knew...hell, she probably does. I shake my head and say, "Huh? What?"

Celia says, "I was trying to tell you that I want to go to American Eagle first and look for some more jeans and t-shirts. You good with that?"

"Sure," I say, "sounds good."

As we walk into American Eagle, we both start looking for the jeans and sizes we want. The store isn't too busy yet, and the eager beaver sales clerk won't leave us the hell alone. I finally just give her my infamous "go to hell and leave me alone" look, and she backs off like a scared puppy.

We head to the dressing rooms to try on the jeans just to make sure our asses were the same size as last time. I try the door on one, and it is locked. Well, there is hardly anyone in the store, so I know we will have to ask Ms. Eager Beaver to open them. Celia goes over to her with her sweet, sexy smile on her face in order to get her to open the doors. They both come back and the sales clerk refuses to look at me, grabs the key, opens one door, and then proceeds to open another.

Celia puts her hand on her wrist, and whispers, "It's okay, honey, we will only need one dressing room just in case you need the other ones for the other customers."

She looks a bit confused but just shrugs her shoulders and walks off. I walk into the dressing room laughing because I love it when Celia is such a smart ass and no one can tell.

I ask her, "Why did we just get one room? There isn't even anyone in the store?"

She sets her jeans and purse down, puts her finger to my lips, and this seductive look penetrates her eyes. I feel my whole body flush, and the aching in my pussy comes back in full force. She gently pushes me against the mirror and straddles me while we are both still standing.

She leans in and whispers in my ear, "Is this what you have been wanting all morning?" She then licks my ear and down my neck while she runs her hands up and down my ribs, slightly across my breasts, and down my stomach to my pussy.

She looks at me and smiles, "I knew you would already be hot and wet...even through your jeans."

I let out a slight moan, and she quickly covers my mouth with her other hand.

"Shhh, Bethie, we can't have Ms. Eager Beaver hearing us and wanting to join."

My heart is beating so fast. She grabs my face with both of her hands, slowly licks my lips and then her own. My whole body is screaming for her! Her eyes catch mine and she hungrily kisses me. Her hands move to my ass, and she pulls me into her while grinding her pussy on mine.

She stops for a moment, reaches up and whispers in my ear, "I'm sorry, babe, I'm going to have to be quick, but I am going to make you cum hard."

Shit! She has no idea how close I am already. She hurriedly pulls my t-shirt over my head, unhooks my bra, and starts licking every spot on my breast, saving my nipple for last. Finally, her lips grasp my nipple and she sucks it softly.

I let out another moan, and she just keeps sucking and licking while she places her hand over my mouth. I clench my teeth in order to try and quit moaning, but it is so intense.

Suddenly, she flips me around and pushes my bare chest against the mirror, and I can feel the coldness on my nipples. I feel her kissing my back and her hands moving slowly around to my belly and down to my jeans. While still kissing my back, shoulders, and neck, she unbuttons my pants and slides her hand down inside my panties and slides her finger inside me and teases my g-spot for a few seconds.

My hands are clenching the walls. She moves her finger with my sticky wetness to my throbbing clit and starts massaging it slowly.

Celia whispers in my ear, "I love the way you soft, so wet, and I can smell your juices and it makes me want to cum right now. You have no idea what you do to me, Beth."

She drags out the last few syllables of my full name, and it just makes my heart stop beating for a few seconds.

What I do to her? Fuck! She is on my mind every second of every day and now all I can think about is how hard she really is going to make me cum.

Her finger moves quicker, small circles on my aching clit. She moves her other hand to my breast and starts massaging and playing with my nipples. I am about ready to explode!

She brings her lips to my ear once more, bites my earlobe, and says, "Cum for me, baby."

I just let my whole body go. The intensity of the orgasm had me shaking and weak. I lean my forehead on the mirror and my body just melts.

She turns me around and leans me back against the mirror, kissing me, but this time with a loving passion...she has never kissed me like this before.

After she finally pulls away, I look at her with a puzzled look on my face. She has this deep, sincere look in her clear blue eyes. I ask her what's wrong and just as she is about to answer, Ms. Eager Beaver knocks on the door asking if we need different sizes and that she would love to get them for us.

I roll my eyes and say, "No, we are fine. Be out in a minute," trying not to sound too pissed off for her disturbing this unforgettable moment.

When I look back from the door, Celia is picking up my shirt and bra and keeps looking at the floor.

While I was putting them back on, I ask her, "What were you going to say, babe?"

She just looks up at me with a nervous look and says, "Oh, it was nothing."

Immediately she looks back down, grabs her purse and jeans (along with mine) as I button my pants.

She takes a deep breath and says, "Well, I guess those jeans don't fit," and lets out a small, nervous laugh.

As we leave the store, I can tell she still wants to say something. But I will just let it go...for now...

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