My Master's Lesson
My Master's Lesson
By: Rachel R.

I am a new addition to my Master. He has graciously taken me in; has agreed to train in me the art of being a proper, willfully obedient little slut who will serve her Master without question. I am to be a slut whose purpose is, first and foremost, is to serve her Master without question, to do as I am directed and to satisfy my Master's desires without question or hesitation. I am not to pleasure myself or be the recipient of any form of sexual gratification without my Master's expressed permission. I am his property, his to do with as he sees fit, and I am here to comply with his wishes.

My Master has been tolerant with me during the first thirty days of his ownership and he has taught me the basics of becoming an obedient, submissive slut. I know how I am to dress, how to address my Master and his guests. I know I am to serve his needs whenever he wants me and I must maintain a subservient posture at all times. Today my Master is giving me a lesson.

"Now, no noise, little girl, or else I'm going to have to start all over again..."

Master loves how my brown cow like eyes widened in fear even as my pussy juice drips lewdly onto the floor. My Master smells my arousal, smiling he watches me.

My eyes shut tight, my mouth clamping down on my dirty panties. Panties I have worn for twenty-four hours now. Panties Master has made me soil several times with the results of several orgasms that he has induced. Black lace panties protruding from my lips, tasting my stale cum, mixing with the fresh cum and now Master had forbidden his slut from cumming. I am willing myself not to cum, not to whimper as Master slowly teases my swelling lips, my engorged, hard clit. I want to prove that I am worthy of my Master.

Then the white hot pain of a rubber band snapping against my most sensitive places, the heat spreading through my cunt, and then his hand spanking my cunt, hard enough to make me cry, slow enough to bring me to the edge. And all the while he was watching me closely, holding my gaze, an evil smile curling on his lips as he witnesses my struggle. He knows I have given myself to him.

I wanted to scream, to run, to curse, to cum—but most of all I wanted to please my Master. And so I sat as still as I could, arms tied behind me, legs shaking with the effort of holding back, red-faced and breathing fast, nipples so hard, like steel, and my body aching, aching for more...

Suddenly Master pushing my legs open wide and I flinched, steeling myself for what is to come. But it was his soft kisses there that were my undoing, his hot sweet lips and tongue, seeking all the secrets I tried to hide. Master is slipping two big fingers easily inside me as them Master is sucking my rigid clit, gently, and I exploded into millions of stars, twitching and whimpering, gushing all over his hand. My resolve not to come is gone, I have failed to obey my Master and for that I am sure I will pay the price.

Before I could catch my breath my Master flips me over on the table with, his hand entangled in my long brown hair.

"So you liked that, didn't you, my little slut? But you didn't ask permission, did you?" he hisses.

Master is spanking my ass hard with his broad, rough hand, and Master is enjoying the rapid spread of red across my apple bottom ass and my whimpers. I hear the swift hiss of his belt sliding through his pant loops and I stiffened, then I moan as he kicks my legs wide apart wider. Master is admiring my glowing pink slickness and it belongs to my Master.

The sting of his belt on my thighs makes me gasp and clench, and then, to my horror, Master's spanking makes my traitorous pussy seep even more. It was all too much—I hung my head in defeat, letting my brain turn off and my body take over, I am willing Master to take me any way he might, wanting the feel of him in me, needing him close, closer, inside—dammit!

It took everything I had left not to scream when I felt the fat head of his cock pushing me open so, so slowly. I was too far gone to care and was trying to push myself back onto Master's hard cock, as Master's hand is creeping around my throat, his weight pinning me beneath him.

"Is this what you needed baby, a good fuck? Do you want my big, thick cock filling your tiny cunt? Do you want to cum, my little girl slut?" he whispered in my ear.
I could only nod as Master is slamming his body repeatedly into my incredibly tight cunt; my frantic clenching of my pussy is bringing Master close to filling my cunt with his come. With his thumb and forefingers Master eases the soiled, wet panties out of my mouth and growls, "Beg me for it, slut!

"Fuck!" I rasp my voice hoarse with tension and desire. "Please, Master Sir, please! Please may I come?"

My master with his hand tight around my throat, he plows into me, lost in my heat, the smell of my recklessness and fear, the taste of my bravery and foolishness.

"Come for me slut! Come now!"

And being a good little slut for my Master I did as I was told.

My Master now sated and his slut anxiously waiting for her next lesson from her Master.
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