My Lusty Wench
How is your dinner love. Good, just wait for desert!!!!

Tonight I am dinning with my Donna. Oh what a Doll, sensual and delightful, as only a mature woman can be. She knows what she wants and is going to get more than she knows.
Donna is dark haired and soft of body. Voluptuous in the classic way. She has on a velvet dress, silk I think and the deepest blue. Opal and saphire earings and I can only hope, no panties.
Donna, we will have desert back in our room, if you like. Then we should go. As she rises from her chair her gown flows over her voluptuous form and I'm already getting hard.
Up the elevator, 5th floor, room 51. She takes the key from my hand and laughs a little at my fumbling, she has no idea. Once in the room I start to fill the hot tub and light a few candles, as she freshens up. She joins me and we kiss so softly and I suggest we get comfortable and we sit on the sofa and begin to neck more passionately. I turn off the tub, "its too hot", she says, "so lets take a shower and let it cool off". I take her hand and lead my wench to the shower. I unzip the dress slowly then lift it over her head carefully. As I do, I catch her perfume, not the Opium but her natural scent, so sensual, a ripe womanly scent, a peach. As I dreamed, no panties and a freshly trimmed Cookie for me. In the shower, now I lather the sponge and begin to wash her back. The sponge glides down her neck and back, up her sides and down again to her tiny bum. I wash and tease her bum running the sponge between her cheeks and up her quim, she moans as my fingers linger there and tease this lusty wench. Now to her front, down her neck acoss her breast, pinching those rosy nipples, down Donna's tummy to her quim, again my fingers play.
I shampoo her hair and nibble her neck as she rinses. Then we embrace and kiss so passionately, a deep tongue kiss. She holds my hardened cock and moans again, wantonly. Playfully with my balls she holds me, I moan and take her hand leading to the bed.
"Donna", I say, "do you trust me", yes she answers, "then tonight I'll tie your hands and feet to the bed". She trembles, "I trust you Master".
Now my lusty wench is before me, spread eagled and I place a pillow under Donna's cheeks. Her quim is so open and available for my delight. I hold her mirror so she can see just what I see, she moans again. Then I blind fold her eyes and she wimmpers, as I prepare desert, strawberries and wipped cream, on her Cookie.
I place the berries on her quim and spray the cream on top. Admiring my work I pinch her nipples, gently, and tongue her body, from her ankle to her pussy then stop and go back down the other leg. Up my tongue comes, this time between her exposed cheeks and rimming her tight hole up slowly and across her open juicy lips. I slowly and delibrately, tongue my lusty wenches pussy, teasing her clit over and over till she almost sceams. My finger enters her quim and searches out the G-spot, she quivers as I tongue her and massage her G-spot. "Master", she begs, "I'm cumming", and my tongue continues through her orgasm and beyond. "Enough", she begs "please Master enough".
She undulates in pleasure and I kiss her long and hard as I remove her blind fold. "I can taste myself", she says, "this is the most erotic night of my life", Donna tells me and I answer, "yes my lusty woman now its your turn to worship my cock". Her lips seek out my hardness and Donna takes over.

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