My Halloween party adventure
My Halloween Adventure

This happened about a month ago at a Halloween party. My name is Amy. I am forty-two years old. I am five feet two inches tall. I weigh one hundred and fifty-four pounds, red hair down to my waist and blue eyes. My measurements are 44-25-44. I have been divorced for a little over three years after being married for almost twenty.

My husband and I never had children, he couldn't give me any. He was also the only guy I had ever been with until the night in question. After my divorce, my girlfriends kept trying to get me to go clubbing with them but I always begged off. But when my best friend Beth said she was throwing a Halloween party at her place and that I had better show up or she would come and get me I had no choice but to go.

I really didn't want to go because I had been depressed as of late. I hadn't been fucked or even touched by a man in three years. Not since my husband. There were about a half dozen of my girlfriends at the party when I showed up. After giving each of them a big hug Beth shoved an open bottle of Bud Light into my hand.

I am not a big drinker so it took me about a half-hour to drink the beer. My costume was that of a She-Devil and it was a size too small. It was the only size the costume store had left since I waited until the last minute to get a costume. Before I left home I got a good look in the full-length mirror and it looked like my boobs were about to bust out of the top.

I could see all the guys staring at me as I stood talking to Beth and the other ladies. Beth said with a big smile that she bet I didn't go home alone tonight. I just blushed. A couple of girl friends came over and asked me and Beth if we wanted to play a game of beer pong. I had played years ago and was terrible at it but Beth took me by the hand and dragged me over to the table.

The first ten minutes of the game I had drank three shots of Jack since I wasn't very good at the game. Since I wasn't a big drinker I was getting woozy from just those three shots and the Bud Light I had when I first got to the party. I don't know just how many shots I had for sure. I would find out later it had been eight in less than thirty minutes. By the time the game was over, I could barely stay on my feet.

Beth asked me if I was ok. I told her yes I just need to go and sit down. She told me ok and that she was going to play another game of pong and would catch up with me later. Everything was a blur and as I left the pong table I felt like I was going to throw up. I started making my way to the stairs to go to the bathroom. I had to hold onto pieces of furniture as I walked by them to keep from falling on my face.

Once I got to the stairs and lifted my foot to step up onto the first one I feel down on them. I put my hands up in front of me to break my fall and when I did my glasses flew off my face. I never did find them. I am just glad I had an extra pair at home. Now with my glasses gone and my blurred vision from the Jack I couldn't make out anything except fuzzy shapes.

I ended up having to crawl on my hands and knees up the steps. When I fell down I could feel the fabric of my top rip and I could tell my boobs had popped out. I couldn't wear a bra or panties because the costume was too tight. When I got to the top of the stairs I couldn't get my balance enough to stand up. Just when I thought I would puke right there on the floor I heard a male voice ask me if I was ok.

I looked in the direction the voice came from but all I could make out was a blurred image. I told him I needed to get to the bathroom because I was going to throw up. The guy whoever he was told me to let him help me and he helped me stand up and he put my arm around his shoulder and helped me to the bathroom.

I got there just in time. I fell to my knees in front of the toilet bowl and threw up in it. As I was puking I could feel the guy pull my hair back and hold it so it didn't get into the toilet. I don't know how long I was there puking in the bathroom but when I was done I said I needed to go lay down. I turned to look at the guy again but my vision wasn't any better and I couldn't make out his face.

He must have been muscular because he just picked me up and carried me to a room like a husband carries his new bride across the threshold of their home after they get married. As he picked me up I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked at his face again. The only thing I could make out was that he had a beard and he smelled good.

I must have passed out before the man got me to the room because the next thing I remember is I didn't have my costume on anymore and I was on my back and I was moaning. I could feel something between my legs touching my pussy but since it had been so long since I felt it I wasn't sure what it was. All I knew was it felt so good. I then realized it was a tongue. It must have been the man who brought me to the room because I could feel his beard on the insides of my thighs.

I didn't try to resist. In the state I was in I couldn't have stopped him anyway. I just lay there on my back and enjoyed what he was doing. I must have passed out again before I climaxed but I must have because when I woke up again I heard the guy tell me what a good little "SHE-DEVIL" I was for cumming for him. He gently rolled me over face down and started kissing and licking all over my big ass cheeks.

My God it felt soooooo good. He didn't stop there. After a few minutes of kissing and licking my ass cheeks, he gently spread my cheeks and I could feel his tongue at my virgin rosebud. My husband never gave my ass any attention at all. I thought I was going to cum again just from his tongue. My moans must have gotten too loud because I could feel something being shoved into my mouth. I didn't care what he did as long as he kept making me feel the way I was feeling.

I could feel him trying to get his tongue into my asshole. He whispered, telling me to bear down like I was trying to go to the bathroom so he could get his tongue in me. I did as he told me and I felt his tongue slide in. I could hear slurping noises and felt my ass getting wet as he gave my hole a good licking. I thought to myself I was glad Beth insisted I come to the party. I didn't even care who the man was as long as he kept making me feel this way.

When I thought he was going to make me orgasm just from using his tongue in my hole he stopped and positioned me on my knees and whispered he was going to fuck my pussy hard. Again in the state, I was in I couldn't have stopped him even if I wanted too so I just let him do as he pleased. When he rubbed the tip of his cock against my pussy I could tell he didn't have a condom on but at this point, I didn't care. I just wanted his cock inside me. Three years of using just toys weren't cutting it anymore.

He didn't even ask me if I was ready for his cock I just felt the head go inside my pussy then I felt him slowly push more and more inside me. I don't know if it was because I was drunk but it felt like forever before he was all the way inside me. He was so gentle too. Once he was all the way inside me I could feel his balls against my thighs. He then reached up with both hands and grabbed my boobs and raised me up so my back was touching his chest. I could tell he had a hairy chest.

He just kissed me on the cheek as he slowly backed out of my pussy and then slowly back in. With my husband, it was always rough and a lot of times he would cum before I was satisfied. But whoever this guy was he really knew what he was doing as he slowly fucked my pussy going all the way in up to his balls every time.

He then started squeezing my big boobs and I moaned. Next, he started playing with both my nipples. He started rolling them between his fingers pinching them. I wanted to tell him to stop or I would cum again but with the gag in place, I couldn't. It felt like it was tied in because when I tried to pull it out I couldn't. I brought my hands up and shoved his hands from my boobs he didn't bring them back up. I guess he didn't want to do anything I didn't like.

He just shoved my face down onto the bed and began fucking me harder and faster. When I moaned he sped up his thrusts and fucked me harder. After a few minutes, he leaned over my back and as he kept fucking me he whispered in my ear asking if I was ready for his cum in my pussy. All I could do was shake my head indicating yes. He rose back up and putting his hands on my waist fucked my pussy even harder and faster and within a few seconds, he was filling my pussy with his cum.

I didn't think he would ever stop cumming. Not that I was complaining. I loved the feeling of his cum shooting in my pussy. It had been over three years since I had felt that. He quickly pulled out of my pussy and turned me around with me still on my knees and he untied my gag and told me to suck his cock and clean up all of his cum. Now sucking cock isn't one of my most favorite things to do but since he made me feel so good I was happy to oblige. I was right about his cock being huge.

I took it down my throat as far as I could before I started gagging and I still didn't have it all in.
I could feel his hand on the back of my head and he told me he knew his little SHE-DEVIL could take it all and he slowly shoved his cock down my throat until my nose was buried in his cock hairs. Again I didn't mind. He then had both hands on my head and he began to slowly fuck my face. He would pull my mouth off his cock leaving just the head in and then he would slowly shove it back in up to his balls. After a few minutes of this, he released my head and let me suck his cock on my own.

As I sucked his cock I rested my hands on his hips. After another few minutes, I could hear him tell me he was about to cum and he shoved his cock down my throat again up to his balls as he came down my throat. He moaned and told me to drink it all up. I did as he told me and I didn't lose a drop. He then leaned down and tilted my head up to his and kissed my lips and called me a good SHE-DEVIL. I was a little apprehensive now since my ass was the last thing for him to fuck and being an anal virgin I didn't know what to expect. But he whispered in my ear telling me had to go.

He was gone in a flash. I must have passed out again because when I came too I was lying on the bed naked. The only way I knew I hadn't dreamed it all was when I reached down and felt the cum in my pussy. I don't know how long I had been out but my blurred vision was gone and I could tell I was naked. I hurried and got dressed before someone came and found me.
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