My Hot Australian Lover
It is now 1:30am by you. I know that you are sleeping peacefully, but not for long. I am in your bed next to you and I was sleeping and dreaming about you fucking me hard and deep. The dream wakes me and now I am extremely horny and I need you. I look over at you to make sure you are still asleep. I trail my hands under the covers my hands heading towards your cock. I gently start stroking your cock, but not too hard yet as I do not want you to wake up quite yet. When I feel your cock starting to get hard. I adjust the covers so your cock is exposed to me. I look my fill, I love the way you look all the time but especially when you are naked. I bend down and stuff your still partially soft cock into my mouth. Taking all of your cock into my mouth. I stay still for a few minutes and I run my tongue all over your cock. I feel your cock getting harder in my mouth. I love this so much, it is such a huge turn on to feel you hardening in my mouth, knowing that I am the one causing this to happen. Once you are fully hard I start sucking your cock in earnest. I lick all up the length of your cock and down to your balls. I bath them with my tongue, not missing a single inch. I then gently suck one of your balls into my mouth and lick my tongue across your ball while it is still in my mouth. Then I do the same thing with your other ball. I lick back up the length of your cock. Then I wrap my lips around the side of your cock, cupping it between my lips and start gliding up and down your cock. By now you are rock hard and I am getting more and more excited. I come back up to the head of your cock and start sucking and licking your head. I am sucking quite hard and running my tongue all around the head of your cock, and you taste so good and I can't help the moan that escapes. I feel your body stiffen and know that you are awake now. You say "I was dreaming of you sucking my cock and it wakes me and now I find it was not a dream, you have been sucking me this whole time haven't you babe?" I tell you yes I was, that I had been having a sex dream about you and it turned me on so much that I just had to have your cock right that second. You tell me you love to hear that and I deserve a reward for getting you so hard and for waking you so nicely. I tell you hang on a minute and lean over and turn the light on. I tell you I HATE fucking you in the dark. I want to be able to see your fuck me eyes and the expression on your face as you you get more and more turned on. I also want to see your cock sliding into my pussy. None of these things can be seen in the dark. You tell me good that you feel the same way.

I am lying beside you and stroking your cock. We start kissing passionately our tongues entwined the way our bodies soon will be. I moan as I love kissing you and it turns me on so much. My breathing is starting to get heavy. You start teasing me and act like you are going to kiss me and then at the last second lick just inside my upper lip and bite my lower lip. Then you come close and instead of kissing me stop just shy and breath into my mouth. Then when I think you are only going to tease me you kiss me and this time touch your tongue to my lips and I gasp giving you access to my mouth and you shove your tongue into my mouth and start to passionately and aggressively kiss me deepening your tongue each time. I am moaning into your mouth so turned on. You tell me "that's right my slutty whore let me hear how excited I am making you." You move your hand to my breast and start rubbing it, although you take special care to not touch my nipples you trail your hand very lightly and teasingly all around my tit always avoiding my nipples. By now my nipples are rock hard and I am pushing my breasts up into your hands wanting and needing more. You say "oh baby, is this what you want?" and with that start rubbing and pinching my nipples. I moan and my body bows up pushing my tit farther and more firmly into your hand. You push my tits together so my nipples are next to each other and start to lick and suck both of them at the same time. Then you start biting them and I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm, my body tensing, you ask me "are you going to cum for me slut? "Because only a horny slut would cum just from me playing with their tits, are you my horny little slut?"You say good and with that bite my nipples a little harder and I explode, my pussy flooding with my cum. You tell me you love how responsive my body is for you.

You move your hand down to my pussy shoving two fingers into me without warning. I moan loudly and you tell me "fuck, you are so wet baby, so ready for me." This whole time I have been stroking your cock and rubbing your balls. You are rock hard and there is some pre-cum glistening on the tip of your cock. You start spanking my pussy telling me I am such a naughty slut for being so wet. You ask me "do you want me to fuck you, huh, do your want me to bury my cock inside of you?" And I say yes I do want you to. You say "how much do you want me? I don't think you are excited enough yet." And I am squirming against you and I say "oh please, I am so turned on and I want you sooo bad, please don't tease me anymore, I really need you, please fuck me, please baby!" I am pleading with you, begging you to fuck me. You ask me "what do you want me to fuck? Where does my slutty whore want my cock. Tell me!" I tell you I want you in my pussy. As soon as those words left my mouth you grabbed both of my hands into one of yours and pin them above my head, holding me firmly in place. You tell me you have an even better idea and tell me not to move. You get out of bed and when you come back have my leather wrist restraints in your hand. You tell me "give me your wrist, slut" you first fasten one and then the other and raise my hands above my head. You tell me how hot I look like this. You position yourself on top of me and very, very slowly enter my pussy so I can feel every inch of your cock sliding into me, stretching my pussy so nicely. You pull all of the way out of my pussy and I whimper and then you SLAM into me burying your cock deep into my pussy, then you pull all the way out and SLAM into me again as deep as you can and then grind into me. This feels so good that I cum again very strongly and you tell me "yes baby cum for me, I can feel your pussy tightening and squeezing my cock. It feels so good!" You start fucking me very hard and deep and I am climbing up towards another orgasm. Abruptly you pull out of my pussy and tell me to turn over and get on your hands and knees and stick your ass up in the air for me, slut. I do as you order and you take your cock in your hand and rub it up and down my slit, then start spanking my pussy with it, then you slam into my pussy and I scream. This position feels so good and you are so deep and my pussy feels so full. This makes me cum again. You again feel my pussy muscles tightening on your cock and you say "again, so quickly baby? You are one horny bitch. Who is fucking you so good and making you cum so much slut?"I tell you "you are, you are so incredible and you're making my pussy feel sooo good." You quicken and deepen your strokes and I am building to another orgasm you bury your cock all the way and grind against my pussy and I cum again crying out. Then you reach around to my clit and start rubbing it while you are fucking me. You tell me "I want you to squirt for me slut of mine, I want you to cum so much that I feel your juices dripping off my balls." Your words excite me so much. You are fucking me very hard now our bodies slamming together time and time again. Then you pull out of my pussy and slam back into me grinding your cock into me and I cum squirting around your cock, my juices running down your balls then sliding off of them onto the bad.

This is what puts you over the edge. You tell me "get your face down by my cock you cum slut you! Do it now bitch!" I move down so my face is right under your cock. I am looking up into your eyes, loving how aroused you look. You start jacking off right in my face, this excites me so much. You tell me you are going to give me a nice huge load of cum so I better be ready for it. You tell me "open your mouth you dirty fucking cock sucking slut! Your body is tensing and I see your cock swelling and you shove your rock hard shaft into my mouth and with a groan you start cumming down my throat saying "Yeah bitch, take all my cum you little slut!" Then you pull out of my mouth and finish cumming all over my face. Telling me what a dirty slut I am for taking such a huge load on my face, you tell me how nasty I look covered in your cum. Then you run your cock through it and feed me your cum off of your cock. You do this over and over until my face is clean. Then you make me lick and suck your cock completely clean. You lean down and give me a kiss. Then we lay down together me in your arms my head cradled against your chest, running my hand through your chest hair. You are lightly stroking me back as we both allow out heart rates and breathing to return to normal.

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