My Mink
My Mink

How could this happen that I married a nympho mink but after our child was born she became a Frigidaire or should I say a frozen tuna on a cannery ship. Mikki, my mink, could fuck from sunset to early dawn and never miss one hump or dump of my manly milk. We never did the nasty until our third date. She was old school when it came to being seduced by a hunk like me, I thought. I had many different women since I was sixteen up until I married Mikki after the second year we were out of college. We actually got married on our 23rd birthday that fell in late June. She was not a novice either but I knew that and I must say hearing her talk about some of her ex beaux and the fuck festivals they had actually turned me on as she divulged her sexcapade adventures. Even sharing my sexual adventures with Mikki got her into moods that took both of us to hallelujah land or as many nasty lovers would say "thank you Jesus," the Pope lied.

Mikki gave me a whole new outlook about oral sex and especially blow jobs. She put a whole new meaning into her "suck a doodle do's." It was as if she was born to give men blow jobs and I was her last quest at least I thought I was her last quest when it came to sucking men's cocks. The first blow job she ever gave me told me this was the female I was going to fuck and suck stupid for the rest of my life even if I had to give up my bachelorhood and my harem of fuckettes. Even when I knocked her up after our second year of marriage she was still a nympho right up to the last time I fucked her and that was 3 days before she hatched our little curtain climber. He was one beautiful little man and as you would think he definitely had my horny genes as he grew into a young man.

I will tell you Mikki had a body to die for and her eligible gyno prey fell for that body. I guessed she gave him an "oh my God" blow job to set his nuts a flame. She seduced him right down to the big home on the mountain the one he built just for her plus all his Doctor's money. She did clean up well after she got through her "time to fuck again period" after the baby was born. When the six weeks had passed I came home from work to find divorce papers lying on the table waiting for me to sign. She left nothing of hers in our place other than furniture and food in the kitchen and fridge. I tried like hell to find out what went wrong but you have to understand women when they make up their minds about dumping a guy. She did not want any of our money, stocks or bonds just our little man and her freedom. My "suit" explained to me I had little chance of getting custody of my little man so I might as well go with what the court set up for visitation.

My ego was ripped and I had to know why she dumped me and what did he have that I did not have. I hired a "dick" to follow the Dr home and get them on tape and what ever else he could get on her and the Doctor prior to her having the baby and seeing him in a professional manner. There had to be more than just her seducing him and then getting him to propose to her after a couple of gyno visits. My PI came up with more than what I thought he would. She truly was a sexual pervert and nympho and to top it all off he was just as bad as she was when it came to sexual follies and playing with other women. Little did I know he got her into several ménage a trois and then to see her go at it with women really got him hot and horny watching her going down on a bitch and eating her out. It got me hot watching my Mikki doing a woman too. The Dr filmed hundreds of women when he had them up in his stirrups as he preformed exams on them plus fingering them telling them he was testing their sexual sensitivity inside and around the outside of their cunts. But upon second and third visits he began to go down on them while they were in the stirrups. His gorgeous nurse assisted him in his sexual adventures with the women. Eh had been fucking her for years and I can see why. She fucked like my Mikki. What a dream come true for male fantasies, eating and banging broads up in stirrups. He did have one seductive way when it came to seducing women. Then to watch him fuck them while they were in the stirrups was one wild scene. Once they got use to the stirrups he brought out a "wedge pillow" to lay them over on the table and doggie fuck the hell out of their pussies and even their assholes. I even saw the first time he seduced Mikki. She went wild and in return gave him one of her killer blow jobs. I thought he took the films after we were married but it was in college he began eating and banging my Mikki. She truly was a nympho when it came to sex.

Watching him examine her during pregnancy was one unbelievable scene. She forced him to eat her, finger her and fuck her every time she visited him during her pregnancy. No wonder she was the last appointment on those days. Her nurse really got into that ménage a trois with them too. My PI and I had enough evidence on them to cause him to lose his license and be put away for many years in prison. If all the hubbies knew about their wives being fucked by him would they not kill him? Hell I wouldn't kill him I'd kill the old lady. Any way once the divorce was done I presented the Dr with a nice blackmail note to the tune of $5M which set me up for life. Oh my ex wife was an expensive piece of ass for that MD. I did have one heartbreak DNA revealed our baby boy was his and Mikki's. That bitch's cunt should be cut out with a dull butcher knife. Not really but that is the way I felt about it when I found it out. I got back at the Dr by seducing his nurse away from him. I fucked her for almost one year. She told me so many things about him and the women he fucked and the thinks he did with them. It turned me on too. She brought me more films of their adventures that I had not seen and they were wild. His nurse got her cookies off seeing them too. We still fuck now and then just to rejuvenate our old lust for sex. We both know we are good fucks and believe me we prove it to each other every time we have a rendezvous.

My Mink and the Dr are still fucking raving maniacs and his nurse and I still do it now and then as I told you. Mikki tried to seduce me again one afternoon when we ran into each other but guess who show up as we sat having a drink at a posh restaurant? Damn I forgot to tell you I was so pissed I seduced her younger sister, Nikki. She was a virgin when I found her the summer between her high school and college and took her cherry. I could see the Mink burning with hate knowing I was nailing her baby sister. As I stood to meet Nikki and tell Mikki bye I whispered in her ear "she gives better blow jobs than you did." I taught her your trick on how to suck cock." She tried to slap me but I was too quick. Well that was the last time I saw Mikki unless it was only to exchange Christmas presents which only took a couple of minutes to drop them off at the Dr's mansion. All I know those payments toward his $5M blackmail note really fulfills my sexual desires totally or should I say Nikki and my desires.
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