My Last Bite
For Noirree...

I sat there, in the coffee shop, watching her. She was lost in whatever she was working on. This was part of her routine though. Every Thursday night after work she would stop here and work more, till closing time. I liked sitting here; they had the best iced coffees. Good thing I can't gain weight or I would have put on 20 lbs. over the last several months. I have such a sweet tooth! That's one of my big weaknesses, always has been. Well, that and sex. Ok, ok, I know, I'm a pig. But who can resist a beautiful woman. It helps that I'm well built with dark, curly hair, a cleft chin. Usually the women are fascinated with my eyes. They change as my mood does. Normally they are a bright blue but when I'm angry they turn dark as storm clouds, almost black. When I'm excited or aroused a pungent teal. Like the turquoise they pull out of the ground here.

She shifted, I glanced her way again. There wasn't one movement she made that I didn't notice. She really was beautiful. She had dark, silky hair that she kept cropped close to her head. Her eyes had a beautiful shape to them with a dark outline. Her skin was like the mocha chocolate cake they served here. Rich and smooth, decadent and, I'd guess, oh so sweet. I hope to find the answer to that particular question, soon. I knew she was the one, I could tell with every fiber of my being.

We made our way back home, her driving her Mini and me drifting through the neighborhood. With a bit of persuasion I was lucky enough to find a place just across the street from hers. The way the houses sat and the fact that some never got built at all, meant I had an unobstructed view of hers. From my second floor, I could see into her back yard and across her patio. She had two sliding glass doors that opened onto the patio. Through one door I could see into her kitchen and the other, her bedroom. Mentally I blew her a kiss and whispered "Good night my love".

She turned around as if someone had spoken to her, it was just her imagination. Sometimes she thought she heard things....words, sounds. It was all in her head. Max was lying on the floor, relaxed, so she knew all was well.

I lay in bed, thinking, again. The past came back to me, forcing my mind back over a 100 years ago.

As a youngster, I was just like all the other kids. It wasn't till my 28th birthday that the change came upon me. It was in the middle of the night and if it wasn't for my abuelita (grandmother), I wouldn't have made it through it. You see, when a male goes through the change, there has to be someone there to attend them, nourish them, for they can't do it themselves. And if they don't get enough blood, they expire. After the change, I was able to see things others couldn't, hear things others couldn't. Taste, smell, touch, all my senses were more acute. That included my emotions and desires as well. I gained 6" in height, I was thicker, wider, my body hung with pure muscle. I could run faster, I was stronger; I was even able to sense what people were thinking.

What most don't know is that we are not a new species, we've always been here. We are part of the natural order of things. All the body builders, how do you think they are able to get so big? Every one of them, one of us. Richard the Lionhearted, Shah Jahan, Peter the Great, Franklin D. Roosevelt, all one of us. Freddy was my uncle and I served in the horrific holocaust when he became president, but that's another story. Over the years we have been villainized and have learned to be cautious. We keep our true identities hidden. Again, most of the myths about us are just that, myths, untrue murmurs. We don't hunt down people and attack them. We don't rape and pillage. We can go out in the sunlight, it is extremely uncomfortable but some have learned to overcome it. That is why we prefer the night. And we do die. No matter what stories anyone has told you, no one is immortal. Our life spans a norm of about 300 years. Our hearts pump just as yours do and...hold on to your panties....we eat food too! Gasp! Yes, we are more like each other than you think. We require blood because our bodies are more finely tuned machines then humans. Blood is life giving. The only substance that not only contains life itself, but also regenerates life.

Just like the human man, a male spends his life searching for his female, the one that completes him. A male may choose any female he likes but once he marks her, he is tied to her for life.

I knew she was mine. The other half of me, the part that has been missing for so long. Now that I found her, it was just a matter of time before she knew it too.

She slept fitfully again. Sounds and images infiltrated her subconscious. A beautiful man touching her. Blue eyes burned with desire and love. A stiff rod entering her over and over again, satisfying her in every way. Large hands holding her tenderly. For the last several months that was the typical dream for her. She sighed; too bad her dream wasn't walking around out there somewhere, real. She showered, dressed and set off to take the world by the horns. Today was Friday after all, tonight she would be relaxing on her patio, and she loved the weekends.

He loved the weekends, and tonight was Friday night. He smiled to himself, licked his lips and felt his libido take on a life of its own. Tonight she would be on her patio, relaxing and enjoying the night.....naked.

Pasta with creamy sauce and....mushrooms, wafted over, along with the comforting tunes of Miles Davis. Soon she would be coming out to sit on the outdoor bed on her patio and eat her dinner.

Jazz always soothed me. It did the same for her. It didn't take long before she was stripped down, humming and moving to the music. Her eyes closed, her silky arms waved to and fro, her round, full hips swayed as the music flowed through her. Using her as a vessel. I felt drawn, like a moth to a flame. Before I knew it I was standing in her yard, a scant foot from her. I inhaled her perfume and musky aroma it tantalized me. Her undulating figure answering the rhythm that encircled us both.

I touched the object of my desires, instantly we became intertwined. Diana Krall's' Look of Love began to play on the CD player. I wanted her to look at me, see me, and see the love I had for her in my eyes.

I licked the top edge of her luscious lip, slowly, seductively. Then withdrew, waiting for her to open her eyes.

She felt like she was lost in a dream. Smooth music filled the night and erotic touches filled her senses. It was the Cocovino, she knew it but it felt so good. She was so lost in it, she felt strong arms around her, and a sensuous tongue teased her upper lip. She wanted more but it retreated, involuntarily she opened her enraptured eyes.

Before her stood the man of her dreams. That blue eyed devil that took her to heaven and back every night. "You're real!" She whispered, more to herself then to him.

"Yes, I couldn't stay away from you any longer." I leaned in and licked her lower lip, slow and easy, just as I had done to her upper lip.

She moaned and her eyes fluttered shut again. I kissed her softly, her lips parted and our tongues danced, exploring every inch. Seductively I moved my hard, ready body along hers. My hands roamed, gently skimming her delicate curves. Arousing her body and her mind and in turn, my own. My lips trailed down to her heavy, round breasts. Her nipples dark and stiff, begging me to take them. First I suckled one and then the other, savoring the texture and taste of her. In the blink of an eye I had her on the bed, kissing and touching all over her chocolatey skin.

I kissed down her tummy to her waiting femininity. I nuzzled her perfect treasure getting lost in the heady aroma that was only hers. My tongue found her button, slid around, flicking the hard rosebud. Licking down her swollen, wet folds and back up again, lingering now and then on her puckered hole. Hearing her moans and gasping breath just spurred me on. Her sweet cream flowed freely and I slipped in one, then two fingers. My lips and tongue consumed her while my fingers drove her closer and closer to the edge. She grabbed fistfuls of hair, pressing my head into her hot box. Her hips bucking and jerking, rolling and swaying. She cried out my name and gushed into my mouth.

I held her, caressing her smooth body. She surprised me by quickly straddling me. She leaned over, her full breasts brushing my chest, and kissed me passionately. She slid her soaked sex up and down my throbbing cock. I couldn't wait to be inside her, to be part of her, to mark her as mine. She lowered herself onto me, sucking my hard cock into her tight tunnel. We both groaned. Both of us feeling like we were home. She road me, picking up the pace, faster and harder. My hands grabbing onto her amazing, curvaceous hips, her nails digging into my sides. She leaned forward and I took over, my hips pumping, pounding into her. My balls swinging upward slapping against her slippery skin, mixing pain and pleasure. My seed was building, getting ready to blow. I threw my head back as my body began to tense. She licked and sucked my neck. Both of us high on the ride to ecstasy. Just as I was about to spill my seed she bit my neck. The thrill was so exciting I rammed into her pussy hard, filling her with my sperm. She cried out and clenched down on my pulsating shaft, smearing it with her juices from her overwhelming orgasm. Both of us sharing that moment of ultimate bliss, ultimate pleasure.

She collapsed on top of me, exhausted. Still inside her, I held her close, turning us on our sides. Her breath evened out and I knew she had fallen into a peaceful sleep. "Amor te amo!"

Now what was I to do? Put her to bed and let her think it was another of her dreams, or stay and hope she can accept me for who I am.

Hope that she wants me, hope that she will love I do her.......

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