My Lover
A faint sheen of sweat covers my body. The air is hot, still. In the distance I can hear birds, otherwise the only other sound I can hear is the waterfall behind me. It pours over a natural cliff in the hill into a pool of water. Sunlight shines through the mist to create rainbows all around me. As I lay on the blanket the sun heats my skin and as my skin heats my need increases. Hoping to cool myself off I rise from the blanket and step towards the pool.

I hear a noise and stop, listening, not aware that I am being watched by you. I reach around my back arching slightly and unclasp my bathing suit top. Slipping if from my shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Sliding my hands up over my stomach and cup my breasts in my hands lightly, squeezing. Tipping my head back and slowly circling my thumbs over my nipples. Your moan of pleasure is covered by the sound of mine. As you watch, silently begging me to continue, I trail my hands down my sides, lower, catching the edges of my suit bottoms with my thumbs and pushing it down over my hips. Down over my thighs as I bend, lifting one leg up and stepping out of it, the other leg doing the same. Letting my bottoms drop to the ground. Feeling a slight breeze caressing my naked flesh increases my need. I moan in frustration now, wanting, needing.

You continue to watch, waiting to see what I will do next. I slide my hands up over my thighs and caress my hips. Up over my stomach again and lightly over my breasts making my nipples hard, ache. Slipping my index finger into my mouth, sucking at it to wet it and skimming it down the centre of my chest, past my bellybutton, holding my breath, waiting for that first caress, lower, lower and slipping it between my legs. Moaning in pleasure, but knowing it isn't enough. Caressing, sliding my finger back and forth over my clit, my skin burning now in want, in need. And then I stop and you groan.

I hear the faint sound you make. I look around as you walk out of the trees and over to stand in front of me. Smiling I reach up and place both hands on either side of your face, pulling your head down to me for a long, slow, wet, passionate, deep kiss. Tongues fighting, caressing. Undoing the buttons of your shirt one by one, kissing the exposed skin as it is revealed to me. Feeling your hands slide around my waist to pull me close, skin to skin, as you caress my back. Hitting that one little spot in the small of my back, I moan as I lock my knees to keep from falling. Straining against one another, kissing hard, hot, wet, deep.

I slide my palms up over your stomach and over the planes of your chest, feeling the hard muscle underneath my hands. Lightly flicking your nipples with my thumbs. Hearing your gasp, leaning closer and licking one, taking it into my mouth and sucking gently. Continuing to slide my hands up over your shoulders and down your back. Raking my nails down your back, feeling the ridges under my fingertips. Down until I come into contact with your pants. Sliding my fingers inside the waistband of your pants on either side of your waist and dragging them around to the front. Tracing your fly with my finger. With a flick of my wrist, popping open the button of your pants. Running my finger up and down the bulge of your hard cock again, feeling it straining against your pants.

Kissing my way down your chest, kneeling in front of your, tracing my tongue around your bellybutton, dipping it into the spot where your button is open. Peeking up at your face, watching with a smile as I blow softly on your skin, hearing you suck in a deep breath. Slowly taking your zipper between my teeth and pulling it down. Running my hands up your calves and over your thighs, rock hard muscles tensing under my hands. Grabbing a handful of pant leg on either hip and tugging your pants and shorts down at the same time, letting them fall to the ground. Glancing up to find your head thrown back, eyes closed, breath coming in pants.

Leaning close I again blow against your bare skin. Taking my tongue and tracing it slowly up your hard cock from the base all the way to the tip and planting a small kiss on the tip, flicking my tongue against it, feeling your cock growing ever harder. With a groan, you pull me to my feet, pick me up and walk into the pool of water. I gasp as I feel the cool water caress my hot skin. You lower my feet into the water, the buoyancy of the water holding me up. Wrapping your arms around my hips, lifting me out of the water slightly so my breasts are level with your mouth. I look deep into your eyes, begging for you to touch me. You hold back, knowing that the anticipation just increases the feelings. And just as I am about to beg you, you lean in and take my breast in your mouth, swirling your tongue around my nipple, sucking, nipping at the tip. Your can feel my heart racing under your cheek. As you move to the other breast to lave it with your tongue, I wrap my legs around your hips and squeeze. Rocking my hips against you, hands caressing your shoulders, your back, your chest, anywhere I can feel you, touch you.

Taking two steps back, I feel water pound down on me from the waterfall. I feel pinpricks of cold water against my hot skin contrasting with the heat coursing through me. You lower me a little more against you and I feel your cock pushing against me. I rock my hips again and feel your head slide inside me. Rock again, inside deeper. Back out, in deeper. Continuing slowing until ever inch of you is buried deep inside me, hot, wet, aching. And as the water cascades down over us, you begin to thrust in and out, picking up a rhythm of torture, of bliss, of extreme pleasure. Kissing hard, we can't get enough of one another, hands constantly moving, feeling, kneading, caressing. Faster and faster you thrust into me, knowing we are both so close to the edge. My hips rock back and forth, meeting your thrusts in perfect rhythm.

And just as I am about to cry out that I can't take any more, I explode in a powerful orgasm that encompasses my whole body. The light around me dims and yet I can feel your own orgasm come just after mine with one final thrust of your hips. I hear you shout my name as you cum, arms tightening around me. I collapse against you and on unsteady legs you carry me out from under the waterfall, through the pool and lay me down on the blanket and pull me close into your embrace. Skin to skin, heart to heart, mouth to mouth. Kissing long, slow kisses, not meant to excite but to comfort and soothe. And as I drift off to sleep, I can hear the birds in the trees, the waterfall behind me and the sound of your breathing.

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