My Girl
You look so beautiful.

Your hair,eyes, that divine smile I want to kiss, so gently. Licking,sucking,kissing your chin and your neck.

Mmmmm you're so warm. Let's cuddle my love. I'm pulling you close. We are laying on our sides in a loving spooning position. My breasts on your back your bottom pressing into my hips. My hands around your waist. Running my fingertips over your mound. Then so very slowly running my fingers over your clit it so hard and waiting to play with me.

I want to please the woman I love, desire and want beyond belief.

Sliding lower down your body. Mmmm my fingers are getting wet. So wet. Your breathing is harsh in the already sex filled air. I tease you, circling your soaking entrance. Your pussy is trying to suck me in. Your begging for me.

"Yes please" you beg.

Your hips start to move. Your trying to grind my fingers in but I don't slide in you. I pull away but you're too impatient. You grab my hand and push it forcible in between your smooth legs. Your hips are moving faster. I'm not even moving my hand anymore. You're moving my hand for me.

Pushing it right where you want it. Trying to stuff my fingers in you. I'm trying to fight you but you beat me and two of my fingers slip in. You slide one of your fingers in. We move together in you. We curl our fingers to that spot we both love. Faster baby. Harder my love.

That's my girl. Just like that. Mmmmm you're cumming. I can feel it. Its a wave of desire ripping through your body. Controlling you. Making you scream my name. I kiss your neck as our fingers relax in you.

I whisper "I love you so much princess".
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