My Jenny
It wasn't my imagination that brought me undone. It was my honesty.
The first time I saw her naked in front of me, the first time." haven't you saw this before?" she asked me.was it a lie that I said "NO"? That I was telling a lie and the truth at the same time didn't know that.
We had been naked before and had glimpsed parts of her body but not the full thing in daylight five feet from me.
I had seen other girls/women half naked.

I wonder if it was the automatic erection I had that gave it away. She was beautiful
A twenty-three-year-old angel. Beautifully featured female body.
Parking on the riverbank we were out of the sight of everyone for miles so our inhibitions went out the door.

She had her little quirks and loves and now was the time to test if she was all talk or not. She wasn't kidding.

A neatly trimmed triangle was covering her love mound which looked so inviting that it took all my will power to not take her there and then.

A new packet of condoms wasn't going to be enough to satisfy her hunger. I was right.
It was going to take everything and then a bit more.

Jenny loved cock, a huge cock that filled every square inch of her pussy and I was more than willing to oblige her.
Holding her hips I could bring her right up against me. She loved it.

To fill her up with my strong, young, viral cock was a pleasure in itself. Then she started the lessons on what she needed. She needed a LOT.

The first two condoms didn't last five minutes. Jenny was an animal, I liked it.
By the time I had unwrapped the third, she was ready to teach me.

She was on her back, legs in the air and this time she grabbed my head and slowly placed it between her legs." This is what you do when you want to bring me over the top" she whispered.

Slowly she placed her hands up and down her inner lips and said: "do this really slow and don't go fast, it really, really turns me on ok sweetie?".

By the time my nose hit her, she was dripping wet already, which made it ever so easy to start my rhythmic nodding. Up and down my face travelled her secret Valley.

"Slow down even further" she had this under control.
Holding me under her power.
And then there was silence

This woman had a talent that I was just about to find out.
In the silence between her legs, suddenly I realized why.

Her mouth had wrapped itself around the end of my shaft and had taken it all in, the saliva she was exceeding was the perfect lubricant so I, therefore, concentrated on giving her the best pussy eating she had ever had. There was no way I was going to wreck this.

As her mouth worked on my shaft I was working on hers.this was getting her so excited I could tell but she was working on me so beautifully that I couldn't believe this was the first time I had actually seen her naked.

Every other time it had been dark or under her covers.this truly is something that I would remember.

Soon my body couldn't take much more stimulation, the edge had been reached for me, then something wonderful happened.
Her body arched and I could feel her quivering and as I came in her mouth she gushed her juices all over my head and I was covered with her love nectar.

That was the first time we had actually came together.

We loved passionately and hard for a month and then it was over.

My Jenny taught me so much that I can still smell her today but nobody has tasted the same.
Sweet Jenny.

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